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Brainstorming Worksheet

Problem/ Entrepreneurial Aligned Aligned Strength Weakness Feasible? Resources

Opportunity Solution With With Available?
Personal Personal
Interests? Skill
Problem- To tackle this Yes Yes Yes No Yes, it is Yes, all the
Nowadays, Each problem, we have feasible resources are
and every work like created smart high- because of available for
coding, tech voice highly manufacture.
presentations, recognition auto- efficiency We have to
mailing and many typing. It will easily and its take guidance
more requires a lot sense the user’s processor is from software
of typing. It takes a voice and also much faster engineers
lot of efforts and compatible with than other specialized in
time and has ever user’s voice existing AIs. AI.
thought at least modulation and So, it leads to
once to get rid of it. speed. To make life viable
Nowadays people easy of the user, it venture.
do not want to put a has the function of
lot of efforts and autocorrect.
time, as both of
them is very
precious in today’s
Problem- To solve this Yes Yes Yes No Yes, it is Yes, all the
Mobile phones are problem, we will because it is resources are
something that is create a mobile exactly what available.
used for activities phone with a the people
from listening to battery life of about want and no
music to 7-10 days, such mobile
conferencing calls, irrespective of its phones are
usage. available..
banking, by Now, they can use
everybody. They their mobile phones
want to use it 24 for about a week
hours without any without any
constraint of interruption in their
charging. As daily routine.
mobile charging
lasts for max. 2
days. But in this
digital era, due to
its excessive
increase, people
have to charge it
at least two times
a day, which
interrupts the
work and create a

Opportunity- To solve this Yes No NO Yes Yes, this is No, we have

In this problem, feasible to create the
Competitive We will design and because this resources.
world, everybody develop the smart type of
faces the series of headphones based device is not
emotions and to on the Artificial created till
overcome, we take Intelligence and now.
the help of songs usage of the sensor. This will
which relates our This will change the create more
mood or situation track automatically business
and begin to according to the opportunities.
meditate. But mood of the user.
selection of song
always breaks the
meditation and
when the person is
more upset.
It leads to
frustration and
Problem- Solar To tackle this Yes No Yes No Maybe or Yes, all the
panel is the problem, we came may not be resources are
solution of up with the solution- feasible available.
sustainable energy Solar Roof. It looks because this
resource. But it like the glass tiles, is very
takes lot of space, installed on the roof expensive,
gives less and add decorations not
efficiency in to the house. It is affordable for
energy generation available in two the common
and also spoils the designs and very people.
house decoration efficient in energy
Problem- To solve this Yes Yes No Yes Yes this is Yes, all the
People sleep best problem, we have feasible resources are
when the sleeping created the cool because available but
environment is blanket for the people can we have to
cold. But as summer months. spend any take guidance
summer and This serves the amount of from the
spring season purpose of both money for individuals
arrive, people cooling and warmer good sleep specialize in
looking for the sheet for the bed. the textile
cold blanket for field.
their beds.
Moreover, for
some people, it is
not the matter of
weather, they
prefer sleeping
tucked in blanket.