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B.Tech. (Ag.) Eng.

1st Term
Environmental Science
Course No ES-101 Credits: 3+0
Time: 3 Hours Full Marks: 80

Answer any four questions of which question number 6 is compulsory

1. Write down the various functions or uses of forest. What are the factors
responsible for deforestation? 20

2. Define biodiversity. What do you mean by genetic diversity, species diversity and
ecosystem diversity? Write about the insitu and exsitu conservation methods for
protecting the biodiversity. 20

3. a) What are the causes and effects of acid rain?

b) Write down its causes and effects. 10+10=20

4. Write the important features of (any two): 10x2=20

a) Environment protection Act 1986
b) Solid waste management
c) Forest conservation act 1980
d) The water (Prevention and control of Pollution ) Act 1974

5. Differentiate between Pollution & Pollutant. What are the various types of
Pollutions existing in India? Explain causes, effects and conservation measures for
water pollution. 20

6. Write short notes very briefly): 10x2=20

a) Renewable natural resources
b) Ecosystem
c) Scope of environmental science
d) Sources of air pollution
e) Noise pollution
f) Geothermal energy
g) Greenhouse effect
h) Hotspots of Biodiversity
i) Name five National & international agencies working in the field of
environmental science
j) Ozone layer depletion

B.Tech.(Ag.Engg.) 1st Term
Engineering Chemistry
Course No CHEM-101 Credits: 2+1
Time: 2 ½ Hours Full Marks: 50

Answer any four questions of which question number 1 is compulsory.

1. Answer the following questions: 2x7=14

a) Define conducting polymer with example.
b) What is Bio-Salt?
c) Write down the name and chemical formula of the monomers of Nylon-66?
d) Write the full name and structure of EDTA.
e) Write down the chemical name of Vitamin C, D, B1 and B2.
f) What do you mean by colloids? Give an example
g) What is bio-polymer? Give an example.

2. a) State Gibbs Phase rule. Give the labelled phase diagram of water system and
discuss the importance of various points, lines and areas. 2+5
b) What do you mean by calorific value of a fuel? How is it determined? 2+3

3. a) In which unit hardness of water is expressed? What causes hardness of water?

b) Describe how hardness of water can be removed by i) Lime-soda treatment
ii) Ion exchange process. 2+2
c) Discuss the role of indicator in acid-base titration. 2
d) What do you mean by Corrosion? How it can be prevented? 1+2

4. a) What enzymes? Which enzymes are used in the following process s i) Glucose
to ethanol ii) Ethanol to acetic acid. 1+2
b) Discuss biological importance of lipid. 5
c) Write short note on food preservative. 4

5. a) What are carbohydrates? Discuss the classification of carbohydrates with

example. 1+3
b) What are proteins? Discuss briefly the structure of proteins. 1+2
c) What do you mean by Addition & Condensation Polymers? Equal numbers of
molecules with M1 = 10,000 and M2=100, 000 are mixed. Calculate number
average molar mass and mass average molar mass. 2+3
6. a) Discuss Biodegradable and Non-Biogradable polymer with example. 1.5+1.5
b) Define COD and BOD. 2+2
c) What are lubricants? Write down the main characteristics of a good lubricant.
B.Tech.(Ag.Eng.) 1st Term
Engineering Physics
Course No PHY-101 Credits: 2+1
Time: 2 ½ Hours Full Marks: 50

Answer any four questions of which question number 1 is compulsory.

1. Answer the following questions (any seven): 7x2=14

a) What do you mean by wave –particle duality?
b) State Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle.
c) What is Zeeman Effect?
d) What is isotope effect?
e) What population inversion?
f) What is physical significant of wave function?
g) What are the advantages of optical fibres?
h) What are the principle on which LASER operate?

