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Table of Contents

U.S. Law and Courts............... 2-3

Law and Society....................... 3-5
Law and Philosophy.....................5
Law and Economics.....................5
Stanford Studies
in Human Rights ...................... 6-7
International and
Comparative Law..........................8
Legal Education...................... 9-10
Stanford Briefs.............................10
Intellectual Property................... 11

Defending the Public’s Enemy The Cult of the Constitution
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The Life and Legacy of Mary Anne Franks
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Ramsey Clark
The Cult of the Constitution reveals
Visit to order online. Visit Lonnie T. Brown, Jr. how deep fundamentalist strains Defending the Public’s Enemy is the in both conservative and liberal
for information on phone first book to explore the enigmatic American thought keep the
orders. Books not yet published Constitution in the service of white
and perplexing life and legal career
or temporarily out of stock will be
of U.S. Attorney General Ramsey male supremacy.
charged to your credit card when
they become available and are in Clark. Clark’s life and work were Franks shows that as religious
the process of being shipped. enmeshed with some of the most fundamentalists read their sacred
notable people and events of the scriptures, constitutional funda-
@stanfordpress 1960s: Martin Luther King Jr., the mentalists read the Constitution
Watts Riots, the Voting Rights Act, selectively and self-servingly. the Black Panthers, Muhammad Ali.
stanforduniversitypress The worship of guns, speech,
Clark worked tirelessly, especially to and the Internet in the name of
Blog: stanfordpress. secure the civil rights of black Amer- the Constitution has blurred the icans. Upon entering the private boundaries between conduct and
sector, the former insider became speech and between veneration and
one of his government’s staunchest violence. The Cult of the Constitution
Examination Copy Policy critics, providing legal defense to lays bare the dark, antidemocratic
Examination copies of select titles internationally-despised figures, consequences of constitutional
are available on alleged terrorists, reputed Nazi war fundamentalism and urges readers
To request one, find the book you criminals, and brutal dictators. to take the Constitution seriously,
are interested in and click Request The provocative life chronicled not selectively.
Review/Desk/Examination Copy.
in Defending the Public’s Enemy “Uncompromisingly critical, Franks
You can request either a free
digital copy or a physical copy
personifies the contradictions at the challenges both liberal and conservative
to consider for course adoption. heart of American political history, views of the Bill of Rights in the name
A nominal handling fee applies and our ambivalent relationship of equality...agree or disagree with
for all physical copy requests. with dissenters and marginalized Franks’s conclusions, her arguments
groups, as well as those who require attention.”
embody a fiercely independent —Rebecca Tushnet,
Harvard Law School
revolutionary spirit.
328 pages, July 2019 272 pages, May 2019
9781503601390 Cloth $35.00  $28.00 sale 9781503603226 Cloth $26.00  $20.80 sale

