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Goal: To identify and utilize my Strengths in an organizational/interpersonal setting that

aligns with the mission, vision, values and sponsored programs and activities of URI’s
Center for Student Leadership Development.

In order to truly utilize my strengths in the benefit of servant leadership I will be
organizing an ovarian cancer awareness campaign for September 2019 in order to better
inform the URI community of ovarian cancer and its subtle symptoms. To do this I will
team with Turn the Towns Teal, an ovarian cancer awareness organization, in order to put
together a group of individuals willing to serve and better inform our community here at
URI on the subtle symptoms of ovarian cancer. I plan on speaking to groups such as
Rotaract Club, PRSSA, the Women’s Center and possibly even Greek Life in order to
gain volunteers and support on this campaign. By using my two top strengths of context
and futuristic I plan to use my past experience of working with this organization and
event/campaign planning in order to learn how to transition the campaign to URI
smoothly and better than ever! Additionally, I will be able to use some of my top values
including appreciation of beauty and excellence and team work by putting a team
together which will be creating bows and making sure the project runs smoothly. I
eventually would like to pursue a career in event management for nonprofits, which is
why I feel this will be a good fit for me. After speaking with the president of this
organization, Jane MacNeil, I found out that this will be one of the only campaigns here
in Rhode Island giving us the ability to serve not only URI but Rhode Island as a whole
and spread the word, in effect saving women’s lives.

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In order to serve not only Turn the Towns Teal but women both affected and
unaffected by ovarian cancer as well I teamed with Colleges Against Cancer in order to
finalize the plans I have for next semester. The C.A.C. accepted the idea with open arms
and was even willing to help me rent a booth and start fundraising this semester in order
to better the campaign. Additionally, Turn the Towns Teal is thrilled for the University of
Rhode Island to be the first ever college to ‘teal’ their campus! By hosting this event here
on campus for the month of september more women both students, faculty, and Kingston
community members alike will be better informed about their bodies and have a better
chance of overcoming the fight against ovarian cancer and bettering the women around
them as well. This ripple effect is what Turn the Towns Teal prides itself on and is why I
am so excited serving them. Through teamwork (one of my top values) and
communication I was able to succeed in my goal of planning this event. Additionally, I
was able to use my context strength by looking at the past campaign I assisted with and
applying what I learned from it while I use my futuristic strength and create a new vision
for the URI campaign. Overall, with the use of my strengths and values I was able to
successfully organize and commit to this non-profit thus serving them to the best of my