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PETNS Short Term Planning Templates Teacher: Aoife McGonigle Class: Birch Class (DLD) Month: May 2019

Language and Literacy SESE Mathematics and Numeracy
o Cursive handwriting; Free-Writing Science History Geography o Number work continued
o First Steps Writing Genre: Procedural o Animals of Russia: o Story of Peter o Russia:  Addition
o Comprehension strategy: Clarification Habitat, food, and the Wolf - Location  Subtraction
o Diagraphs blends: dr, gfr, r, pr, tr behaviour o Famous Russians Russian Flag  Place Value
o CVC and CCVC/CVCC words - Bear - Yuri Gagarin - Weather & o Area
o Fry’s List sight words - Wolf - Laika (dog) climate o Spatial Awareness
o Rhyming families - Siberian Tiger - Anna - Food o Length
o PM Readers; CVC readers Kornikova - Homes
o Speaking & active listening skills - Culture
o Spelling – structured lists Theme
o Factual Picture-books: Russia
o Russian stories: ‘Baba Yaga’ ‘Babushka’
and ‘Peter and the Wolf’
Conjunctions continued: until, while Intercultural May: o
YCDI - Presistence
YCDI – Confidence
o Vocab: Russia/project theme
o Healthy Habits of Mind
o Verbs: Past tense verbs
o Developing Citizenship
o Poetry: ‘Antoshka’ and ‘Finger Family’
o Intercultural May
o Oral Language: Russia/project theme
o Conversation Stations
o Talk Boost Programme
*Speech and Language Therapy w/SLT
Physical Education: Visual Arts Music Drama Learn Together
o Athletics o Streetscape o Peter and the Wolf o Annie scenes o Intercultural May
- Running silhouette o “Antoshka” o Stimuli: Russian o Russia:
- Distance o Fabergé Egg craft (Антошка) stories ‘Peter - Flag, location
- Relay o Kandinsky circles o “Hello World” song and the Wolf’ - Language, phrases
- Hurdles painting o “Annie” Songs: - Music
- Long jump  NYC - Stories, Music
 Easy Street - Culture