2 U.S. Law and courts

Our Non-Christian Nation Ballot Blocked Borders of Belonging
How Atheists, Satanists, Pagans, The Political Erosion of the Struggle and Solidarity in Mixed-
and Others Are Demanding Their Voting Rights Act Status Immigrant Families
Rightful Place in Public Life Jesse H. Rhodes Heide Castañeda
Jay Wexler Over the past five decades, both Borders of Belonging investigates
America is now home to an Democrats and Republicans in the impact of immigration
ever-larger number of people who Congress have consistently voted policies and practices not only on
identify with no religion at all. to expand the protections offered undocumented migrants, but also
These non-Christians have increas- by the Voting Rights Act. And yet, on their family members, some
ingly been demanding their full the administration of the VRA has of whom possess a form of legal
participation in public life. The law become more fragmented, and status. Heide Castañeda reveals the
is on their side, but sometime their judicial interpretation of its terms trauma, distress, and inequalities
attempts are met with suspicion has become much less generous. that occur daily, alongside the
or outright hostility. In Our Non- Ballot Blocked argues that con- stratification of particular family
Christian Nation, Jay Wexler travels servatives adopt a paradoxical members’ access to resources like
the country to engage the non- strategy in which they acquiesce to education, employment, and health
Christians who have called on us to expansive voting rights protections care. She also paints a vivid picture
maintain our ideals of inclusivity in Congress (where decisions are of the resilience, resistance, creative
and diversity. With his characteristic visible and easily traceable) while responses, and solidarity between
sympathy and humor, he introduces simultaneously narrowing the parents and children, siblings, and
us to the Summum and their Seven scope of federal enforcement other kin. Castañeda’s innovative
Aphorisms, a Wiccan priestess who via administrative and judicial ethnography combines fieldwork
would place a pagan holiday wreath maneuvers (which are less visible with individuals and family groups
in City Hall, and other determined and harder to trace). Over time, to reveal the myriad experiences of
champions of free religious expres- this strategy has enabled a conser- mixed-status families as they navi-
sion. As Wexler urges, anyone who vative Supreme Court to exercise gate the emotional, social, political,
cares about pluralism, equality, preponderant influence over the and medical difficulties that inevi-
and fairness must support a public scope of federal enforcement. tably arise when at least one family
square filled with a variety of member lacks legal status. This
religious and non-religious voices. “Bold and richly detailed. book presents a portentous vision
Rhodes provides timely and of how the further encroachment
The stakes are nothing short of crucial new insights.”
long-term social peace. —Vesla Weaver,
of immigration enforcement would
Yale University affect millions of mixed-status
Stanford Studies in Law families throughout the country.
216 pages, June 2019
and Politics
9780804798990 Cloth $25.00  $20.00 sale 280 pages, February 2019
280 pages, September 2017 9781503607910 Paper $28.00  $22.40 sale
9781503603516 Paper $27.95  $22.36 sale

U.S. Law and courts Law and SOCIETY 3

Migrant Crossings Skimmed Rules, Paper, Status
Witnessing Human Trafficking Breastfeeding, Race, and Injustice Migrants and Precarious Bureaucracy
in the U.S. Andrea Freeman in Contemporary Italy
Annie Isabel Fukushima Skimmed tells the heartbreaking tale Anna Tuckett
Migrant Crossings examines the of America’s first identical quadru- Drawing on in-depth fieldwork
experiences and representations plets, their rise to fame and use as in Italy, one of Europe’s biggest
of Asian and Latina/o migrants advertising symbols, and the dam- receiving countries, Rules, Paper,
trafficked in the United States into age done to them and generations of Status reveals how migration
informal economies and service African American families. Relating actually plays out on the ground.
industries. Through sociolegal and the sisters’ story, Andrea Freeman Anna Tuckett highlights the complex
media analysis of court records, invites readers into the fraught processes of inclusion and exclusion
press releases, law enforcement history of how the seemingly simple produced through encounters with
campaigns, film representations, task of feeding America’s youngest immigration law. The statuses of
theatre performances, and the law, citizens is awash in social, legal, and “legal” or “illegal,” which media and
Annie Isabel Fukushima inter- cultural inequalities. political accounts use as synonyms
rogates how migrants legally cross Despite the high cost of baby for “good” and “bad,” are not created
into visibility, through frames of formula and the health advantages by practices of border-crossing, but
victimhood, criminality, citizenship, of breast milk, Black women have rather through legal and bureaucratic
and legality. Fukushima invites the lowest breastfeeding rates in processes within borders devised by
readers to deeply interrogate the nation. Freeman uncovers how governing states. Taking migrants’
what it means to bear witness aspects of history, law, corporate interactions with immigration
to migration in these migratory power, culture, and the media have regimes as her starting point, Tuckett
times—and what such migrant played a part in the routine dispos- argues that successfully navigating
crossings mean for subjects who session of Black women’s choice Italian immigration bureaucracy
experience violence during or of how to nourish their babies requires and induces culturally spe-
after their crossing. since slavery. Skimmed exposes cific modes of behavior.
272 pages, July 2019 how American laws and policies “A must-read for immigration scholars
9781503609495 Paper $28.00  $22.40 sale affect the nutritional lives of Black and anyone interested in the day-to-
families from birth and proposes day workings of street-level bureaucrats
effective and immediate solutions and the myriad ways they make law
and, in the process, transform immi-
for a healthier and more just future. grants into ‘cultural citizens.’ ”
336 pages, November 2019 —Kitty Calavita,
9781503601123 Cloth $28.00  $22.40 sale University of California, Irvine

