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h o l l y c h e r n o b y l .

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selected dance/theater performance

Work Type + Event + Duration Venue + City When

every.word.for Butoh solo,​UNFIX FESTIVAL​, 14 min Center for Contemporary Art, March
.cold Glasgow UK 2019

ABSENCE Butoh ensemble, ​workshop performance with Bethanienen, Berlin Jan 2019
4RUDE​, 60 min
every.word.for Butoh solo,​Co-Missions Residency showing​, 14 Links Hall, Chicago Nov 2018
.cold min

Just Born Butoh solo, ​Queer Butoh NYC, ​150 min HOWL! Happening, NYC Oct 2017

NIGHTPARA Public ensemble butoh as NIGHTPARADE, ​Night Tooinlahti Bay, Helsinki Aug 2017
DE: SUOMI of the Arts Festival Finland​, 75 min

HELL Butoh burlesque solo,​Yo Sissy Music Fes​t, 13 min Festaal Kreuzberg, Berlin July 2017
HELL Butoh burlesque solo, ​Post-Butoh fest 2017,​ 13 Japanese Culture Center, April 2017
CABARET II min Chicago
The Longest live installation + body-based performance as Dfb Gallery, Chicago Oct 2016
Weep + Lost Butoh solo, ​Annual Halloween Party​, 35 min Chicago Athletic Oct 2016
TB KINDER Butoh solo, ​Tattoo Circus​, 16 min Kunstlerhaus Bethanian, Sept 2016
XSWIM Public Butoh duet as NIGHTPARADE, ​Ying Freibad, Berlin Aug 2016
Collective​, 30 min
Drowned Solo butoh, ​WITCH RAVE​, 26 min Insel Island, Berlin Aug 2016
The Circular Solo dance/theater production, 20 min Chicago Cultural Center July 2016
BlackCore Public butoh solo, ​Ying Collective, ​20 min Moritzplatz, Berlin May 2016
Cat Queries Durational movement as OCHOOJOS, 120 min THAW X, Links Hall Mar 2016
The Lady with Public butoh solo, ​Soapbox Series,​ 50 min Chicago Cultural Center Aug 2015
the Red
Hell Cabaret Group butoh dance, Director: Yukio Waguri, ​ Schloss Broellin Aug 2015
2015 butoh festival,​ 20 min
Child of the Original concept dance/theater production, Cards Theater, Chicago May 2015
Witch: A Director: J. Mondres, 40 min

holly chernobyl
Butoh: Body + Japanese Culture Center, 4 hours Jan 2019

Butoh Hijikata Japanese Culture Center Nov 2016-present

Weekly Wellbeing Cards Against Humanity Co-Working Space Jan 2015-present


Butoh Body (sub) Outerspace Studio, Chicago, IL 2014-present

Skeleton + The Doll Butoh workshop, Berlin, 4 hours. Aug 2017

On Being/Non-Being 8 hour Butoh workshop, Top Schillerpalais, Sept 2016

& Time Berlin

Transformation: what 4 hour Butoh workshop Sept 2016

lies beneath/beyond Kunstlerhaus Bethanian, Berlin

Transformation: what 4 hour Butoh workshop July/August 2016

lies beneath/beyond Stroud, Nottingham, Oxford UK

Transformation: what 6 hour Butoh workshop July 2016

lies beneath/beyond SWARM, Wisconsin

On Being/Non-Being 8 hour butoh workshop June 2016

& Time Outerspace Studio, Chicago, IL

residencies & awards

Envisage Residency, Wisconsin, May 2019
Altes Finanz-Amt Residency, Berlin, Summer 2017 & 2018
Co-Mission Summer Intensive Residency, Chicago, June 2018
Finlandia Foundation Grant Award, 2017
Queries into Collective Feminism Residency, Ponderosa, Lunow-Stolzenhagen, Germany, Sept. 2016
SWARM Residency, Wisconsin, July 2016
DCASE (City of Chicago) Theater & Dance Residency, Chicago, IL, June 2016
Arteles Creative Center Residency, NEO FUTURE theme, Finland, April 2016
DCASE (City of Chicago) Individual Artists Program Professional Development Award, 2015
Featured Artist for Chicago Artists Month Award, 2014

Trauma-Informed Yoga Instructor Certification (14 hours), Chicago, IL, 2016
Open University Helsinki, Summer Program at TEAK, Helsinki, Finland Summer 2014-2016
Bachelors of the Arts Degree, Evergreen State College. Olympia, WA

holly chernobyl
holly chernobyl