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Marvel’s Spider-Man - Review

By Alberto Ceja
The newest game from Insomniac is Marvel’s Spider-Man for PlayStation 4. This isn’t
your ordinary origin Spider-Man story. This games follows a much older Peter who is highly
experienced already. He has millions of New Yorkers that rests upon his shoulders. In this game
we follow complications in his personal life between him and many close people in his life. We
also follow Spider-Man taking down numerous villains such as his arch enemy Wilson Fisk.
My favorite part of the game is the story. The journey of Spider-Man is absolutely an
emotional ride. This Peter is easily one of my favorite compare to those in live action films. The
relationship between Octavius and Peter is one of the best storytelling between the two. The
new villain Martin Li is a very interesting character with a fantastic reason for his wrong doings.
Another favorite part of this game is the mechanics that Insomniac delivered. This game
feels completely different from the other Spider-Man games the mechanics are smooth.
Swinging through New York City is one of my favorite part of this game it feels natural it is an
amazing experience. While not doing the main story you can go do plenty of side missions that
require the amazing swinging to be used.
My only complaints are the difficulty and the choice of side missions. While playing in
the second hardest difficulty I noticed it was too easy while in combat. It simply made missions
way quicker and not challenging at all. So I raised the difficulty to the hardest one and was
slightly harder. Another complaint were the choice of side missions and the extra stuff you can
do. I feel they are boring and again not very challenging. Overall this games does have flaws but
the main story and mechanics carry speak for itself.

I certainly advise you to go pick yourself a copy of this game, as it might be the best
Spider-Man game ever and possibly game of the year. I rate it 8.5/10