192 pages, June 2018

9781503606494 Paper $24.95  $19.96 sale

4 Law and SOCIETY

Emptied Lands Karman The Economic Approach
A Legal Geography of Bedouin A Brief Treatise on Action, to Law, Third Edition
Rights in the Negev Guilt, and Gesture Thomas J. Miceli
Alexandre Kedar, Ahmad Giorgio Agamben The third edition of this seminal
Amara, and Oren Yiftachel Translated by Adam Kotsko textbook is thoroughly updated
Emptied Lands investigates the What does it mean to be responsible to include recent cases and the
protracted legal, planning, and for our actions? In this brief and latest scholarship, with particular
territorial conflict between the elegant study, Giorgio Agamben attention paid to torts, contracts,
settler Israeli state and indigenous traces our most profound moral property rights, and the economics
Bedouin citizens over traditional intuitions back to their roots in of crime. A new chapter organiza-
lands in southern Israel/Palestine the sphere of law and punishment. tion, ideal for quarter- or semester-
to place this dispute in historical, Moral accountability, human free long courses, strengthens the book’s
legal, geographical, and interna- agency, and even the very concept of focus on unifying themes in the
tional-comparative perspectives. cause and effect all find their origin field. As Miceli tells a cohesive,
The authors reveal that through in the language of the trial, which analytical “story” about law from
manipulative use of Ottoman, Western philosophy and theology a distinctly economic perspective,
British and Israeli laws, the state both transform into the paradigm exercises and problems encourage
has constructed its own version of for all of human life. In his search students to deepen their knowl-
terra nullius. Yet, the indigenous for a way out of this destructive edge. A companion website with
property and settlement system paradigm, Agamben draws not a full suite of resources for both
still functions, creating an ongoing only on minority opinions within students and professors is available
resistance to the Jewish state. the Western tradition but engages at
Emptied Lands critically examines at length with Buddhist texts and “Miceli’s carefully written text is rich
several key land claims, court concepts for the first time. In with many well-selected examples.
rulings, planning policies and sum, Karman deepens and It covers the basic areas of law—
development strategies, offering rearticulates of some of Agamben’s torts (accidents), contracts, crime,
alternative local, regional, and core insights while breaking property, and litigation—as well as
international routes for justice. significant new ground. the subject of antitrust, and furnishes
a valuable guide to students for
“A remarkable multidisciplinary Meridian: Crossing Aesthetics further reading. I know of no better
feat, this book provides an essential 120 pages, April 2018 book for its intended audience.”
understanding of settler colonialism.” 9781503605824 Paper $17.95  $14.36 sale
—Steven Shavell,
—Eyal Weizman, Harvard Law School
Goldsmiths, University of London
Stanford Economics
424 pages, February 2018 and Finance
9781503603585 Cloth $70.00  $56.00 sale 448 pages, October 2017
9781503600065 Cloth $90.00  $72.00 sale


