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25/4/2019 Marketplace | Project Management Institute

Thank you for your order! Please note that you may receive separate charges for individual items depending on when
they are fulfilled. Order
Customers outside the United States are responsible for paying all duty and brokerage charges directly through customs. Order
Because PMI is not charging these fees, we are not able to estimate how much they will be. We take measures to ensure Number:125671594
that the value of your shipment is declared accurately, and that all necessary paperwork accompanies your shipment to Order
minimize any customs clearance delays. Total:$139.00 USD

Order Date: 25 April 2019

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Individual Membership Rejoin $139.00 1 $139.00 Shipped

Item Subtotal 1 $139.00

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Order Total $139.00

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Alfredo de Paredes Novillo
Payment Method Type: Credit Card
Calle Canchal, 10 7 A
Card Name: Master Card
Madrid, Madrid 28021
Card Number: ************9608
Cardholder's Name: Alfredo de Paredes
+34 ( ) 34620054726

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