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Mechanical Induced
Gas Flotation Separator

Whittier Filtration combines

product innovation with industry

experience to provide economical

and effective operation in a

number of filtration and water

treatment applications.

Whittier Filtration, a Veolia Water a mechanical device or agitator that four minutes. The total volume of the
Solutions & Technologies company, creates and distributes fine air or gas tank is divided into four chambers, or
offers AutoFlot®, a Mechanical Induced bubbles. cells; therefore, the hydraulic
Gas Flotation (IGF) separator. In this retention time is expressed as one
apparatus froth flotation occurs, which The intensity of agitation required minute per cell. The AutoFlot® unit
is the selective separation of solids and will determine the results of the includes inlet and outlet chambers.
free oil based on the degree of surface separation. AutoFlot® agitators are
hydrophobicity. The addition of cationic designed to impose the ideal intensity IGF oil water separation units typically
or anionic polyelectrolytes causes to each chamber, making our units form part of a treatment train to
particles to be selectively adsorbed. highly efficient. This process of reduce free oil and solids by 90-95%
This will render one particle type creating and dispersing bubbles is with maximum inlet concentrations of
hydrophobic while the other stays called mechanical induction. 200 mg/l of free oil and less than
hydrophilic. 100 mg/l of total suspended solids.
The AutoFlot® tank is constructed to
Hydrophobic particles will attach to provide a total water retention time of
small air bubbles added into a mixture
of oil, fine solids and water, and will
float to the surface as a froth and
are skimmed into a launder. The
introduction of air is performed by
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AutoFlot® Mechanical Induced Gas Flotation Separator

The AutoFlot® unit is a horizontal Mounted within each of the launders
vessel. Each cell and outlet box is sepa- is a skimming shaft that runs the full
rated by a diaphragm. The diaphragms length of the vessel. On each shaft and
are metal plates welded to the sides of at each cell are a series of adjustable
the vessel and are open across the skimming paddles. Typically, there will
bottom and top for free water passage be six paddles in the first cell and four
across the bottom and air/gas across in each of the three remaining cells.
the top. Positioned on each side of the Externally mounted electrical motors
vessel is a skimming compartment, drive the skimming mechanisms. Each
also referred to as launder. cell and the outlet box are equipped
with a pair of fast opening doors.
Mounted on top of and inside each These doors can be opened to offer
cell is the rotating air induction visual observance of the flotation and
mechanism. The mechanism’s main skimming operation. External to the
components are a draft tube, shroud, vessel the flotation system may
and shaft with a specially constructed include piping, associated valves,
impeller. The entire mechanism instrumentation, control panel, and a
assembly is bolted and sealed to the chemical (polymer) feed system. AUTOFLOT® Capacity Capacity
Model in bpd in m3/hr
top of the vessel. Standard metallurgy
is 316/316L stainless steel. We possess The AutoFlot® separator may be a
Model 7 7,200 52
the flexibility to accommodate to any self-contained system with its own
special requirement; for example, we controls, or it could be equipped with Model 11 10,971 73
have also built mechanisms in monel. transmitters to send signals to a
Model 17 17,143 114
Each mechanism is belt driven by its control panel that oversees a complete
own electrical motor. treatment system. Model 26 25,714 170

Model 38 37,714 250

Model 55 54,857 364

Model 79 78,857 523

Model 117 116,571 773

Model 171 171,429 1136