The Politics of Love Branding Humanity The Grip of Sexual
in Myanmar Competing Narratives of Rights, Violence in Conflict
LGBT Mobilization and Human Violence, and Global Citizenship Feminist Interventions in
Rights as a Way of Life Amal Hassan Fadlalla International Law
Lynette J. Chua The Save Darfur movement gained Karen Engle
The Politics of Love in Myanmar an international following, garnering Through an account of feminist
offers an intimate ethnographic widespread international attention engagement with international law
account of a group of LGBT to this remote Sudanese territory. over the past twenty-five years, this
activists before, during, and after But how do local activists and those book argues that sexual violence in
Myanmar’s post-2011 political throughout the Sudanese diaspora conflict was not as obvious a focus
transition. Lynette J. Chua explores in the United States situate their own for transnational feminism as it may
how these activists devoted them- notions of rights, nationalism, and appear to be in hindsight.
selves to, and fell in love with, the identity? Based on interviews with
Sudanese social actors, activists, Beginning with the attention to
practice of human rights and how
and their allies in the United States, wartime rape in the 1990s during
they were able to empower queer
the Sudan, and online, Branding the conflict in the former Yugoslavia,
Burmese to accept themselves,
Humanity traces the global story Karen Engle traces feminist advocacy
gain social belonging, and reform
of violence and the remaking of and international legal support for
discriminatory legislation and
Sudanese identities. Amal Hassan ending violence against women. As
law enforcement. Informed by
Fadlalla examines how activists transnational feminists began to
interviews with activists from all
contest, reshape, and reclaim the pay attention to sexual violence in
walks of life, Chua details the vivid
stories of violence emerging from conflict, Engle reveals they often did
particulars of the LGBT activist
the Sudan and their identities as so at the cost of attention to other
experience founding a movement
migrants. Branding Humanity helps issues, including the anti-militarism;
first among exiles and migrants
us see beyond the oft-monolithic critiques of economic maldistribu-
and then in Myanmar’s cities,
international branding of conflict. tion, and imperialism and cultural
towns, and countryside.
Fadlalla asks readers to consider how essentialism by feminists from the
“Beautifully written and brilliantly national and transnational debates global South. Engle argues that these
theorized, the book is highly rec- feminist commitments were not
ommended reading for scholars about violence circulate, shape, and
re-territorialize ethnic identities, merely deprioritized, but undermined,
interested in human rights, legal
mobilization, social movements, disrupt meanings of national belong- and she asks readers to reconsider the
and LGBT politics.” ing, and rearticulate notions of inevitability of today’s international
solidarity and global affiliations. feminist norms.
—Michael McCann,
University of Washington 288 pages, February 2020
312 pages, November 2018
9781503607262 Paper $30.00  $24.00 sale 9781503611245 Paper $28.00  $22.40 sale
232 pages, December 2018
9781503607446 Paper $25.95  $20.76 sale

6 stanford Studies in human rights

A series edited by mark goodale
When Misfortune Letters to the Contrary Remote Freedoms
Becomes Injustice A Curated History of the UNESCO Politics, Personhood and
Evolving Human Rights Struggles Human Rights Survey Human Rights in Aboriginal
for Health and Social Equality Edited and Introduced by Central Australia
Alicia Ely Yamin Mark Goodale, Sarah E. Holcombe
When Misfortune Becomes Injustice Foreword by Samuel Moyn Remote Freedoms investigates how
surveys the last thirty years of health, The Universal Declaration of Human universal human rights are under-
economic, and social rights advance- Rights (UDHR) has long served as stood, practiced, negotiated, and
ment within the international the foundation for the protection challenged in concert and in conflict
human rights community. Alicia of human rights around the world. with Indigenous rights. Moving
Ely Yamin reflects on her firsthand Historians and human rights scholars between communities, government,
experience as an academic, practitio- have claimed that the UDHR was regional NGOs, and international
ner, and advocate to provide readers influenced by UNESCO’s 1947–48 UN forums, Sarah E. Holcombe
with a careful analysis of the points global survey of intellectuals, theo- addresses how the notion of rights
of intersection and friction between logians, and cultural and political plays out within the distinctive and
the fields of law, public health, and leaders, a survey that supposedly ambivalent sociopolitical context of
economics and development. revealed a universal consensus on Australia, focusing specifically on
human rights. Indigenous Anangu women and their
When Misfortune Becomes Injustice experiences of violence. Engaging
tells a story of extraordinary progress Based on meticulous archival in a translation of the Universal
with respect to the right to health, research, Letters to the Contrary Declaration of Human Rights into
including how traditional forms of revises and enlarges the conven- the local Pintupi-Luritja vernacular
tyranny were curbed, and how new tional understanding of UNESCO’s and observing various Indigenous
discourses of equality, the welfare human rights survey. Mark Goodale interactions with law enforcement
state, and inclusive societies were uncovers a historical record filled and domestic violence outreach
formed. Yamin also shows that with letters and responses that programs, Holcombe reveals how, in
the possibilities and political space were omitted, polite refusals to the post-colonial Australian context,
necessary to advance egalitarian respond, and outright rejections of human rights are double-edged. They
health rights are shrinking and the universal human rights ideal. In enforce assimilation to a neoliberal
require more attention to growing collecting, annotating, and analyzing social order at the same time that
inequality and building more diverse these responses, Goodale reveals an they empower and enfranchise the
strategies for resistance and social alternative history deeply connected Indigenous citizen as a political actor.
transformation. to the ongoing life of human rights
in the twenty-first century. 384 pages, July 2018
328 pages, February 2020 9781503606470 Paper $29.95  $23.96 sale
9781503611306 Paper $26.00  $20.80 sale 376 pages, April 2018
  9781503605343 Paper $27.95  $22.36 sale

