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Siemens Standard Drives - Application chart Application

Complexiity s-
simple,c- Additional Recommended product - as
Applications CT / VT
complex,vc-very hardware per power rating
Pump kinetic (centrifugal ) VT S G110,420,430,440
Pump postitive displacement (
CT S G110,420,440
Fan , Blower VT S G110,420,430,440
Compressor - centrifugal VT S G110,420,430,440
Compressor - reciprocating / rotary
CT S G110,420,440
/ screw
Billboards CT S G110,420,440
Gate Drives CT S G110,420,440
HVAC VT S G110,420,430,440
Jogging machine CT S G110,420,440
Lift door closing CT S G110,420,440
Conveyor belt CT S G110,420,440
Simple labeling CT S G110,420,440
Mixers,Agitators,Reactors CT S DBR 420,440
Simple printing CT S G110,420,440
Centrifuge CT S DBR 420,440
Extruder CT C Encoder opt 440
Crane - Bridge CT C DBR 440
Crane - Trolley CT S DBR,Encoder 440
Wind up roll CT S 420,440
Shafted printing press CT VC Encoder 440
Stamping printing press CT VC Encoder 440
Wire drawing machine CT VC Encoder 440
Wood working machine ,wood chipp CT S G110,420,440
Lathe CT C Encoder 440
Dryers VT S G110,420,430,440
FD , ID fan ,Separators VT S 430/440
Filling ,bottling machine CT S/C G110,420,440
Elevators / lifts CT S/C DBR,Encoder 440
Water Treatment, Waste Water
VT S 420,430,440

Note - This a general information.The C / VC application should be studied carefully to select the options and
BD / E&C should be consulted for past application performance.

Pradip Atre / Application chart SD2/22/2005