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Flavours A-Z

Nature Identical

Almond Cider Mocha

Amaretto Cinnamon Nutmeg
Apple (extensive range) Citrus Blend Octopus
Apple and Cinnamon Clotted cream Onion
Apple and Pear Clove Orange Barley
Apple Crumble Coconut Orange Squash
Apple Sour Coffee Orange jaffa
Apricot Cola Orange sweet
Bacon Condensed Milk Paragoric
Banana Cookie Parmesan cheese
Banoffee Cough Candy Passion fruit
Barley sugar Cream Peach
Basil Curry Peach fresh
Beef Custard Peach schnapps
Beer Dandelion and Burdock Peanut
Bergamot Devon Crème Peanut Butter
Bilberry Dill Pear
Bitter Orange Fig Peppermint (extensive range)
Blackberry Fish Oil Pina Colada
Blackcurrant Forest fruits Pineapple
Blue Cheese Fruit cake Pistacho
Blueberry Garlic Plum
Brandy Gin Plum Sour
Bubblegum Ginger Pomegranite
Bunspice (extensive range) Grape Rabbit
Butter (extensive library) Grapefruit Raspberry
Butter Toffee Grapefruit, pink Rhubarb
Butter Vanilla
Green Tea
Rhubarb and custard
Rhubarb Crumble
Flaverco supplies flavours and colours for the
Butterscotch Guava Rich Fruit food and beverage industries. We have been
Cake Hazelnut Rose creating flavours for over 30 years and have
Cappuchino Honey Rum
Capsicum Ice-Cream Rum & butter
an extensive library to suit every flavour
Caramel Irish Cream Rum & Raisin profile and application.
Caramel Toffee Irish Whisky Sarsaparilla
Caramelised apple Iron Brew Sherry
Cardamom Jocote Smoke
Cayene pepper
Sour Cream Flavours
Sparkling Wine
Celery Lavender Spearmint
Flavours function to define or enhance the sensory
Cheddar Cheese Lemon (extensive library) Sticky Toffee Pudding properties of food and beverages. At Flaverco we create
Cheese Lemon and Lime Strawberry & cream and manufacture an extensive range of natural and nature
Cherry (extensive range) Lemon Barley Sweetcorn identical flavours. Our flavours range includes sweet,
Cherry Brandy Lemon Squash Toffee
Cherry Morello Lemongrass
savoury, fruit, dairy, herb & spice, plant extract, nut, meat
Toffee Vanilla
Chestnut Lime Treacle & fish and alcoholic beverage. Our ever growing range
Chicken Liquorice Treacle Toffee includes innovative as well as traditional flavours.
Chilli Lulo Turkish Delight
Chive Mandarin Violet
Chocolate Mango Walnut
Chocolate -Dark Maple Whisky Bespoke
Chocolate Mint Maraschino Whisky liquer
Chocolate Orange Mature Cheese
We specialise in custom made and signature flavours. Our
White Fish
Chocolate -White Melon Yamgmei Berry technical team
Christmas pudding Mixed Fruit Yoghurt will work with you to create your perfect flavour.
Flavours Available in Kosher

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Flavours Flavours

Sweet Fruit
Our sweet flavours provide vibrant additions to a wide variety of bakery and confectionery products, desserts Our extensive range of fruit flavours includes flavour profiles with predominately fresh or ripe notes. We have
and beverages. We create new and innovative flavours in addition to well loved traditional favourites. zesty, sour and sweet variations of many fruit flavours.

Apple Crumble Caramelised apple Cough Candy Rose Apple (extensive range) Cherry Morello Lemon and Lime Peach fresh
Apple and Cinnamon Caramel Toffee Custard Sticky Toffee Pudding Apple Sour Citrus Blend Lime Pear
Banoffee Chocolate Fruit cake Strawberry & cream Apple and Pear Fig Lulo Pineapple
Barley sugar Chocolate -Dark Honey Toffee Apricot Forest fruits Mandarin Plum
Bubblegum Chocolate Mint Ice-Cream Toffee Vanilla Banana Grape Mango Plum Sour
Butter Toffee Chocolate Orange Maple Treacle Bilberry Grapefruit Melon Pomegranite
Butter Vanilla Chocolate -White Mocha Treacle Toffee Bitter Orange Grapefruit, pink Mixed Fruit Raspberry
Buttermint Christmas pudding Rhubarb and custard Turkish Delight Blackberry Guava Orange, sweet Rhubarb
Butterscotch Coconut Rhubarb Crumble Vanilla (extensive library) Blackcurrant Jocote Orange, jaffa Yangmei Berry
Cake Coffee Rich Fruit Vanilla Creamy Blueberry Juniper Passion fruit
Cappuchino Cola Rum & butter Vanilla Bali Cherry (extensive range) Lemon (extensive library) Peach
Caramel Cookie Rum & Raisin Vanilla Bourbon

Herb &Spice Meat & Fish
Nature Identical
Herbs and spices provide intense natural flavours Bacon Rabbit

in sweet and savoury applications. We have an Beef White Fish

Chicken Fish Oil
extensive range of Bun spice flavours for hot cross Octopus
buns while chilli and chive flavours have many
savoury applications

Basil Cinnamon
Bunspice (extensive range) Clove
Capsicum Dill
Cardamom Garlic Alcoholic Beverage
Cassia Ginger
Add a touch of luxury to desserts,
Cayene pepper Liquorice
Chilli Nutmeg bakery and confectionery using our
Chive alcoholic beverage flavours. In addition
these flavours can be used to enhance
flavours in beverages.
Nature Identical
Plant extract
Savoury Amaretto Maraschino Bergamot Peppermint(extensive range)
Beer Peach schnapps Dandelion and Burdock Rose
Our savoury flavours are used to make delicious
Brandy Pina Colada Lavender Sarsaparilla
Dairy snacks, sauces and salad dressings Plant Extract Cherry Brandy Rum Liquorice Spearmint
Our dairy flavours provide intense flavour in flavours provide delicate refreshing flavours in a Cider Sherry Paragoric Violet
Gin Sparkling Wine
sweet and savoury applications from clotted variety of beverages and confectionery products.
Irish Cream Whisky
cream in fudge to cheese flavours in snacks, dips Irish Whisky Whisky liquer
and salad dressings Curry Lemongrass

Garlic Onion
Cayene pepper Peanut Beverage/Speciality
Butter (extensive library) Cream Celery Peanut Butter
Nut Cola Orange Squash
Blue Cheese Devon Crème Blue Cheese Pistacho
Cheese Mature Cheese Cheese Smoke Coffee Lemon Barley
Almond Peanut Butter
Cheddar Cheese Parmesan Cheese Chilli Sour Cream Guarana Lemon Squash
Chestnut Pistacho
Clotted cream Sour Cream Chive Sweetcorn Green Tea Irn Bru
Hazelnut Walnut
Condensed Milk Yoghurt Garlic Orange Barley