stanford Studies in human rights 7

A series edited by mark goodale
Justice for Some The Civil Law Tradition Judge and Punish
Law and the Question of Palestine An Introduction to the Legal The Penal State on Trial
Noura Erakat Systems of Europe and Latin Geoffroy de Lagasnerie
America, Fourth Edition
Justice for Some offers a new Geoffroy de Lagasnerie spent years
approach to understanding the John Henry Merryman and sitting in on trials, watching as indi-
Palestinian struggle for freedom, Rogelio Pérez-Perdomo viduals were judged and sentenced
told through the power and control Designed for the general reader for violent crimes. His experience
of international law. Focusing on and students of law, this is a concise led to this original reflection on the
key junctures—from the Balfour history and analysis of the civil penal state, power, and violence
Declaration in 1917 to present-day law tradition, which is dominant that identifies a paradox in the
wars in Gaza—Noura Erakat shows in most of Europe, all of Latin way justice is exercised. In order
how the strategic deployment of law America, and many parts of Asia, to pronounce a judgment, a trial
has shaped current conditions. Over Africa, and the Middle East. The must construct an individualizing
the past century, the law has done fourth edition is fully updated to story of actors and their acts; but in
more to advance Israel’s intersts include the latest developments order to punish, each act between
than the Palestinian’s. But, Erkat in the field and to correct and individuals must be transformed
argues, this outcome was never update historical details gleaned into an aggression against society
inevitable. Law is politics, and its from newly-published research on as a whole, against the state itself.
meaning and application depend on Roman and Medieval law. This new Combining narratives of real trials
the political intervention of states edition updates the book from the with theoretical analysis, Judge and
and people alike. Within the law, post-Soviet era to ongoing current Punish shows that juridical institu-
change is possible, and international issues, including Brexit and the tions are not merely a response
law can serve the cause of freedom status of the European Union. It to crime. The criminal trial, a
when it is mobilized in support of a discusses how civil law codes have magnifying mirror, reveals our true
political movement. shifted in some countries to adapt condition as political subjects.
“A radical rethinking of the role to modern and changing ideologies “This groundbreaking work asks the
of law and legal advocacy in the and also includes brand-new big, penetrating questions that will
struggle for Palestinian rights. material on legal education, shape the future of justice systems
Brilliant, inspiring, coldly realistic— which is of central importance throughout the Western world.”
and hopeful.” to the legal profession today. —Jason S. Sexton,
—Duncan Kennedy, Editor, Boom California
Harvard Law School 192 pages, December 2018
9781503607545 Paper $24.95  $19.96 sale 224 pages, May 2018
352 pages, April 2019 9781503605787 Paper $24.95  $19.96 sale
9780804798259 Cloth $30.00  $24.00 sale

