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Triage calls routed from

Old Process- The old process shows many Triage calls routed from
secretaries potential concerns. These include delay in secretaries
patient care, potential concern for HIPPA
violations, and money wasting related to printing
expenses. In addition the old process creates

Create orders/letters in EMR Create orders/letters in EMR

Route orders/letters in EMR

Print orders/letters from EMR
for e-signature

Place in providers bin for MD’s e-sign and send


MD signs document. Places

in fax que

New Process- The new process is an

improvement in many ways. The first obvious
advancement is removing steps from the
process. By doing this, there is automatically
Document is faxed to time saved in the process. Routing the
requesting party
documents electronically allows providers to
access the request anytime they sign into the
EMR. This means that there is little to no delay in
turnaround when they are offsite or in clinic. This
also allows you to be able to track the progress
Document is placed in shred of the request at any time. Eliminating the step of
printing reduces wastes and cuts cost by saving
paper and ink. This step also reduces the risk of
a HIPPA violation.