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Parenting Rights Institute

New Hartford, New York 13413

(315) 380-3420

Parent March on Washington

Speakers List
Congressional Ballroom
Holiday Inn Capitol
550 C Street SW
Washington D.C.
Thursday, May 2, 2019
Doors Open at 6:30 PM

Dr. Mark Roseman

Dr. Mark Roseman is a multi-state, certified family mediator, specializing in high conflict
divorce and parental alienation. He writes editorial commentary for the Huffington Post and is a
contributing writer for 400 newspapers of the Knight Ridder Tribune Syndicate. Mark is also the
founder of the Toby Center for Family Transitions Inc, in South Florida. His program centers
around the needs of families when parents choose to separate, whether they are single, separated,
just divorcing or never married. That program is a national model for serving the divorcing
population and their children. He has been a guest speaker at events nationwide.

Kenya N. Rahmaan

Kenya N. Rahmaan is the author of The Child Support Hustle and founder of The Reform Child
Support NOW Movement. Kenya specializes in child support guidelines and regulations. She is a
disabled veteran of the United States Army, having earned both a Bachelor’s degree and
Master’s degree in Business Administration from Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio. She is
on the Board of Advisors of the documentary “Erasing Family” and co-host on The Child
Support Hustle radio show. She has authored numerous writings and articles on the subject of
child support abuses while presenting legislators with proposals for overdue reforms.

Dr. Anthony Pappas

Dr. Anthony Pappas is a professor of economics and finance at St. John’s University in New
York City. Among his many credentials is a PhD from Yale University and a Master’s degree
from MIT. In 2018, he was the Republican endorsed candidate for Congress in New York’s 14th
District against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. A victim of a high conflict divorce spanning more
than fourteen years, attorney’s fees on both sides of the ongoing litigation exceeds $2 million
without any child issue. During this period, Tony joined our reform movement agitating for an
end to judicial immunity and court corruption. In retaliation he was subjected to a gag order,
overbroad restraint on assets, and a 20-year protection order with no support or even a request by
the ex-spouse. The restraint was exploited to seize the funds from his federal campaign account
in violation of Federal Election Law. Both federal and state courts denied relief and his case is
now before the United States Supreme Court under Docket No. 18-1212.

Attorney Lawrence DeMarco

Attorney Lawrence DeMarco is a partner in the law firm of DeMarco & DeMarco, P.C. a
comprehensive workers’ compensation and litigation practice in the greater Philadelphia area.
Attorney DeMarco graduated from Dickinson College Cum Laude in 1990 and was a recipient of
the Charles Mortimer Griffin Award. Larry received his law degree from Villanova University
and an LLM degree in Trial Advocacy from Temple University. In recent years, he has taken an
interest in extending assistance to pro se litigants due to a passion for helping people. He and the
next speaker are currently working together toward achieving that goal. Larry is sponsoring a
documentary regarding our Parent March on Washington and will be covering all events in the
Capital with hotel interviews and staged scenes in Congress during our May 2nd Lobby Day.

Dr. Leon Koziol

Dr. Leon Koziol practiced law in federal and state courts of New York for more than 23 years.
He obtained a Bachelor degree from the State University of New York and a Juris Doctor degree
from Northern Illinois University. He is a former city councilman, school board attorney, city
corporation counsel and trial lawyer for civil rights victims. A 2005 candidate for Congress,
Leon was featured on 60 Minutes and obtained a New York Supreme Court ruling which
invalidated a billion dollar casino compact. In 2010, he took a stand against his profession for the
harm it is bringing to families. The retributions caused him to lose his law practice and all
contact with his daughters. Four months ago, he conceived this Parent March on Washington.

A question and answer session will follow when speakers are finished. A second speaking
engagement will be open to all at Area 10 behind the U.S. Capitol at the conclusion of our March
on Friday, May 3, 2019. It will be open to all who would like to share their ordeals.