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F3 - WES (OIC) 033011

Key Word: “Her-Majesty-Ship-Phil-Navy” Her

Highly toxic - less than 1 mg/l
Moderately toxic - 1 – 10 mg/l
Slightly toxic - 10 – 100 mg/l Ship
Practically non-toxic - 100 – 1000 mg/l
Non-hazardous - greater than 1000 mg/l

Highly hazardous - less than 5 mg/kg Navy

Moderately hazardous - 5 – 50 mg/kg
Slightly hazardous - 50 – 500 mg/kg
Practically non-hazardous - 500 – 5000 mg/kg
Non-hazardous - greater than 5000 mg/kg

Key Word:“O-Nox-Ha-Se-G-A” (6
Annexes of MARPOL)

Annex I – Oil (Oct. 2, 1983)

Annex II – Noxious Liquid Subs. in Bulk (April 6, 1987)
Annex III – Harmful Substances… (July 1, 1992)
Annex IV – Sewage from Ships (Sept. 27, 2003)
Annex V – Garbage from Ships (Dec. 31, 1988)
Annex VI – Air Pollution from Ships (May 19, 2005)

 After abandoning ship, how much water per day each 1 pint
person permitted after first 24 hours?

 An officer in charge of a watch or forming a part shall be 10 hours

provided a minimum of how many hours rest period in
any 24 hour period pursuant to STCW regulations?

 When administering mouth to mouth resuscitation to an 12
adult, how many breaths per minute should you

 Outside Special Areas, unground food waste shall be 12 nautical miles

disposed of: offshore

 When administering artificial respiration to an adult, the 12 to 15 times per

breathing cycle should be repeated about: minute

 CO2 cylinders forming part of a fixed fire extinguishing 12 years

system must be pressure tested at least every:

 You are alone and administering CPR to an adult victim. 15 compressions and
How many chest compressions and how many 2 inflations
inflations should you do in one sequence?

 “Drop tests” given to lifebuoys include dropping it 3 2 meters

times from a certain height on to a concrete floor. From
what height should the lifebuoy be dropped to satisfy
this particular SOLAS inspection requirements?

 At a speed of 6 knots, the fuel aboard a survival craft 24 hours

should last:

 Comminuted garbage shall pass through a screen with 25 mm

mesh size not larger than:

 Cebu Port Authority created into Law. 26 June 1992

 Lifeboats shall have sufficient strength to withstand a 3 meters

drop into the water at a height of at least:

 Lifeboats should be launched and maneuvered in the 3 months

water during abandoned ship drill once every:

 The falls used in launching devices shall be turned end 30 months

for end at intervals of not more than:

 The Master must maintain the Oil Record Book on board 36 months
for at least :

 The period required for a watch keeper in the 4 hours

consumption of alcohol before going on watch.

 Weight of life ring with light smoke. 4 kilograms

 Hydrostatic release unit… 4 meters

 When applying chest compressions on an adult victim 4.0 to 5.0 cm

during CPR, the sternum should be depressed about:

 A helipad has a diameter of: 5 meters

 At what speed of a survival craft does the fuel aboard it 6 knots
would last for 24 hours?

 The normal adult pulse rate is variable but generally 60-80 per minute
falls in the range of:

 The STCW Code stipulate that watch keepers must take 70 hours per week
mandatory rest periods of at least:

 An accommodation ladder or other equally safe and 9 meters

convenient means must be provided for a pilot
whenever the distance from the sea level is more than.

 Fires are grouped into what categories? Class A, B, C, and D


1. Class A >>> Combustible solid materials,

anything that leaves Ash.
Ex. wood, paper, rubber, plastic, ropes, etc.

2. Class B >>> Flammable and combustible liquids

and gases. Remember of “Boil”
Ex. oil, gasoline, kerosene, butane, jet fuel, etc.

3. Class C >>>Electrical Current, electronic equipt.

Ex. Electric motors, generators, switches, etc.

4. Class D >>> Combustible metals

Ex. Sodium, magnesium, etc.

