Yugioh Gx The Darkness Revealed The Supreme King Vs Jaden Yuki Vs Jesse Anderson Part 1

The Supreme King stood staring at Jaden and saw the horrors in his eyes then the Supreme King laughed. Jaden stood his ground and said “how the heck did you appear? I thought Axel sent you to the stars.” The Supreme King replied back “that’s what you thought Jaden. Now its time to duel.” Then his duel disk started to do a buzz saw then changed into a full duel disk. Jaden had his duel disk open as well. He had to hold this duel long enough for Jesse to arrive. Jaden then said “alright Supreme King, I’m going to make the first move.” He drew his card then saw his Polymerization card. Jaden then said “alright for my first move I activate the spell card Polymerization and I fuse Avian with Burstinatrix to create Elemental Hero Flame Wingman! Then I set one card face down and end my turn.” Haou then said “you call that a move. I call that a waste of my time.” He then drew his card and then said “alright Jaden I activate the spell card Dark Fusion. With it I fuse Sparkman with Clayman to form Evil Hero Lightning Golem! Now use your super ability and destroy Flame Wingman.” Jaden then said “oh no with Flame Wingman gone my Life Points are wide open.” The Supreme King said “dang right they are attack with lightning bolt strike!” Jaden screamed as the lightning bolts hit him one by one and Jaden’s Life Points decreased all the way to 1600. Jesse drove the boat as fast as he could. He knew he could make it on time because if he knew Jaden he could fight it off. Then Ruby Carbuncle came out and said “I’m sure Jaden is all right. You know him he and his Neo-Spacians can handle anything.” Jesse replied back “I hope you are right Ruby if not Jaden is going to be in a heap of trouble.” Jaden lay on the ground and the Supreme King laughed then said “I end my turn it’s your turn now Jaden.” Jaden stood back up but kept on collapsing then he drew his card and said “alright it’s time to get my game on!” He looked at his card and saw it was De-Fusion with it that Lightning Golem wood soon become Sparkman and Clayman. Then he could summon his own Sparkman to the field.

“I activate the spell card De-Fusion! With it I defuse your Lightning Golem back into Sparkman & Clayman.” The Supreme King watched as his powerful fiend monster was split back into two weak warriors. Jaden then said “next I summon Elemental Hero Sparkman to the field in ATK mode. Now I equip it with the spell card Kishido Spirit.” Jaden looked back at his hand and saw he had Elemental Hero Neos. He then said “now Sparkman attack Clayman with Static Shockwave!” The Supreme King lifted up his duel disk to protect him from the shockwave as his monster was vaporized. The Supreme King stood his ground as his Life Points decreased by 800 and his Life Point meter now read 3200. Jaden would have to do better then that. Haou then said “alright Jaden it’s my turn and I draw!” He looked at his hand then said “for my first move I play the spell card Fissure! Which destroys your Sparkman.” Jaden then said “not quite I reveal my face down card. It’s called Magic Jammer and with it I negate your effect. All’s I have to do is send one card to the graveyard.” Haou then said “very yell. You survived this round Jaden but next time it’s personal.” Jaden then said “alright Supreme King I draw. Next I activate the spell card O-Oversoul! With this card I can bring back an Elemental Hero only if it is a Normal Monster. Lucky for me I’m calling out Elemental Hero Neos!” The Supreme King watched as Jaden’s ace card came out to the field. Jaden then said “next I summon Neo-Spacian Grand Mole!” Haou then said “another one of your alien friends?” Jesse jumped off the boat and ran to where Jaden said he would be dueling the Supreme King. He then saw Jaden with Elemental Hero Neos, Grand Mole & Sparkman. Then he saw the Supreme King with just Sparkman on the field in DEF position. Jesse then said “alright Supreme King I want into this duel now. Then you gain Life Points equal to mine.” The Supreme King looked at him then said “very well then. It’s Jaden’s move so you will have to wait.” Jesse let his duel disk slide open then moved to where they had an even playing field. Then the Supreme King, Jaden & Jesse shouted at once “Game On!” Jaden’s life point meter read 1600, Jesse’s read 4000 & Haou’s meter read 7200.

Next time on an all new Yugioh Gx The Darkness Revealed. Jesse had just made in time now with the Supreme King having 7200 and Jaden having 1600 while Jesse having 4000. Can they possibly when the duel? Find out next time on Yugioh Gx. The Darkness Revealed!

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