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Fach PELACR AG RECORDS OFFICE DF FRCNO, IRIE 29 For. 2019 12:99" PL & MALACARAN PALACE BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE PHILIPPINES EXECUTIVE ORDER NO.79 IMPLEMENTING THE ANNEX ON NORMALIZATION UNDER THE COMPREHENSIVE AGREEMENT ON THE BANGSAMORO. WHEREAS, on 27 March 2014, the Govemment of x Phlippines (GPH) ane the Moro Islamic Liberaton Front (MILF) signed the Comprehensive Ayreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB), which markod the end of seventoen (17). years of negotiations between the Parles and provided a negottated poltical sattament for the attainment of a just and lasting peace and development in the Bangsamero; WHEREAS, an integral part ofthe CAB isthe Annex on Normalization, signed fn 25 January 2044, which provides for a process to ensure human security in the Bangsamore and enabie the communities to achlove their desired cualty of Ife trough the pursuit of sustainable lvelhood and political partcpaton within a Peaceful and deliberative society, WHEREAS, folowing the agreements sol forth tne CAB, Repub: Act (RA) No, 11054 or the "Organic Law for the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao” wes signed into law on 27 July 2078 and rates through plebigctes held on 21 January and 08 February 2078; WHEREAS, the jrocess outined in the Annex ori Normalization is parle! and complementary to tha provisions of RA No. 11054 WHEREAS, there isa need to fully Implement the various eomponens ofthe normalization process and capitalize on exiting machaninms and framework insor the Annex on’ Normalization, based on the princigla of voordinaion etwaen the GGPH and the MILF, and consistent with RA No. 11084: WHEREAS, Seition 5, Article Il of the 1987 Constitution provides that the maintenance of peace: and order, the protection of life, lberty, and jroperty, and promotion of the general weltare sre essential for the enjoyment by al he people of the blessings of democracy, and WHEREAS, Secon 17, Ace Vi of he 1987 Consitton pow tat tho Presidn! snl nave conta of al ne execute depermens, ues an fee . io a io PP RECEIV E D