 A fire in a pile of dunnage would be classified as class: A

 A fire starts in a switchboard due to a short circuit. This C

is what class of fire?

 A magnesium fire is classified as class: D

 An aluminum powder fire is classified as class: D

 A galley grease fire would be classified as which class B

of fire?

 Which lifeboat equipment would be most suitable for a red parachute flare
night signaling to a ship on the horizon?

 When a patient has a high fever one of the safest and a tepid sponge bath
simplest ways to reduce his body temperature is by:

 The purpose of a sea anchor is to: act as a drag; to

prevent broaching

 When a ship’s crew chokes suddenly, cannot speak and administer the
starts to turn blue, what action should be taken? Heimlich maneuver

 When should you first have any food or water after After 24 hours
boarding a lifeboat or liferaft?

 The purpose of the trip line on a sea anchor is to: aid in its recovery

 The most frequent source of trouble in the hydraulic Air

telemotor has been due to ________ in the system.

 Fire may be spread by which means? All of these

A. Convection
B. Direct radiation
C. Conduction of heat to adjacent surfaces
D. All of these

 MARPOL inspections are carried out by: All of these

A. All of these C. Port State Control
B. Coast Guard D. Nominated Surveyors

 The international shore connection: allows hook up of fire

hoses from a dock or
another vessel

 The proper stimulant for an unconscious person is a/an: ammonia stimulant

 The Oil Record Book must be maintained on board the at least three years
vessel for: after last entry

 When launching a lifeboat, frapping lines should be at the embarkation
rigged: deck

 When should you prepare the list of duties and before leaving the
regulations for emergencies? port

 The Master must provide a safety orientation to a newly before sailing

joined crew who has not participated on any drills or
who has not received any safety instructions:

 When a SAR aircraft drop items in container to Blue

survivors “Food and Water”, the color of the container
will be:

Food and water >>> blue

Medical supplies >>> red
Blanket and clothing >>> yellow

 Yellow streamer is for which of the following? Blankets and

protective clothing

 Blankets and protective clothing are indicated by: yellow streamer

 What is meant by the term “overhaul” in fire fighting? Break up solid

objects to ensure that
any deep seated fires
are extinguished

 Which category are noxious liquid substances which Category D
when discharged at sea from tank cleaning or de-
ballasting presents a recognizable hazard to marine
resources or human health?

CATEGORIZATION of Noxious Liquid Substance(OLD):

Category A: present a major hazard

Application of stringent anti-pollution measures

Category B: present a hazard

Application of special anti-pollution measures

Category C: present a minor hazard

Require special operational conditions

Category D: present a recognizable hazard

Require some attention in operational condition

CATEGORIZATION (NEW Categories under Revision)

Category X: present a major hazard

Category Y: present a hazard

Category Z: present minor hazard

Other Substances: present no harm

 Annex II of MARPOL 73/78 under Category C refers to special operational

noxious substance that when they are discharged into matters
the sea from vessels would require the application of

 Carbon dioxide is a better fire fighting agent compared causing minimal

to other because it is: damage

 When in port, who gives appropriate instructions and Chief mate

orders to be followed in cargo operations?

 Who is normally appointed as a Fire Officer on board Chief Officer


 When administering artificial respiration it is of utmost clear airways

importance to:

 Generally, which of the following is used to inflate life CO2


 The air cylinder bottles in the survival craft should be compressed air
refilled with:

 When treating a person for third-degree burns, you cover the burns with
should: thick, sterile

 If your life raft on the water is to leeward of a fire, you cut the line of the sea
should first: anchor

 While a drift in an inflatable liferaft in hot, tropical deflating the floors

weather: panels may help to
cool personnel

 If a person is unconscious from electric shock, you determine if he is

should first remove him from the electrical source and breathing
then ______.

 In Special Areas, unground paper products, rags, glass, Disposal at sea

bottles and crockery shall be disposed of… prohibited

 Plastics are to be disposed of… Disposal at sea


 Sludge are to be disposed of… Disposal at sea


 Arms raised above the horizontal, fingers clinched, Do not hoist

thumbs down indicates:

 Incorrect entry in the Oil Record book: Draw a single line

 Which type of portable fire extinguisher is best suited Dry powder

for putting out a Class D fire?

