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My Name is Mark G. Sacopon, I am a graduate of Civil Engineering Technology from the Technological
University of the Philippines at Cavite. In 2008, I work as an office staff in H.R.D. Pte., Ltd. (House
Researched Development) a Japanese company located in Rosario, Cavite , Philippine Economic Zone
Authority. They are one of the leading Wood Housing Provider in Japan.
I was assigned in the Researched and Development Department (R&D). I work there for four years
(2008-2012) and promoted to Senior Staff position. My nature of work is more on structural testing,
making of Shop Drawings using Auto Cad and I occasionally trained newly hired/ transferred employees
in our Department. Our section focuses on the strength of the materials that will be used in the
structural parts of the wooden house. We use different machines to perform different testing such as
Hydraulic jack on testing Frame, Autograph machine, Moisture Content Meter & Dry Oven Machine. The
list below are the Different Testing that we did in our section:
1. Wall testing
2. Floor Testing
3. Laminated Wood Lumber Testing (3-point Load Testing)
4. Nail Testing
5. Moisture Content Test
In June of 2012, I decided to resigned and look for other opportunity to further my knowledge. In the
same year, month of August I was hired in Dalta Management Inc., a subsidiary of the DALTA Group of
Companies own and operated by Mr. Antonio L. Tamayo. I work as a Draftsman, doing as-built drawings
of the Hospital Buildings and provider of shop drawings in the Building Care and Engineering.
After two years I was transferred in UPHD-MC (University of Perpetual Help Dalta-Medical Center), one
of the subsidiaries in Dalta Group of Companies, since DMI was dissolved. I was assigned as a Technical
Assistant, a Supervisory Position in General Services Department. My function in GSD are the following:
1. Monitoring of Drawing Plan such as Floor Plan.
2. Monitoring of on-going Projects in the Hospital Building such as renovations and new
3. Departmental or Ocular inspection on the facilities of the Hospital buildings.
4. Processed and update Permits on Hospital Building that required by the National and Local
Government Unit.
5. Make proposed plan for renovation of facilities (ex. Floor plan with rendered perspective).
6. Set meeting on the General Services Director with the Supplier.
7. Prepare for the Quarterly Fire and Earthquake Drill on the Hospital Facilities.
8. Perform other duties as assigned.

I have also attended training during my college days and in my working years. The following trainings
was listed below:
1. Basic Occupational Safety and Health Course (BOSH)
2. Product Knowledge and Safe Gas Handling Seminar
3. Introduction to Inverter and VRF Technology Product Presentation
4. QMS Awareness Training
5. UPHDMC Customer Service Training (CS101)
6. Revit-Architecture
7. Basic Asphalt Technology (included in College Curriculum)
8. Basic Laboratory Soil Testing (included in College Curriculum)
9. Concrete and Concrete Materials Testing (included in College Curriculum)
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I’ve been working for eight years now already. The first four years was in H.R.D. Pte., Ltd. and presently
in UPHD-MC. I’ve been continuously supporting the General Services Director in carrying out his function
like attending meetings and signing of document in his behalf during his absence.

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