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Gelatinous Cube Grade D White Pudding Grade C

Monster Monster
Defense 10, AR 0 Defense 7, AR 0
Immunities Gaze Attacks, Mental, Poison; Charm, Immunities Cold, Gaze Attacks, Mental, Poison;
Illusion, Paralysis, Sleep Charm, Illusion, Paralysis, Sleep
Health 52, Speed Health 85, Speed 8, Climb 8
Senses 360 Degree Touch (20 yards) Senses 360 Degree Touch (20 yards)
A a y A a y
-3 Communication -3 Communication
+8 Constitution +5 Constitution
-3 Dexterity -3 Dexterity
+ F g t ng + F g t ng
+ nte gen e + nte gen e
+0 Perception (Smelling) + e ept on e ng
+0 Strength + t engt b ng
-2 Willpower -2 Willpower
Melee Slam +0 (1d6*), Ram +0 (1d6+3) Melee Slam +3 (1d6+3*)
Favored Stunts: Engulf and Mighty Blow. Favored Stunts: Disarm and Lightning Attack.
Powers Powers
Acidic Secretions [Corrosive]: Anything that touches Acidic Secretions [Corrosive]: Anything that touches
the cube or is touched by it except metal and stone the pudding or is touched by it except metal and
takes 1d3 damage. Wooden melee weaponry that stone takes 1d6 damage. Wooden melee weaponry
touches the cube becomes useless on a 1 on the that touches the pudding becomes useless on a 1 on
attack’s Dragon Die. the attack’s Dragon Die.
Engulf: 3 SP, After a successful ram attack the cube Camouflage: When at rest a white pudding looks
begins to engulf its target, pulling it inside itself. This exactly like a snowbank. Others suffer a -3 penalty to
process takes 2 rounds during which the target is recognize it in a snowy environment.
subject to both Acid damage and potential paralysis. Split: If a pudding takes 10+ damage from a slashing
Once inside it the only way out is to kill the cube or or piercing attack and survives it will split into two
be yanked out. smaller puddings on a 3 or better on 1d6. These
Touch Attack [Paralysis]: Those touched by the cube creatures have half the Health of the original and
must succeed at Constitution (Stamina) : TN 15 or be suffer a -1 to all actions.
paralyzed for 1 minute.
Transparency: Others have a -2 penalty to notice a A white pudding is a form of black pudding that
gelatinous cube with a Perception (Seeing) test. exists only in cold, frigid environments. They tend to
be more lethargic and do not move about unless
Gelatinous Cubes are transparent cubes that shuffle actually traversing terrain.
down dungeon hallways sweeping up debris, detritus
and corpses. They possess the capability to produce
pseudopods and slam targets, but most often seek to
ram into or engulf them instead. Gelatinous Cubes
are so transparent that they are hard to see when
motionless, or when the other party is running.


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