Class A Fire >>> Water, Foam, Dry Chem.

Class B Fire>>> Foam, Dry chem., CO2
Class C Fire>>> Dry Chem., CO2
Class D Fire>>> Dry Powder

 The preferred agent used in fighting a helicopter crash Foam

fire is:

 Portable foam type fire extinguishers are most effective oil fires

 Which statement is TRUE concerning the application of It forms a smothering
foam on an oil fire? blanket on the
surface of the oil

 You are fighting a fire in the electrical switchboard in use a portable CO2
the engine room. You should secure the power, then: extinguisher

 The best procedure to follow in fighting a fire in the use a portable CO2
electrical switchboard in the engine room would be to extinguisher
secure the power, then:

 Rest periods as required by STCW need not be emergency overriding

maintained in cases such as _________. operational

 As required by the STCW 95 convention, rest period is Emergency situations

not maintained during:

 The kind of test of an immersion suit and thermal Ergonomic test

protective aid when a person wearing it should be able
to climb up and down a certain ladder of at least 5
meters in length and not restricted to walking, bending
over or arm movement and would also be able to pick
up a pencil and able to write is:

 Before conducting CPR, you should: establish an open


 The "EPIRB" battery should be visually checked: every month

 If you have to jump in the water when abandoning ship, extended straight
your legs should be _________. down and crossed at
the ankles

 When joining the female coupling of the fire hose to the female coupling has a
male outlet of the hydrant. You should make sure that gasket

 Which type of oil is best for use as storm oil? Fish Oil

 A device fitted over the discharge opening relief valve flame screen
consisting of one or two woven wire fabrics is called a:

 The Volatility of a flammable liquid is indicated by its: flash point

 Surface burns should first be treated by: flooding, bathing, or
immersing the area in
cold water

 What is the proper first aid when the eyes sprayed with Flush the eye with
caustic soda cargo? abundant water

 What is the proper first aid for LPG in the eye? Flush the eye with
plenty of water

 An effective method for lifting and carrying patients with four man log roll
spinal injuries is known as the:

 Testing lifebuoy to a floatation test, it should be fresh water

subjected to float in:

 Fire Plan should be located in the: Gangway

 Annex V to MARPOL 73/78 contains requirements Garbage

pertaining to the discharge into the marine environment

 When patching holes in the hull, pillows, bedding, and Gaskets

other soft materials can be used as:

 An unconscious person should NOT be: given something to


 The outside of deck cranes, derricks and hatch gloss paint

coamings all need protection with…

 Which is NOT included in the special area? Gulf of Mexico

 Safety goggles or glasses are always worn EXCEPT handling wire rope or
when: natural fiber line

 There is a fire aft aboard your vessel. To help fight the head the bow into the
fire, you should: wind and decrease

 What would you call a ship maneuvering to ride in the Heave to


 When a sea anchor for a lifeboat is properly rigged, it Help to prevent

will do which of the following? broaching

 Arms raised above the horizontal, thumbs up indicates: Hoist

 The greatest danger in cold temperatures, when at sea Hypothermia caused
in an inflatable life raft is: by the cold

 The code flag “G” when hoisted would mean: I require a Pilot

 A crew member has just fallen overboard off your port immediately put the
beam. Which action should you take? rudder over hard left

 If a person suffers a second-degree burn on the arm, immerse the arm in

you should: cold water

 What should you do if a crew member has suffered Immerse the feet in
frostbite to the toes of both feet? warm water

 Narcotic is given to a patient when ______. in great pain

 The most likely location for a liquid cargo fire to occur in the pump room
on a tanker would be:

 When a crew meets an accident and become irregular breathing

unconscious, you should first look for evidence of:

 Which statement is true of a gasoline spill? It is visible for a

shorter time than a
fuel oil spill

 Foam is a very effective smothering agent and : it provides cooling as

a secondary effect

 In order to benefit from the use of storm oil in heavy It reduces friction
seas, the storm oil should be spread. between wind and

