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Kirsten Hauschildt


To identify and utilize my Strengths in an organizational/interpersonal setting that aligns

with the mission, vision, values and sponsored programs and activities of URI’s Center
for Student Leadership Development.


I will contact the the D.R.I.V.E. program for their multicultural overnight program
(MOP). I plan to work with potential URI Rams to change their outlook on the University
for the better and to work with the students to ensure their transition into college is

I believe I would be good for these positions because of my values of love and kindness. I
can nurture the future students and ensure they feel safe at URI. I know this school made
me feel at home and I can only hope it does the same for others.
My strengths of WOO, communication, and includer are also good traits for these
positions because I love to include new people into my life and activities. I have always
thought it is important to communicate with others to make sure they feel safe and happy
in their situations.


Photo from the first MOP meeting after I chose my overnight student on thursday April


While planning to complete my learning contract, I applied to be a host for the

multicultural overnight program. Signing up was fairly easy I submitted a form on
Google forms and quickly got a notification telling me when and where to meet for the
first meeting. I attended the meeting to go over all aspects of the program and that same
night I was able to choose my student. Before the first welcome day I met Julianna I was
so excited to be able to influence someone’s life and help them find their home at the
University of Rhode Island. Before the first welcome day I met Juliana, my student, at the
Multicultural Student Center and was able to spend the next 14 hours guiding her to her
college decision.

I believed are used my strengths of WOO, adaptability, and includer while hosting
Juliana. The point of the program was to encourage your host student to come to the
university. While not everybody is fit for URI, our mission was to put the school in its
best light and show students how great the school is. As a WOO, I am very good at
making new friends and influencing others. I loved inspiring students and showing them
the potential that the school has. I used my adaptability strength to shape my students
experience for the night. There were was a schedule to follow for our students, however, I
wanted Juliana’s experience to be fully unique and what she wanted. So when it was time
to have dinner and there were options to meet up with all of the other MOP students at
Hope dining hall, she and I decided to rest in the room and play card games for a short
while to relax before it was time for dinner. She needed more relaxation before the long
night and since college is all about time management and discovering yourself I thought
it would be a great idea to practice those skills. Lastly I used my includer strength to
include both her, the other students, and other hosts to all hang out together and bond. My
friend Kevin and his student for the night bonded a lot with Juliana. I made sure everyone
had a chance to do what they wanted while ensuring everyone was safe. After spending
some time playing games with the other students, Kevin, Juliana, Kevin’s student, and I
decided we wanted to take a walk to the emporium to eat some food before we went to
bed. This was a great way to show our students around the Emporium and a small aspect
of URI. I wanted to grab a slice of pizza, Kevin wanted Mexican food, and our students
wanted Insomnia Cookies. Luckily it was very easy to accomplish all three! We were all
able to eat our food together and have a safe walk back to our residence halls.

Well using some of my strength I was also able to use my values of love, zest, curiosity,
kindness, and humor. I was able to use in love by showing that I have such a care and
compassion for the University of Rhode Island. I also have love for all future potential
students and current students as they are in the exact same position that I was and that I
am currently now. Similar to love, I show my zest in everything I do. I am extremely
passionate about the University of Rhode Island and I’m always talking about it with full
energy and heart. So while Juliana and other students were asking questions I was so
excited to answer all of them. Curiosity came into the frame while bonding with Juliana. I
had so many questions about what she was interested in and wanted to study and pursue
in her years to come. Using my kindness and humor skill showed all throughout the
night. I wanted Juliana’s experience to be one of the best nights of her year (or at least
month)! I did my very best to tell all my best jokes, make sure the mood was light and
happy, and be as kind and compassionate as possible.

By the end of the event the next morning Juliana had fully decided that Rhode Island was
going to be her home for the next four years. I was so pleased to know that I made a
difference in someone’s life and that I would have yet another friend on campus next
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