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Taylor and Dylan's Wedding

Schedule V.1
May 18th, 2019

Location: Hotel:
Highview Farms Homewood Suites
149 Highview Road 2650 Kelly Rd
Sellersville, PA 18960 Warrington, PA 18976

WEDNESDAY, MAY 15th, 2019

10:00 AM VENDOR: Cleaning Service Judy, Merry Maids
12:00 PM Flowers Delivered

THURSDAY, MAY 16th, 2019

10:00 AM VENDOR: Cleaning Service Judy, Merry Maids

11:00 AM Produce Junction Flower Run Taylor, Judy

1:00 PM DELIVERY: Tents4Rent Dylan
Start prepping flowers Taylor, Judy, Karen, Ari

FRIDAY, MAY 17th, 2019

9:00 AM Begin Decorations around farm Family

5:30 PM Rehearsal at Rising Sun Inn Bridal Party, Parents, GPs

7:00 PM Rehearsal Dinner Begins
9:00 PM WRAP

SATURDAY, MAY 18th, 2019

10:00 AM HMU: Taylor, Judy, Karen Taylor, Judy, Karen, HMU

11:00 AM HMU: Ari and Jackie Ari, Jackie
Groomsmen and Volunteers continue prep Groomsmen, Dylan, Volunteers

12:00 PM HMU: Danielle Danielle

12:30 PM Coordinator and PA arrive Coordinator and PA

2:00 PM Men report to 209 Highview Road for prep Groomsmen, Dylan
2:00 PM DELIVERY: Catering loads in Estelle's Catering

2:30 PM PHOTO: Morning Photos Photographer, Video

3:00 PM Hotel Check in Begins

3:45 PM Begin Parking Attendance PA 1 & 2

3:30 PM Begin Pre-Ceremony Music PA 1

4:00 PM Bartender starts to set up Bartender

4:30 PM Invite arrival time Guests
4:40 PM Usher guests to seats, Bridesmaids head towards tribal council
4:45 PM Ceremony Starts
5:00 PM Marry me! Bachelorhood
5:10 PM Ceremony Ends (estimate). Send guests to Cocktail Hour

5:20 PM Cocktail Hour Begins

PHOTO: Bridal Party to Woods Entrance

6:15 PM Guests move to dinner tent

6:20 PM Reintroduction of Bridal Party
6:25 PM First Dance (Taylor and Dylan)
6:30 PM Welcome Address (Taylor and Dylan)
6:32 PM Grace (Jackie Van Arsdale)
6:34 PM Dinner service begins
6:35 PM Toast 1 (Arianna Kendra)
6:38 PM Toast 2 (Devan Van Arsdale)
6:40 PM Toast 3 (Danielle Grega)
6:42 PM Toast 4 (Alexander Spirgel)

7:00 PM All guests have food

7:00 PM Taylor and Dylan float around tables
7:40 PM Tre-Bouquet Toss
7:50 PM Father Daughter Dance Steve Kendra and Taylor
7:54 PM Mother Son Dance Karen Van Arsdale and Dylan
7:57 PM Mother Daughter Dance Judy Kendra and Taylor

8:00 PM Dinner wraps/Dance floor opens!

8:07 PM Sunset Moon

8:30 PM Cutting of the Cake

9:23 PM Astronomical Twilight Begins. Actually dark now

9:50 PM DJ announces first shuttle departing in 10 minutes
10:00 PM Bus Shuttle 1 departs from 149 Highview for hotel

10:50 PM DJ announces last shuttle departing

11:00 PM Bus Shuttle 2 departs from 149 Highview for hotel
11:30 PM After party at hotel bar Dylan and Taylor