 Due to the shape of the sea anchor, the best way to haul its trip line
it back on board is by:

 P & I club Except: Jettison

 When a person is suspected of having appendicitis, the keeping an ice bag

pain should be relieved by: over the location of
the appendix

 A vessel is liable for damage to cargo if it arises out of Lack of ventilation in
________ under the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act transit

Possible Answers to Questions relating COGSA:

Key Word: “O – I – L – S”


 A vessel is liable for damage to cargo if it arises out of Overloading

_______ under the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act:

 When a crew faints, you should: lay him down with his
head lower than his

 First-, second-, and third-degree burns are classified layers of the skin
according to the ________________. affected

 What do you call a rigid lifesaving device designed to life jacket

support survivors particularly in the water?

 Which of the following is considered primary lifesaving Lifeboats


 When administering chest compression during CPR, at Lower half of the

what part of the victim's body should the pressure be sternum

 Where is the appendix located? Lower right body

 What type of ship uses vapor pressure? LPG

 MARPOL 73/78 regulates which of the following Machinery space

discharge from offshore platforms? drainage

 A fire hose has a: male coupling at the

nozzle end and a
female coupling at
the hydrants end

 Each completed page shall be signed by the: Master

 Every entry required to be made in the official logbook Master

shall be signed by the:

 If the Master and the Pilot are in the bridge, who has the Master

 Two signatures are required in the Oil Record Book. Master and OIC of
Which are these? operation

 What is required for each scupper in an enclosed area Mechanical means of

to prevent oil spill? closing

 Which oil is not suitable for a use as storm oil? Mineral oil

 Fire fighting exercise is to be held on board the vessel Monthly

at least:

 The abandonship signal and instructions may be found Muster List

in the ____________.

 The number of rocket parachute flares stowed on or not be less than 12

near the bridge shall:

 Oil record book shall be discarded onboard: not less than 3 years
after last entry

 Which category do animal and vegetable oil under Noxious liquid

MARPOL 73/78 fall? substance

 When was Annex I of MARPOL 73/78 enforced? Oct. 2, 1983

 Each completed operation shall be signed for and dated Officer in charge
in the oil record book by:

 The Civil Liability Convention applies to ship carrying: Oil in bulk

 An entry is required in the _______ when oil is Oil record Book

discharged overboard.

 On every vessel, distress signals must be stowed on or near the

_______. navigating bridge

 Where must the signal for fire alarm must be indicated? On the station bill

 When is the appropriate time for setting off distress Only when there is
flares and rockets? chance of them being
seen by rescue

 It is the commander of a rescue unit designated to On-scene
coordinate SAR operations within a specified search commander (OSC)

 Which of the following maintenance features does not Overhauling the

apply to deck cranes? gooseneck

 What Part is the lights and shapes? Part C

 In a station bill what information must be entered in a Position and

station bill? Category of each

 A portable dry chemical fire extinguisher by: Pressure from a small

CO2 cartridge on the

 Antiseptics are used principally to: Prevent infection

 Spreading oil on the open sea has the effect of: preventing the wave
crests from breaking

 Limit switches on gravity davits should be tested by pushing the switch

______. lever arm while the
winch is running

 You are in a lifeboat in a heavy sea. Your boat is dead in put out the sea
the water, unable to make way. To prevent broaching to, anchor
you should:

 You are underway when a fire breaks out in the forward put the vessel's stern
part of your vessel. If practicable, the first thing you into the wind
should do is to:

 The lifesaving equipment on all vessels shall be: readily accessible

 Container of flammable solids are labeled ________. red and white

 During bunkering what light should be used? red light only

 You are on watch at night, when the ordinary seaman Release carbon
reports a fire in number five upper tween deck. Which dioxide into the
of the following should NOT be done immediately? affected compartment

 If you have to abandon ship and enter a liferaft, your remain in the vicinity
course of action should be: of the sinking ship

 When a helicopter is lifting a person from an enclosed remain seated inside
lifeboat, the others in the boat should: to provide body
weight for stability

 If, for any reason, it is necessary to abandon ship while remain together in
far out at sea, it is important that the crew members the area because
should: rescuers will start
searching at the
vessel's last known

 Your vessel is broken down and rolling in heavy seas. rigging a sea anchor
You can reduce the possibility of capsizing by:

 Which of the following parts of a MacGregor hatch Runners

require the most maintenance?