2. a) Write down the time dependent and independent wave function. Explain each
term. 2+2
b) Calculate the de Broglie wavelengths of an electron and a proton each moving
with velocity 107 m/s. Explain the result. Given me = 9.11x10-31 kg, mp = 1.625
x10-27 kg. 3+1
c) Write the important features of ferromagnetic materials. 2
d) State the fundamental assumption of Weiss theory to explain ferromagnetism.2

3. a) What is band theory of solid. Distinguish between metals, insulator and

semiconductor on the basis of band theory. 3+3
b) What is Stoke effect? 2
c) What is Vortex state of superconductor? 2
d) How a semiconductor will behaves at absolute zero temperature. Explain your
answer. 2

4. a) How optical fibre are broadly classified. Explain each term. 1+3
b) Describe the working principle of the Ruby lasers. 6
c) What are important feature of Holography? 2

5. a) What do you mean by Einstein’s A, B coefficients. 3

b) What is Raman Effect? Mention two uses of Raman Effect. 1+2
c) Define luminous intensity. 2
d) What are Stoke’s and anti-Stoke’s lines in Raman Effect? Why Stoke’s lines
are always more intense then anti-Stoke’s line? 2+2

6. a) What is adiabatic demagnetisation? 3

b) What are the basic assumptions of Langevin’s theory to explain
paramagnetism. 3
c) What is law of mass action of semiconductor? 2
d) What is Meissner’s effect? 2
e) What do you mean by Type-I and II superconductor? 2

B.Tech. (Ag.) Eng. 1st Term
Engineering Mathematics
Course No MATH-101 Credits: 2+1*
Time: 2 ½ Hours Full Marks: 50

Answer any four questions of which question number 1 is compulsory

1. Answer any seven of the following: 7x2=14

a) What is solnoidal vector?
b) Find out the value of G 1
( 2) .
c) Prove that divr = 3
d) State the Taylor’s theorem.
e) Find the P.I. of cos ax.
D + a2

f) If the form of Clairaut’s equation is y= px + f (p) then what is the solution?

g) What is the condition that Mdx + Ndy = 0 is exact?
h) State the Euler’s theorem for homogeneous function.
i) What is the I.F. of the differential equation + Px = Q , where P, Q are
functions of y only?
b 2 2a 2
j) Find the asymptotes of + = 0.
x2 y 2

2. a) Solve 1 - x 2 ) dy + 2 xy = x . 4
dx (1 - x )

( )
b) Solve x 2 - ax dx = ax - y 2 dy.( ) 4

( cos x )
cos x
c) Evaluate lim x ®p . 4

( )
3. a) Solve D - 2 D + 1 y = x sin x .
b) Solve y = - px + x 4 p 2 . 4
c) Solve by using method of variation of parameters D + a ( 2 2
) y = cos ec ( ax ) .


¶ 3u
4. a) If u = e xyz show that = (1 + 3xyz + x 2 y 2 z 2 ) e xyz . 4
x2 - y 2
2 (
x, y ) ¹ ( 0, 0 )
b) Show that f ( x, y ) = x + y
is not continuous at (0,0). 4
0 ( x, y ) = ( 0, 0 )
c) Find the length of an arc of the parabola y2 = 4ax measured from the vertex to
one extremity of the latus rectum. 4
r r
5. a) Prove that Ñ log r = 2 . 4
r r r
b) Evaluate ò c F .dr , where F = ( x 2 - y 2 ) iˆ + xyjˆ and curve C is the arc of the
curve y = x3 in the x - y plane from (0,0) plane to (2,8). 4
c) Find the volume and surface area of the paraboloid generated by the revolution
about x axis of the parabola y 2 = 4ax from x = 0 to x = h. 4

a a 2 - x2
6. a) Change the order of integration in òò0 0
f ( x, y )dxdy. 4

b) Obtain a reduction formula for ò sin n xdx . 4

p a cosq
c) Evaluate òò
0 0
r sin q dq dr . 4

B.Tech.(Ag.Engg.) 1st Term
Surveying & Levelling
Course No CE-101 Credits: 2+1
Time: 2 ½ Hours Full Marks: 50

Answer any four questions of which question number 1 is compulsory.

