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Adult Cardiac Arrest Algorithm— 2015 Update Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Start CPR * Give oxygan + Attach monitor/detirilator : Yes Rhythm wo FC sthockable?, ( — vos Asystole/PEA CPR 2 min IV/O access | v0 CPR 2 min + Ivi0 access + Epinephrine every 3-5 min + Consider advanced airway, capnography 6 fe CPR 2 min + Epinephrine every 3-5 min * Consider advanced airnay, ‘capnography Rhythm shockable?, Rhythm shockable? CPR 2 min + Theat reversible causes shockable? * fn signs of return of spontaneous circulation (ROSO), go 10 10 oF 11 + IFROSC, go 19 Post-Cardiac Arrest Care | american Heart Association. life is why "min oven oe sbeequo Saws + Monopod 380. es Ce iso-hyperaoma Adult Cardiac Arrest american Circular Algorithm— @ vert... 2015 Update life is why eee es ea’ ere ‘Start CPR * Give oxygen * Attach monitor/defibrillator Return of Spontaneous Circulation (ROSC) 2 minutes Drug Therapy IVIO access \ephrine every 3-5 minutes \darone for refractory VF/pVT Se ‘Drug Therapy er i) ‘+ Push hard at east 2inene (5 omy) ana fast (100-120/mn and allow complete fe smeruptons in compressions tate compressor every 2 minutes, or sooner fat gue + If r@ advanced airway, 0: vention rato. + uanttatve wavetorm capnagraphy =i Pereo,<10 mn Hg, atop to *+ Epinephrine WO dose! + Amiodarone VIO dose: Fst dose 300 mg bobs. ‘sean ose’ 150 m9) ‘+ Pusan Hood pressure (pypicany 240 mm 4) i + Spontaneous arterial pressure waves vith itraartonal monitoring ere Reversible Causes compression + Endotacheal intubation or supraglttie advanced away + Mypovoienia + Waveform capnograpty or capnometry to | + inrocareral pressure ‘vanced arway in pace, give = Wreiaxation phase (ciastofe) presaure | breath every 6 secands (10 treat <20 mm Hg, attempt foimprave CPR | wit continous or yaregen ion acidosis) 9 ryperkaieia + Hypothermia 1 Tension pneumothorax % ‘Thrombese, coronary ES Adult Bradycardia american With a Pulse Algorithm oO KsSoclation. life is why- ie kee ie ead Identity and treat underlying cause PEON altlel eg Oeten eel bradyarrhythmia causing: *+ Hypotension? * Acutely altered mental status? Signs of shock? ‘+ Ischemic chest discomtort? * Acute heart tallure? Atropine If atropine ineffective: + Transoutaneous pacing Sd ‘Atropine IV dose: First dose: 0.5 mg bolus. Repeat every 3-8 minutes. ‘Maxtenum: 3 mg, Dopamine IV intusion: Usual infusion rate is 2:20 mog/kg per minute, “Titate to patient response; taper slowly. Epinephrine 1V infusion: 2-10 meg per minute infusion. Titrate to patient response ieionrag seers ns Sire Hatain Hana IS