 What protective equivalent must be issued to each deck Safety hat, work
hand for everyday use? gloves, safety shoes

 When there are multiple accidents onboard, which severe shock

should you attend first for emergency treatment?

 SOPEP means: Shipboard Oil

Pollution Emergency

 In the first 24 hours after abandoning a vessel, water sick or injured

should be given only to personnel who are:

 Which of the following signals us used for boat stations six or more short
or boat drill? blasts followed by
one long blast

 The abandon ship signal on the ship’s whistle is six short blasts
_______. followed by one long

 This is formed when large quantity of oil is discharged Slicks

into the sea:

 Which of the following is classified as Category C? Slightly toxic to

aquatic life

 You are on watch at night in port and discover a fire in Sound the general
Hatch No.1. Which action should you take FIRST? alarm

 Boat stations and duty assignments may be found in Station Bill

 When abandoning ship, after launching the motor stay in the immediate
lifeboat you should: area

 When a vessel runs aground, the first thing to do is: stop the engines

 The quantity of fuel required to be carried in a motor Such quantity as is

lifeboat is: required for 24 hours
continuous operation

 What fluid is used in a lead-acid accumulator? Sulphuric acid

 In the event of fire in a machinery space: the fixed carbon

dioxide system
should only be used
only when all other
means of
extinguishment have

 When the Master and the Pilot have conflicting orders, the Master
the helmsman shall follow:

 Who must supervise the rigging of the pilot ladder and The officer of the
the embarkation/disembarkation of the pilot? watch

 Which of the following is true when navigating with the The OOW has the
Master in the bridge? con, Master monitors

 The bypass valve on a contained device should be the regulator of the

opened if: breathing apparatus

 Except when some conditions are satisfied, any the vessel is enroute
discharge of oil into the sea is prohibited. One of these

 After abandoning vessel and more than one raft is tie the rafts together
manned, you should ______. and try to stay in a
single group

 You are approaching a wrecked vessel which is on fire to windward of the

in order to remove survivors. Your approach should be: wrecked vessel

 You are approaching a distressed vessel which is on To windward of the
fire in order to remove survivors. Your approach should distressed vessel

 When a person suffers major injury, after the first aid, Treatment for
what other treatment should be considered? traumatic shock

 The sorting of accident victims according to the severity Triage

of their injuries is called:

 The part of a sea anchor that allows it to be easily trip line

brought back aboard a life raft is the:

 In the convention of loadline, the 2 permanent zone are: Tropical(green) zone

and Summer(pink)

 A portable foam fire extinguisher is placed in operation turning it upside

by: down

 You are proceeding to a distress site where the Turning on all

survivors are in life rafts. Which of the following actions available deck lights
will assist in making your ship more visible to at night

 You can prevent broaching in heavy seas when hove to using a sea anchor
with your engines stopped by:

 What measures should be taken in order to avoid ventilate the cargo

explosives gases to take place on top of coal cargo? hold

 Except when some condition are satisfied discharged of vessel is more than
oil into the sea is prohibited. One of these is: 50 n. miles offshore

 When a rescue vessel approaches a lifeboat in heavy wait for calmer

seas, the person in charge of the lifeboat should: weather before

 Rest period is for: Watch keepers only

 If a person gets battery acid in his eye while filling a Water

battery, he should first wash the eye with:

 What is the first thing to do when you arrived at the life wear life jacket
boat station?

 What is the key to a successful rescue of a man Well-conducted drills

 The most critical part of the bunkering operations which when the tanks are
can result in oil spill is: being topped off

 Corrosive liquids and acids are labeled _____. White

 How should cargo tank hatches be protected when the With flame screens
ullage opening is open and the tank not gas free?

