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Colegio Centro América “En Todo Amar y Servir”

Managua, Nicaragua Ignacio de Loyola

Foreign Language
III Bimonthly English Exam
September 11th, 2018
Fifth Grade “___”
Name: SERGIO ENRIQUE ALVAREZ LEWIS Score: ________ /40 pts.
I. Look at the pictures. What are they used for? Choose one word from the box. (3 pts.)

taking instant pictures listening to music playing video games

listening to music taking instant pictures ___ playing video games

II. Complete the sentences. Unscramble the words in parentheses. (4 pts.)

1. She listens to music on her mp3 player ( 3pm lpyrae)

2. They read stories on their smartphone (ptmsrahneo)

3. He watches movies on his tablet (taetbl)

4. He does his homework on his laptop computer (ptlopa mopetcur)

III. Complete the sentences with everyone or nobody according to the survey. (6 pts.)

My Predictions about the year I don’t think we will have these I think these things will definitely
2020 things! Bye- bye! be here!
1. text friends with cell phones with smartphones
2. write papers on laptops- parents might use on tablets
3. listen to music on mp3 players on Patchster-like devices.
4. buy items mostly online using computers mostly online using electronic

1. Nobody will use cell phones to text friends.

2. Nobody will write paper on laptops.

3. Everyone will listen to music on Patchster-like devices.

4. Nobody will listen to music on mp3 players.

IV. Complete the sentences with will or won’t. (6 pts.)

1. I think people won’t write letters. They will send video messages.

2. In the future, people will use flying cars. They won’t drive normal cars.

3. We will shop online. We won’t shop in stores.

V. Complete the answer to each questions. Use the gerunds or infinitive forms of the verbs in
parentheses. (6 pts.)

1. What are pans used for? (cook, food)

Pans are used for cooking food.

2. What is a smartphone used for? (talk, to friends and family)

A smartphone is used to talk to friends and family.

3. What was the floppy disk used for? (save, information)

The floppy disk was used to save information.

VI. What are these things What were they used for? Make sentences using the words and phrases from
the box. (6 pts.)

gramophone watch TV shows

television reproduce sounds


The television was used to watch TV shows. The gramophone was used to reproduce sounds.

VII. Write a four line- paragraph describing an invention you consider very important. (6 pts.)

The computer is one of the most important inventions for man. It is used in all areas of the life of
humanity. Thanks to computers we can know the behavior of the economy, of our health, of the climate,
monitor hurricanes and avoid loss of life and destruction of resources. Also, at any time and place we
can communicate with each other, we can know what happens in every moment in any place in the
world and even in the universe.

VIII. Make predictions about the future. Use no one, someone or everyone. (1.5 pts. ea. = 3 pts.)

1. In fifty years, who will use maps instead of computer navigation systems?
In fifty years, no one will use maps.
2. Who will use flying suits to travel?
In fifty years, everyone will use flying suits to travel.
It always seems impossible until it is done! 