1. Answer the following questions below: 14x1=14

a) What is the difference between Surveying and levelling?
b) What is the main principle of surveying?
c) The principle of chain surveying is triangulation (True/False)
d) Write about ‘leader’ and ‘follower’ in chaining.
e) What is the main difference between a prismatic compass and a surveyors
f) The F.B. of a line is S45°30’W. Calculate it’s B.B.
g) What is orientation of a plane table?
h) What are ‘bench-marks’?
i) G.T.S. full form is ……………..
j) Define contour lines.
k) What is the limitation of Simpson’s rule?
l) What is a transit theodolite?
m) What do you understand by ‘face right’?
n) Name only various horizontal curves.

2. a) Name the various primary and secondary classification of surveying?

b) Name various corrections applied to a tape with formulaes?
c) The distance between two points measured with a 20m chain was recorded as
327m. It was later found that the chain was 3cm too long. What was the true
distance Between the points? 5+4+3

3. a) Discuss local attraction. How will you compensate this error?

b) The following are the observed bearings of the lines of a closed ABCDEA.
with a compass in a place where local attraction was suspected.
Line Fore bearing Back bearing
AB 68º 15ʹ 248º 15ʹ
BC 148º 45ʹ 326°15′
CD 224° 30′ 46° 00′
DE 217º 15′ 38° 15′
EA 327° 45′ 147º 45ʹ
Find the correct bearings of the lines directly. 4+8


4. a) In brief explain the procedure of setting up a plane table over a station.

b) An embankment of width 10m and side slopes 1 ½ : 1 is required to be made
on a ground which is level in a direction traverse to the centre line. The central
heights at 40m intervals are as follows:
0.90, 1.25, 2.15, 2.50, 1.85, 1.35, and 0.85
Calculate the volume of earthwork according to i) The trapezoidal formula
ii) The prismoidal formula. 5+7

5. a) Explain the characteristics of contours.

b) Discuss various bench marks. 6+6

6. Following are the consecutive readings taken by a dumpy level along a chain line
at a common interval of 10m. The first reading was taken at a chainage of 150m
where the RL is 125m.
The instrument was shifted after 5th and 8th, readings.
0.985, 1.105, 1.125, 1.170, 1.080, 0.795, 1.165, 1.125, 1.010, 1.075, 1.225

i) Draw a page of levelling field book and enter the readings on it. And enter the
readings on it
ii) Find RL s of all points.
iii) Apply checks. 12

B.Tech. (Ag.Eng.) 1st Term
Communication Skills in English (NC)
Course No ENG-101 Credits: 1+1
Time: 2 ½ Hours Full Marks: 50

Answer any four questions of which question number 6 is compulsory

1. Do as directed: 2x7=14
a) M.S. Dhoni has retired from Test Cricket. (Frame a question of which this is
the answer)
b) ‘Would you like to come with us?’ (Change into indirect speech).
c) Mrs Jones: My daughter never (write) to me so I never (know) what she (do).
Your son (write) to you, Mrs Smith? (Put the verbs in the brackets into
appropriate tenses).
d) We never saw him in the dining room. A maid took all his meals up to him.
(Join the two sentences to make one)
e) There was an accident …. the crossroads …… midnight last night. Two men
were taken… hospital. I believe one of them is still…hospital. (Fill in the
blanks with appropriate prepositions).
f) The children weren’t surprised (Add a question tag).
g) I have been living in Cooch Behar (sinc/for) 2010 (Choose the correct option).

2. Write a paragraph within about 100 words using the topic sentence given below:
Misuse of chemical fertilizers has affected human health in a big way. 12

3. Write an e-mail to a friend describing the prospects of studying at UBKV. 12

4. Write a letter to the editor of a local newspaper requesting him to publish your
views on ‘Impact of Global Warming’. 12

5. Read the following advertisement and write an application along with a CV. 12
HRD Manager
We are an agency engaged in marketing of agriculture products. We are looking
for a person who will work as an HRD manager in our Cooch Behar office.

The candidate should be a graduate in Agriculture and be energetic pleasing

personality. She/He should be able to communicate in English, Hindi and Bengali
Please apply to the undersigned with seven days of this advertisement.
Managing Director
Agro Industries Pvt Ltd

6. Writ a dialogue between a seller of fertilizers and a customer willing to buy some
fertilizers for his/her firm. 12