 Lifejackets, rescue boats and rigid type life rafts shall Year
be stripped, cleaned and thoroughly overhauled at least
once every ______.

 Life Saving Equipment inspection is conducted: Yearly

 The helipad is marked with: yellow color

 For small, first-degree burns, the quickest method to Immerse the burn in
relieve pain is to ______. cold water

 How many hand held distress flares are in each 6


 How many rocket parachute flares are carried in each 4


 How many thermal protective aids are required to be One for each person
carried on vessels with open lifeboats? on board who is not
provided with an
immersion suit

 How often shall crew members participate in fire drills? Once every month

 How often shall each member of the crew participate in once every month
an “abandon ship” drill?

 How often should an inflatable liferaft be serviced at an Every 12 months

approved service station?

 How often should the lifeboat wire falls be turned and Turned at intervals of
renewed? not more than 30
months and renewed
every 5 years

 How should the painter of a liferaft which is fitted with a Secured via a weak
hydrostatic release be secured to the ship? link to a secure part
of the ship

 If a drill required by regulations is not completed, the log the reason for not
Master or person in charge must : completing the drill

 If a person suffers a second degree burn on the arm, immerse the arm in
you should: cold water

 If conditions permit, which is the best way to board a Use a rope ladder
liferaft which is floating close to the ship? close to the raft to
climb down and

 If more than one raft is manned after the vessel has tie the rafts together
sunk, you should_____. and try to stay in a
single group

 If Mouth to Mouth (M-T-M) ventilation by itself is 15 compressions

unsuccessful and the casualty’s heart stops, or has followed by 2 full
stopped beating, you must perform External Chest ventilations
Compression (ECC) in conjunction with M-T-M. What is
the rhythm when performing M-T-M?

 If there are a number of survivors in the water after form a small circle
abandoning ship, they should_______. group to create
warmer pocket of
water in the center of
the circle

 If you are forced to abandon ship in a lifeboat you remain in the

should________. immediate vicinity

 If you have to abandonship and enter a liferaft, your remain in the vicinity
course of action should be to: of the sinking ship

 If you have to jump from a vessel, the correct posture holding down the life
includes: preserver against
chest with one arm

 If you reach shore in a life raft, the first thing to do drag the raft ashore
is________. and lash it down for a

 If you were put in charge of a fire team what is the 2 men

minimum number of men wearing BA sets that you
would allow to enter a smoke filled compartment?

 If for any reason, it is necessary to abandon ship while remain together in

far out at sea, it is important that the crew members the area because
should ________. rescuers will start
searching at the
vessel’s last known

 In a smoke filled alleyway where will the cleanest air be Near to the deck,
found, and how should you proceed out? crawl out keeping
your face as near to
the deck as possible

 In all probability, the last persons to abandon the vessel the Master, Chief
will be__________________. When they leave the post, Engineer and Chief
all machinery should be stopped and water light doors Officer
and hatches tightly closed.

 In case a fire alarm is sounded from the bridge, what start the fire pump
action would you take as Engineer on Duty?

 In order to discharge a CO2 portable fire extinguisher, remove the locking

the operator must FIRST______. pin

 In the event of a collision, the master is required render assistance to
to_____. the other vessel and
person on board

 In the event of fire in a machinery space____. the fixed carbon

dioxide system
should be used only
when all other means
of extinguishment
have failed

 In the event of the loss of the rudder, ________ a jury rudder may be
achieved by
providing a drag on
each side

 Inflatable liferafts are provided with a ________. a towing connection

 Inflatable life rafts shall be serviced at a U.S.C.G. 15months

servicing facility every 12 months or not later than the
next vessel inspection for certification. However, the
total elapsed time between servicing cannot exceed:

 Mention some important thoughts for what you have to Report to bridge or
do when you recognize that fire break out onboard. duty officer, actuate
the fire alarm, call the
persons around the
fire and join the fire

 Minimum pressure required with two fire pumps 0.27N/mm2

simultaneously delivering through nozzles through any
adjacent hydrants for a cargo ship at 6,000 GT and
upwards should be:

 On a passenger ship on an international voyage, muster 24 hrs. after their

and emergency drill must be carried out within______. embarkation

 Preparation of muster lists and signing of same is the Master of the vessel
responsibility of the________.

