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Work Scenario

After accepting my dream job of director of bands at Tecumseh High School I was tasked with
growing the band. In preparation for the growth of the band I have been asked to track the past
trend of incoming classes, project the future class size and present the findings to the band
boosters and school board and create a new website to broaden the visibility of the bands. To
achieve this I will use Excel spreadsheets, a web platform and Microsoft PowerPoint.

To begin this process I will use Excel. I will need to look at the class sizes of the past 10 years
and what instruments were represented by those class sizes. I will also need to compare those
class sizes to the sizes of the middle school bands to track their retention rate from middle to
high school. This will help determine any trends in size reduction and overall class size trend.
Then I will put together a growth prediction of future classes based on increased percentage of
students who stay in band as well as increased overall class sizes.

The second technology I will use is Microsoft PowerPoint. I will put together the screenshots of
the excel spreadsheets I put together as well as graphs to show the data results. I will also
include information of other programs who have gone through growth similar to what we project
ours to be. The slideshow will include videos of growth strategies and strategies that will enroll
the parents and alumni.

Lastly I will create a website to help promote and improve the viibility of the bands. This will
include student and parent resources, videos of practice strategies for students and other material.
It will also include schedules, promo videos and resource links. The goal of the website will be
two part. To help communicate with students and parents connect and grow and to build
community excitement for band, their performances and excitement for future students to join.

This project will utilize three main technologies but also utilize a variety of other technologies
within them. They will all lend to a growth plan that will lead to a bigger, more diverse band
that the students are excited to be a part of and the community is excited to support. The
technologies used will aid in giving visual enhancement to the information as well as an
organized presentation to show the information. Lastly it will enhance communication and
publicity capability to the whole community. This will benefit my dream job as teachers are
there to growth and develop students as they become adults. The more the band grows the more
students I will have the opportunity to impact!