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Miles,Jay,Zach, Jeremiah

This current topic is Global Warming and is
really important because it’s something that is
happening right now and needs to be fixed,
hopefully in the near future. Global Warming
significant to the wider public because if something
isn't done about Global Warming will not only affect
some people but all people around the world. Global
Warming will potentially lead the learners to do more
to help environment.

In our lesson learners will be making an

educational product through the choice of a haiku,
infographic, or a canva about this topic. The
benefits of this this lesson are that they will gain a
better understanding of how pollution affects the
environment. Our lesson engages diverse learners
through the choices given to you for the educational
product. This can help give learners a different and
more fun way to complete the project(Canva, Haiku,
etc). At the end of the topic the learners should have
a Final Product with Citations.

Lesson Overview


9th Graders, Biology, and how Pollution

effects the Human brain and Psychology

What will the students be doing?

At the beginning of the project students watch a
short clip of “This is the Earth, This is the Earth
on Global Warming” and then they will answer a
poll of questions to help us know how much
they know about the topic, after that they watch
a short video from National Geographic about
what global warming is(5-10 minutes) and will
then reflect off of the video by having a 5
minute discussion time with other students at
their tables or students near them. After the 5
minutes the students will then have to research
about this individual topic using the resources

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• Introduction:
 (1-2 weeks total)

We are creating a poll for the
learners to take and this will show • Formative Assessment/
how much they know about the Reflection

topic (10 minutes) a long with the They will be reflect after the
This Is The Earth on Global project by submitting a Flip Grid or
Warming (5 Minutes) 
 Canva about how they feel about
the topic and how much they know
• Activity/Lesson Presentation about the topic

with Teaching of skills for
• An educational video to help
teach about Climate Change/
Global Warming (5-10 minutes)

• Work Time

How will this be scaffolded? 

This will be scaffolded by them
having a 5 minute talking time for
what they have learned in this
video. There will be prompt
questions for them to answer.

• How will learners be held


Learners will be held accountable
by having to make an educational
product out of what they have
learned and will have to research

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This Is The Earth on
Global Warming
They will watch a video made by me and Zach called
the Earth on Global Warming
(Link Here)

We will also have a poll to for everyone to take to see
how much they know on the topic
We highly suggest that you get your research from NASA
as they are well trusted for things such as this Below you
can find resources from them. We have also listed some
other trusted resources below.

Please Research the following:

What are the differences between Global Warming and

Climate Change?

How does Global Warming affect humans and the

human brain?
At the end of Project you are
required to have:
A Infographic or diverse learner version
of educational product finished.

Citations for all of the research that was


Completed the Poll and Completed the

FlipGrid at the end of the project.
Engaging Diverse Learners
Learners who don not find the Infographic as appealing, they may do a Haiku, Song or Canva

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