 Referring to the SOLAS convention, how often should a Monthly

crew member on a cargo ship participate in one
abandon ship drill and one fire drill?

 Seeing that all hands are familiar with their duties, as Master
specified in the station bill, is the responsibility of

 Ship staff shall inspect all lifting equipment and record Yearly
the inspection in the cargo gear record book at intervals

 Spontaneous combustion is caused by: chemical action

within a substance

 Survivors on the water are best approached on what windward side

side, relative to the wind?

 The air cylinder bottles in the survival craft should be compressed air
refilled with_______.

 The carbon dioxide cylinders of a fixed fire extinguisher 300 pounds

system may be located inside the protected space, if the
quantity of CO2 required to protect that space is not
more than______.

 The greatest danger in cold temperature when at sea in hypothermia
an inflatable liferaft is______.

 The international shore connection______. allows hook up of fire

fighting water from
shore facilities

 The key to a rapid effective response to a man situation well conducted drills

 The maximum height that a pilot should be required to 9 meters

climb on a pilot ladder before reaching the deck or
stepping onto an accommodation ladder platform

 The most critical part of the bunkering operations which when the tanks are
can result in oil spill is_____. being topped off

 The most likely location for a liquid cargo fire to occur in the pump room
on a tanker would be____.

 The muster list must be posted in conspicuous Master

locations and signed by the _______.

 The Master List shall show the duties assigned to closing of water light
members of the crew. Which of the following duties doors, fire doors,
shall be included in the “muster list” according to valves, scuppers.
present regulations? Side scuttles

 The operator of an uninspected vessel MUST assist serious danger to his

people affected by an accident if he or she can do so or her vessel
without _______.

 An unconscious person should not: given something to

 At the required fire drill… in the Muster List

(“ Station Bill”)

 Boat stations and duty assignments… station bill

 During helicopter winching operations over… shock from static


 How many pyrotechnic signals… 4 Rocket parachute

flares/ 6 Hand flares/
2 Buoyant smoke
RHB: 4 – 6 – 2

 Spreading oil on the open sea: prevent the wave

crests from breaking

 Tank top in engine room has to: notify Ch. Engr., find
cause of leakage,
remedy the leakage
and then immediately
start cleaning of the
tank top

 The air cylinder bottles in the… compressed air

 The fire control draft on board… at the gangway

 The helicopter hoisting an arm… do not hoist

 The operator of an uninspected vessel… serious danger to his

or her own vessel

 The part of sea anchor. Trip line

 Treatment of burns and scalds. Place the injured part
under slowly running
cold water for at least
10 minutes, but
preferably until the
pain is gone. If no
water is available,.
Use any cold,
harmless liquid

 What information must be entered… duties and station of

each person during

 What is the first thing to do when having a lifeboat drill? put on the life jacket

 A device fitted over the discharge opening on a relief Screen

valve consisting of one or two woven wire fabrics called
a flame_____.

 A person referring to the stern sheets of a life boat is the aftermost seating
speaking of_____.

 A person wearing life jacket or immersion suit, shall be 5 seconds

able to turn a face down to a face up position in not
more than:

 A portable foam fire extinguisher is placed in operation turning it upside

by_____. down

 A raft should be manually repeated from its cradle pushing the button
by_____. on the hydrostatic

 A rescue helicopter’s hoist area should have a radius of 50 feet of clear deck
at least _____.

 A strain occurs when a muscle or group of muscles is Rest, Ice,

over stretched and possibly torn by violent or sudden Compression,
movement. Strain can be caused by lifting heavy Elevation
weights incorrectly. The treatment of strain may be
remembered as the word RICG.

 After abandoning ship, you should deploy the sea stay in the general
anchor from a liferaft to _____. location

 After launching the motor lifeboat when abandoning stay in the immediate
ship you should_______. area

 All lifeboats, rescue boats and rigid type life rafts shall Year
be stripped, cleaned, and thoroughly overhauled at least
once every_____.