8 international and comparative law

Unequal Profession Dispute System Design How to Be Sort of Happy
Race and Gender in Legal Preventing, Managing and in Law School
Academia Resolving Conflict
Kathryne M. Young
Meera E. Deo Lisa Blomgren Amsler,
Over 40,000 new students enter
This book is the first formal, Janet Martinez and America’s law schools each year.
empirical investigation into the law Stephanie E. Smith Each new crop experiences
faculty experience using a distinctly Dispute System Design walks readers startlingly high rates of depression,
intersectional lens, examining both through the art of successfully anxiety, fatigue, and dissatisfaction.
the personal and professional lives designing a system for preventing,
of law faculty members. In a book packed with insights
managing, and resolving conflicts from surveys and interviews with
Comparing the professional and and legally-framed disputes. over 1,000 law students, lawyer-
personal experiences of women Drawing on decades of expertise turned-sociologist Kathryne M.
of color professors with white as instructors, experts, and Young offers a very different take
women and white men faculty consultants, the authors show how from previous books about law
from assistant professor through dispute system design can be used school survival. Instead of assum-
dean emeritus, Unequal Profession within all types of organizations, ing her readers should all aspire to
explores how the race and gender including business firms, nonprofit law-review-and-big-firm notions
of individual legal academics organizations, international and of success, Young teaches students
affects not only their individual and transnational bodies. how to approach law school on
collective experience, but also legal This book teaches readers the their own terms: how to tune out
education as a whole. Drawing on foundations of Dispute System the drumbeat of oppressive expec-
quantitative and qualitative empirical Design (DSD), describing bedrock tations and conventional wisdom
data, Meera E. Deo reveals how concepts. Case chapters explore to create a new breed of law school
race and gender intersect to create DSD across a range of experiences, experience altogether. Bursting
profound implications, presenting including public and community with warmth, realism, and a touch
unique challenges as well as op- justice, organizational conflict, of firebrand wit, this book equips
portunities to improve educational international and comparative law students with much-needed
and professional outcomes in legal systems, and multi-jurisdictional wisdom for thriving during those
education. She brings the experiences and complex systems. This book three crucial years.
of diverse faculty to life and proposes is for anyone who is interested in “A big-hearted look at what can be
a number of mechanisms to increase the theory or practice of DSD or a cold-hearted time. A must-read
diversity within legal academia. who designs or improves existing for the young lawyers in your orbit.”
256 pages, February 2019 processes and systems. —Dahlia Lithwick,
9781503607842 Paper $25.00  $20.00 sale Slate
592 pages, February 2020
9780804771764 Cloth $70.00  $56.00 sale 312 pages, August 2018
9780804799768 Paper $19.95  $15.96 sale

Dangerous Leaders Anchor Babies and the Living Emergency
How and Why Lawyers Must Challenge of Birthright Israel’s Permit Regime in the
Be Taught to Lead Citizenship Occupied West Bank
Anthony C. Thompson Leo R. Chavez Yael Berda
Dangerous Leaders exposes the Leo R. Chavez explores the In 1991, the Israeli government
risks and results of leaving lawyers question of birthright citizenship introduced emergency legislation
unprepared to lead. It provides law and of citizenship in the United canceling the general exit permit
schools, law students, and the legal States writ broadly, to counter the that allowed Palestinians to enter
profession with the leadership tools often-hyperbolic claims surround- Israel. Today, Israel’s permit regime
and models to build a better founda- ing so-called anchor babies. He for Palestinians is one of the world’s
tion of leadership acumen. Anthony considers how this term is used as a most extreme and complex appara-
C. Thompson draws from his fifteen political dog whistle, how changes tuses for population management.
years of experience in global in the legal definition of citizenship In Living Emergency, Yael Berda
executive education for Fortune have affected the children of im- brings readers inside the permit
100 companies and his experience migrants over time, and, ultimately, regime, and offers a first-hand
as a law professor to chart a path how U.S.-born citizens still experi- account of how the Israeli secret
forward for better leadership in- ence trauma if they live in families service, government, and military
struction within the legal academy. with undocumented immigrants. civil administration control the
Using vivid, real-life case studies, By examining this pejorative term Palestinian population.
Thompson explores catastrophic in its political, historical, and social “Living Emergency is a groundbreak-
political, business, and legal failures contexts, Chavez calls upon us to ing analysis of the bureaucracy of
that have occurred precisely because exorcise it from public discourse occupation. And in Yael Berda, this
of a lapse in leadership from those and work toward building a more intricate and obfuscated bureaucracy
with legal training. He maintains inclusive nation. has met its match: Her meticulous
that these practices are chronic
“Analytically sharp, powerfully research and brilliant insights call
leadership failures that could
written, and cogently argued, this on us all to acknowledge the ways
have been avoided and proposes important book is essential reading in which the contemporary rule
a fundamental rethinking of legal for every American.” of officials has developed across
education. Dangerous Leaders
—Roberto G. Gonzales, the globe.”
imparts invaluable tools and lessons Harvard University
to best equip current and future —Eyal Weizman,
120 pages, October 2017 University of London
generations of legal leaders. 9781503605091 Paper $12.99  $10.39 sale
152 pages, November 2017
240 pages, August 2018 9781503602823 Paper $12.99  $10.39 sale
9780804799256 Cloth $35.00  $28.00 sale

