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Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies

Masters in Management Studies (MMS)

Legal and Tax Aspects of Business Assignments

Assignment Brief
The objective of this assignment is to enable the student to identify legal issues that affect
business; analyze relevant case law for the purpose of finding legal precedents that will be used to
persuade a judge; and interpret statutory law for purposes of risk avoidance, and to establish
control mechanisms in her organisation.

The assignment involves the student to search for material on the case and perform the following

 Identify the issue or legal question. What facts and circumstances brought these parties to
court? Are there buzzwords in the facts that suggest an issue? Is the court deciding a question
of fact –the parties are in dispute over what happened – or is it a question of law – the court is
unsure which rule to apply to these facts? What are the non-issues?
 Find out the rule or law which governs the core issue involved in the case. Statutory law,
case or common law or a combination of either might be necessary to properly analyze the
case. Together the laws can provide a more thorough understanding of what exactly applies to
the case at hand.
 Analyse how the law applies to the issues involved in the case. Once the individual parts of
the law are outlined, apply the facts of your case to those components to see if there is any
relation between the two. Then consider counter arguments to your point of view to be certain
you have looked at both sides so your defense of your case will be strongest.
 Review the judgement arrived at by the court and the rationale for arriving at the decision. It
is here that the “rightness” of the decision debated, and the logic of the reasoning considered.
 Comment on the significance of the case, its relationship to other cases, and its place in

Submission Requirements
The assignment should be submitted through email to by May 13,
2013. The file name should simply be the case code followed by class and batch; for example roll
number 1 will name the assignment file as <0106003-MMS2014>.

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