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7071 Carroll Ave, Takoma Park, MD Sunday - Thursday 10am - 10pm Friday & Saturday 10am - 11pm

301-272-1230 Closed on Tuesday

Sandwiches Snacks Salads

Gambino Choriapan Chipotle Rosemary Almonds 5 Chopped Salad
prosciutto, Genoa salami, ham, chorizo sausage, arugula, North African olives 6 cherry tomatoes, roasted turkey,
hot coppa, provolone, lettuce, preserved tomato, roasted hard boiled eggs, ham, barber’s
tomato, red onion, garlic aioli, onion bun 11 Labneh Dip (v) cheddar, garlic croutons, cucumber,
pepperoncini, vinaigrette, Zesty yogurt dip with cured lemon, green goddess dressing 12
roasted garlic aioli, Daffy’s Grilled Cheese olive oil, herbs, & spices, served with
7” hoagie roll 11 caramelized onions, Brie lavash, and veggies 8 Lentil & Farro (v)
cheese, duck confit, spiced lentils & farro grains,
Chip-wich Southern Fries (GF) arugula, cherry tomatoes, pickled
brioche Bread 11
country ham, jalapeño jack cheese,
smoked turkey, smashed onions, preserved lemon labneh,
Veggie Fix (v) pickled onion, red eye gravy 10
avocado, kettle chips, pepper harissa feta, fresh herbs 12
jack cheese, bacon, sprouts, roasted eggplant, chimichurri Charcuterie Board
dijonnaise, 7” hoagie roll 12 sauce, herb goat cheese, 1 for 9 / 3 for 20 Kale & Romaine Caesar
roasted tomato, marinated parmesan, garlic croutons,
Boss Hog artichoke, arugula, Cheese Board caesar dressing 8
roasted pork butt, rosemary 7” hoagie roll 10 3 for 18 / 5 for 25 (add fried chicken +6)
ham, roasted garlic aioli, sharp
Green Surfer (vv) Feta Chips
cheddar, pickled onion, B&B
cukes, avocado, sprouts, feta aioli, fresh herbs, lemon,
jalapeños , 7” hoagie roll 11
pickled red onion, radish, za’atar 8 Sides
Chicken Schnitzel BLT mint, cilantro, lettuce, Green TKPK Nachos
bacon, pickled green tomatoes, Goddess dressing, Multi Fries 4
Cholula cheese sauce, chilis,
Baby lettuce, dijonnaise, Grain Bread 10.5 carnitas, pickled onion, cilantro,
onion bun 11 Seasonal Pickles 3
chipotle cream 10.5

Sweets Lox Toast Slaw 4

Herbed goat cheese, cured lemon,
Check the board for todays selection of Acme pies 6 / Slice radish “salad” 14

V Vegetarian VV Vegan GF Gluten Free

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

While we use best practices to be mindful of allergies, we do use peanut oil in our fryer