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All Students are hereby informed to submit
the examination form in the respective
institute as per notified schedule available in
the login, failing which students shall not be
allowed to appear in the examination.
I.K.Gujral Punjab Technical University
Jalandhar-Kapurthala Highway, Kapurthala (,
Institute : 65 / Rayat Institute of Engineering & Information Technology, Railmajra
Branch : B.Tech.(Mechanical Engineering) PHOTO TO BE
Roll No. / Name 1320387 / Mohit Kumar
Father / Mother Name : Sunil Kumar /Veena Meeda AUTHORITY
Mobile / Email : /
Subjects in which Appearing
Semester M.Code Subject Code Paper ID Subject T/P Internal External
3 59116 BTME-306 59116 Engineering Materials & Metallurgy Theory No Yes
6 71186 BTME-602 71186 Heat Transfer/Comp Theory No Yes
6 71188 BTME-604 71188 Statistical and Numerical Methods in Engineering/Comp Theory No Yes
7 71994 BTME-801 71994 Industrial Engineering and Management/Comp Theory No Yes
7 71995 BTME-802 71995 Refrigration & Air Conditioning/Comp Theory No Yes
I have understood all the regulations and its amendments in regard to examinations. I found myself Eligible to appear in Examination.
In case University declare me ineligible due to any wrong information submitted in examination form by me, I shall be responsible for
the consequences at any stage.

Sign of Candidate____________________ Date____________________

Certified that the Candidate has completed the prescribed course of study and fulfilled all the conditions laid down in the
Regulations for the examination and is eligible to appear in the examination as a regular / ex-student of I.K.Gujral Punjab
Technical University, Jalandhar. The candidate bears a good moral character and particulars filled by him/her are correct.

________________________________ _____________________________
Signature of the Principal / Competent (Signature of HOD)
Authority (With Seal and Date)

Receipt of Re-appear Examination Form and Examination Fee for Examination

Received Re-appear Examination Form and Examination Fee of Rs._________________ and late fee (if any) Rs. ___________
from Student Roll No. 1320387.
Signature of Institute Dealing Head with seal