 All the following are part of the fire triangle electricity


 An alarm signal consisting of seven short blasts Go to your lifeboat

followed by one long blast is sounded by the ship’s station (muster
whistle and the alarm bells. What are you to do? station)

 An emergency sea anchor may be constructed by all of the above


 An engine compartment gasoline fire requires which all of these
type of extinguisher_________.

 Antiseptics are used principally to______. prevent infection

 Any act or activity undertaken to assist a vessel or any Salvage operations

property in danger in any navigable water is considered
as ________.

 Anyone of the crew who is assigned to watch duties in Checking the

ports has a number of important tasks to carry out. moorings for
Which one of the listed tasks has to be included in the tightness/slack
watchman’s duties?

 Apart from red, what other color is frequently used for a Black
CO2 extinguisher?

 Apart from red, what other color is frequently used for a Blue
dry powder extinguisher?

 Appendicitis symptoms include cramps or pain in the lower right side

abdomen located in the_____.

 As a general rule, where would you expect to find a Near to the entrance
portable fire extinguisher in any space? to the space

 As per 46 CFR 182.30-1 and 182.30-5, auxiliary steering both A and B

will not be required:

 Asthma is distressing condition in which the muscle of Nervous tension,
the air passage go into spasm. How can the asthma allergy, or non
attacks be triggered off? obvious cause

 At the lifeboat station, the following shall be done help facilitate the
EXCEPT: immediate lowering
of the lifeboat

 At the required fire drill, all persons must report to their in the Muster List
stations and demonstrate their ability to perform the ( Station Bill)
duties assigned to them______.

 At which time shall required fixed detection and fire Capable of immediate
alarm systems with manual operated call points be in operation at all times
the operation? ( SOLAS II-2/13.1.1)

 Before commencing the tow, a continuous radio first advising the

communication shall be maintained between the other master
Masters. No navigation or engine maneuver will
commence without________.

 Boat stations and duty assignments may be found in station bill


 By definition, an example of a flammable liquid is_____. Gasoline

 Carbon dioxide as a fire fighting agent has which of the It causes minimal
following advantages over off agents? damage

 Changing rescuers while carrying out artificial without losing the
respiration should be done_______. rhythm of respiration

 CO2 extinguishes a fire by________. smothering

 Due to exposure to heat fatigue, heat stroke and 30.5° Celsius ET

dehydration, what is the maximum recommended
effective temperature (ET) for full work loading enclosed

 Due to the shape of the sea anchor, the best way to haul its trip line
it back aboard is by:

 During a helicopter evacuation, the helicopter lowers all of the mentioned

his winch wire to the deck. Which of the following actions
should NOT be done with the winch wire?

 During helicopter winching operations over the deck of shock from static
a vessel needing assistance the high handler should be discharge
equipped with electricians and rubber soled shoes to

 Each crew member has an assigned firefighting station. muster list

This assignment is shown on the _______.

 Emergency exits are provided for personnel’s safe and The surveyor is
quick escape from the engine room in case of fire. The checking that the
emergency exits are an item to be checked during the emergency exits are
Safety Equipment survey annually. What is the properly marked, free
surveyor checking? from obstacles and
that the closing
devices are easy

 Fire and abandon ship stations and duties may be found muster list
on the_______.

 Fire protected lifeboats when water borne should be 8 minutes

capable of protecting its full complement when
subjected to a continuous oil fire that envelops the boat
for a period of not less than how many minutes?

 Fixed carbon dioxide extinguishing systems, for a separate control to

machinery space that are normally manned, are release the CO2
actuated by one control to open the stop valve in the
line leading to the space, and _______.

 Fixed fire detection and alarm systems, fire door central control
indicator panel and other control and indicator station
functions are centralized in:

 For carbon dioxide fire fighting systems for machinery 85% of the gas can be
spaces the fixed piping systems shall be such that: discharge into the
(SOLAS II 2/5.2.4) space within two


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