Who Owns the News? Copyright’s Highway The Color of Creatorship
A History of Copyright From the Printing Press to the Intellectual Property, Race, and
Will Slauter Cloud, Second Edition the Making of Americans
You can’t copyright facts, but is news Paul Goldstein Anjali Vats
a category unto itself? Without legal In Copyright’s Highway, one of The Color of Creatorship examines
protection for the “ownership” of the nation’s leading authorities how copyright, trademark, and
news, what incentive does a news on intellectual property law patent discourses work together to
organization have to invest in offers an engaging, readable, and form American ideals around race,
producing quality journalism intelligent analysis of the effect of citizenship, and property.
that serves the public good? This copyright on American politics,
Working through key moments in
book explores the intertwined economy, and culture. From
intellectual property history since
histories of journalism and copyright eighteenth-century copyright law,
1790, Anjali Vats reveals that even
law in the United States and Great to the “celestial jukebox,” to the
as they have seemingly evolved,
Britain, revealing how shifts in future of copyright issues in the
American understandings of who
technology, government policy, digital age, Paul Goldstein presents
is a creator and who is an infringer
and publishing strategy have a thorough examination of the
have remained remarkably racially
shaped the media landscape. challenges facing copyright owners
conservative and consistent over
and users.
Publishers have long sought to treat time. Vats historicizes the figure of
news as exclusive to protect their This fully updated second edition the citizen-creator, the white male
investments against copying or “free introduces readers to present and maker who was incorporated into
riding.” But over the centuries, argu- future debates regarding copyright the national ideology as a key con-
ments about the vital role of news- law and policy, including a new tributor to the nation’s moral and
papers and the need for information chapter on the technological shift economic development. The Color
to circulate have made it difficult in emphasis from producer to of Creatorship argues that once
to defend property rights in news. consumer and the legal shift from anti-racist activists grapple with
Beginning with the earliest printed exclusive rights to exceptions and the underlying racial structures of
news publications and ending with limitations to those rights. From intellectual property law, they can
the Internet, Will Slauter traces these Gutenberg to Google Books, better advocate for strategies that
countervailing trends, offering a Copyright’s Highway, Second resist the underlying drivers of
fresh perspective on debates about Edition, offers a concise, essential racially disparate copyright, patent,
copyright and efforts to control the resource for the internet generation. and trademark policy.
flow of news. 240 pages, May 2019 280 pages, November 2019
368 pages, January 2019 9781503609228 Paper $25.00  $20.00 sale 9781503610958 Paper $28.00  $22.40 sale
9781503607712 Paper $30.00  $24.00 sale

S t a n f o r d U n i v e r s i t y P r e ss
485 Broadway, First Floor, Redwood City, CA 94063

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