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if Ie i | i i i f avOUED Stun: Enclose (3). Mighty Blow, Soop (457) ‘srinck Laatamiont: Ahocls cannot use thes bite attack sehen astbome: They must land ona surface or target rst Sore Sica: Theahoel can operate in darkneceas if were daylight and sence hidden attackers and objects within 20 ‘yards unless they are behind or near sationary objects that ‘Gan hide thea presence. Simply moving quieliy or under ‘cover of darkness won thice the target. “Toons The abod!'s thick far and strong mmsculr fom ive itanatural Armer Rating of 2 ‘Scumot The ahool cn spend a major action to let loose 2 ‘eenfping srcech Every laxpet within 10 yard ofthe ahool sho canbear ther ceech moar! aceedana TN I4WHLNO {Counact) test or sulfera 1 penalty to atixck ard defence role when ighing She aheol fr tue est ofthe encom. I 2 target succeeds in this test they donot need to testapainat [ny Ratu seach atempte dang the encoarcer ‘Enciout For3 SP the shoo ean wrap 3 arpet ints wings, yrevening # fom moving and imposing = 1 penalty to any attacks the tarpet attempts to make until the target Teak: fve by spending. major action ard ascending in 2 ‘opposed SemmNcIH (Mica test Any bee atacks the ahool attempis on the target while itis encloredharea +Zhenas to ‘ack ond do an adcitonal 146 damage. Am aboel ean only enclose one target at atimeand cannot move while sa dcine- ‘Swoor Stu: For 45P an shee! auy grab atargetand take to the air with Gaem In addition to the normal damage for ‘is attack, the abool ay iewnedustely Oy deel and Be taryet 8 yards in any dinectom. A grabbed trget has a -2 penalty enallis alfackteab and damaperolls. targetnuy [neak fre fees fe ahoels grip by pending a major acter, dn an opposed Stamm (hic) fst. they succeed, hey ‘can free tiemaives from the ahoel clutches, but will to the ground unless somehow prevented fram ding ro. ‘As shoal can drop a probed target at any time ‘Rane the Abool can make either ene te ortoclaw attacks ‘woth amajer arson. Zach attack con generate shunt pains BAKWANEE ee) ACCURACY (Bows, SANS) ‘Conauracarion Conesrrunion ‘Deermury (Acneeans eran) roerrn (Seen) Bertuacance (Namusal Lome) Pescurmon (Semsc. ToucHsc) ‘Srmmcrn (useosc) Warsow, eee 14 (16) 6 2 3 cs eet Et “TWo-HANmen SEA 4 20602 + or 2 net "FvouiD SrUNN: Mighty Blow, Pierse Armar, Stay Aware ‘Tauern: Quick Reflexes Journeyman) (Canarace: Bakwanee have a carapace that proves them a ataral Armor Rating of. ser ATWACK: Bakwanee bike to attack while busing by their opponents. Bakwance using the Fly action can. move patt of their allowed distance, use the Atack action, and then finish flying their remaining allowed distance. ‘Nommally, they would need to fly and then attack. or attack sand then fy Délue Fanos With four arms to work with bakwanee can ‘quickly reload misnle weapons, They ean reload bows and ‘rosebows 2: a ree action. Wiaron Grours: Bows, Light Blades, Spears, Staves ‘Equirhtet: Cresebow, dagses, we handed spear fA + 4 ‘Couaaracanon e ‘Covertrmon (rasan) o Danas o 2 ° 4 Ea Co wo(2eumo) oD 8 Br see Temacis fread Sn Mighty Blow, Swallow [557], Tremor (259) Lec si 4 Cnc The sine and balk of a usrover ic tly segucaive Htisangane t Oe combat sunts Slrmsch aed Keech Prone, Suisse The burrowe'ssirength and sine i so overwhelng Sot can wee Seamer (bor) neead of Accumary (te raving) or unarmed shacks Cr ‘Anca Hine: The anmored plating that cavers 2 burrower (pverthe ceatirean AR of. Ens Thabane era ilspey ly ig e ieatine ‘Bay sole cn crim be prod Ream det he meverert of | beta wp 20 yank aay aang te Pemsn Toure) ‘oe br my em en det lager ec Lie hos ot ‘wage a er Dees tne at dooney, mepectety Ase Saewentmalea saxeeid TH Whar SarDecreed Sst rman ecogh det the bare omtemen te per Sivtion Sear Fes SP on ate ttc: Gh benecore cn ‘pelle a urvsined or smile target whole the itn (Se wale an opgeed Desay (Acrouires) we. 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ROACHLING Conaasracamictt ‘Semmacre (Coan) Wrtrowsn eae Smo Hae | Dames Anon Ramo [ i i f 1" 2 A 3 ‘Weare AmccRou Dawson Cn “ 10002 Bacar 7 1o6+3 ‘Seo SwcRD ” noes Powns ‘yor Srosre Fut Rak Liphinnp Atak Sete theatre emt z gaan At ‘aceon: acs con ae pote Regu ty. ‘erm ae Fr 8 SP nai on pro pc td re tas ngs Hof ins each Oppo eatin fr re oat 5 Contin Stator siden suring 1 ec hen ty fr mae tethering Comtton. ching eft eed Dal ead deed as pote spel ul te endef fe nso, Be est econ tb acral “Tawa: Dat igen Sige (ee aa ch. (ine Leama Anas, Dizon, Sor Some \ ey