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How to play "Qwixx Big Points":

The rules for the standard four color-rows (square boxes) and the game play remain
the same as the original game, with no changes. Players take turns to perform their two
actions. At the end of the game, there are four scores for the normal color rows and
each penalty box counts for 5 minus-points, as usual.
No points are scored for the two bonus-rows themselves (round frames). However,
crosses in bonus boxes count for both adjacent color-rows. In this way you can make
many crosses per color-row and score many points per color (maximum 120).

How are the bonus boxes crossed out?

If you have crossed out a normal color box (e.g. the green 10), then when this number
is rolled again (i.e. another green 10), you may cross out the adjacent two-tone bonus
box. This also applies when using the corresponding "white number" (white 10). It is not
possible to cross out a bonus box if you have not previously crossed out at least one
adjacent color box.

Sarah has crossed out the yellow 3 and the red 5. If she
rolls another yellow 3 or red 5, she can cross out the adja-
cent bonus box with this action. She can do likewise if she
(or another player) rolls a white 3 or a white 5.

What should you consider?

● The usual rules apply to the two bonus-rows: they must be marked from left to
right; bonus boxes to the left may not be subsequently crossed out.
● A color-row can be locked as usual when you tick the rightmost box, if you have at
least 6 crosses in this color. Crossed out bonus boxes are not included in the 6
crosses needed to lock the color-row.
● If a color-row has been locked (e.g. green), you can continue to cross out neighbor-
ing bonus boxes as described. In this way, bonus boxes are still crossed out and
counted for both adjacent color-rows until the very end of the game.
● If the active player only crosses out a bonus box on their turn, this is not counted as
a penalty.

Scoring example:
Sarah has crossed out 3 red/yellow
bonus boxes. These 3 crosses are in-
cluded for both the red and the yellow
color-rows. In addition, Sarah has
crossed out 4 green/blue bonus boxes.
These 4 crosses are included for both
the green and the blue color-rows.

Note: It is permitted to have more than

15 crosses in a color-row (plus neigh-
boring bonus boxes) but only a maximum of 15 crosses per color are counted.

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