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Bels Makassar

Work Sheet in English 5

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A. Grammar: Encircle the correct answer. (25 points)

Encircle the correct answer
1. In order to be the top rank at school, I study harder.
The given subordinate clause is used to...
a. To show purpose
b. To show result
c. To show reason
d. To describe verb

2. I met talkative girl yesterday.

The underlined word belongs to...
a. Adjective c. Adverb of place
b. Adverb of time d. Noun

3. Micro is a borrowed word from Greek which means....

a. Small c. Beyond
b. Sound d. Light

4. “Raffles was deeply wonder about animals and plants.

The underlined word belongs to...
a. Adjective c. Verb
b. Adverb d. Noun

5. That’s what they told me.

According to the given sentence,the apostrophe used to shows...
a. Possession c. To mark the end
b. Shortening d. Asking question

6. Biography is....
a. A factual recount of a person’s life written by someone else
b. A factual recount of a person’s life written by himself.
c. Words used to connect time
d. Word used to mark the end

7. Decidous trees are beautiful flower. They grow in Decidous forest.

The correct combination of the given pair of sentences is...
a. Decidous trees are beautiful flower who grow in Decidous forest
b. Decidous trees are beautiful flower where grow in Decidous forest
c. Decidous trees are beautiful flower whose grow in Decidous forest
d. Decidous trees are beautiful flower that grow in Decidous forest

8. I saw the.... this morning. It was on the..... shelf.

a. Book c. Recipe
b. School d. Score
9. The ice ... is melted.
Which of the follwing adjectival phrase is suitable to fill the blank....
a. Slowly melted
b. Is cooked
c. In the bottle
d. In the tund

10. Stationery: Pen, book, pencil, snack.

Based on the given classification, the item that does not belong to the group is...
a. Pen c. Pencil
b. Book d. Snack

11. I do not remember excactly the girl... helped me days ago.

a. Where c. When
b. Who d. Whose

12. Both temprate grass and tropical forest have much rain.
We use the underlined word to...
a. Classify
b. Provide information for something in common
c. Give contrast thing
d. Similiarities

13. I met a women are cute.

a. Which c. Whom
b. Whose d. Who

14. The tree was very tall.

The italic word is...
a. Adverbial of degree c. Adjective
b. Intersifier d. Noun
15. Which of the following italic words conveys positive meaning...
a. Wonderful scene
b. Sunny day
c. Tall tree
d. Slow motion
B. Use a connector from the box to join a main clause in the first coloumn with a
subordinate clause in the second coloumn that explaines it. ( 4 points)

So that Because So

Main Clause Subordinate Clasue

1. The company conducted a detailed

survey she wants to improve her speaking ability

2. Sally practices speaking everyday They can guess the clients’ views

3. We have problem with our assigment I forget to bring my workbook

4. I will be punished we try to talk to the teacher


C. In each the following sentences, only one type of mark is missing. Fill in the missing
puntuation mark. Then, write the explanation of its use. (4 points)
a. I have reprimanted her previously

b. What will you have for dinner tonight

c. It s too late to get there.

d. Yesterday I saw bought Nathan Gerald and Haruki at the supermarket.