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Via Licensing provides patent licensing administration services for the convenience of those seeking to obtain patent rights (licensees) and those who wish to grant them (licensors). Technologies that have been cooperatively developed through a formal standardization process are increasingly popular; however, these standardized technologies are rarely patent free. Standards-setting organizations monitor intellectual property rights (IPR) to assure that those contributing inventions are willing to license any and all patents which are necessary for the practice of the standard on "reasonable and non-discriminatory" (RAND) terms. Via Licensing helps patent owners fulfill these licensing obligations in a practical manner by establishing and conducting joint patent licensing programs. In so doing, Via Licensing provides a way for those who require these patent rights to obtain them as easily as possible. Our staff includes experts in contract management, antitrust and patent law, finance and accounting, business development, sales, and compliance. Via handles the end-to-end process of establishing a licensing program, presenting the licensing terms to the market, executing and enforcing the license agreement, and collecting and distributing license fees. Throughout, our goal is efficiency and convenience for all involved and to foster a healthy commercial environment for the broad proliferation of standardized technologies.

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Benefit for Licensees
By working with Via Licensing you will realize the following benefits: Economies of scale in obtaining rights to the relevant patents of multiple parties in a single license An efficient licensing process with one standard agreement to review and execute versus the alternative of multiple individual negotiations and transactions in order to obtain the set of patent rights A level-playing-field for competition due to the availability of standard terms offered on a non-discriminatory basis Streamlined royalty reporting and payment versus multiple reports and payments to individual licensors A secure online reporting website available at all times Specialists available in worldwide offices to guide you through the process of understanding and executing the license agreement Peace of mind in knowing that your license includes all the essential patents of each of the pool licensors Increased value over time as new licensors and patents are added to the pool at no additional cost to licensees Added value for your products and for your company through the acquisition of necessary IP rights Assurance that the availability of a pool license has established a market precedent for the value of essential patents

Via Licensing Programs
The following patent pool licenses are currently offered through Via: MPEG-2 Advanced Audio Coding: ISO/IEC 13818-7 is primarily utilized in the Japanese digital broadcast system, known as ISDB (Integrated Services Digital Broadcast). MPEG-4 Audio: ISO/IEC 14496-3 extends and enhances MPEG-2 Advanced Audio Coding and includes MPEG-4 AAC, High-Efficiency AAC, and BSAC. Digital Radio Mondiale: ETSI ES 201 980 is an over-the-air digital system for the broadcast bands below 30 MHz. This system is currently being extended to address broadcast frequencies up to 120 MHz. TV-Anytime: ETSI TS 102 822 addresses the delivery of broadcast and online content through set-top boxes with mass storage capabilities, or other "time-shifting" means. IEEE 802.11 Networking: Also known as "Wi-Fi," 802.11 is the dominant international standard for wireless local area networking. DVB-MHP: ETSI TS 102 812 defines standards and specifications for interactive digital television products and services. DVB-OCAP: OC-SP-OCAP1.0 specifies for interactive services delivered by cable television operators. The following licensing programs are currently under development by Via: UHF RFID: Ultrahigh frequency radio frequency identification is a system whereby standardized readers can automatically identify tagged items. Near Field Communications: ISO/IEC 18092 is a specialized form of RFID technology for the exchange of data by devices in close proximity. IEEE 802.16: Also known as "WiMAX," is a metropolitan broadband wireless networking standard. Via Licensing Corporation 1000 Brannan Street Suite 200 San Francisco, CA 94103 Tel: 415-645-4700 Fax: 415-645-4400