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The education is a primary key that lead the students to success so thus the school environment

has a major impact on it. It remains an important area that should be studied and well managed to

enhance student’s academic performance. Students has their own differences when it comes to

performing activities, it is not just about the surroundings that matter but also the impact of people

around it. Every individual has different social experiences which affect them wholly as distinct persons.

Each one of the students has a different story to tell which develops them as individual. Some are affected

by social or school environment inspiringly some are discouraged and some are motivated.

The school environment which includes the classrooms, libraries, teaching methods and school

management are the variables that affect student’s performance. If classrooms have poor lighting, too

much noise and broken fans which results into an inconsistent temperature makes teaching and learning

difficult. Facilities like libraries that have poor maintenance and ineffective ventilation systems can lead

into ailment among the students as well as the others who uses it. Professors have different methods on

teaching and some of the students doesn’t seem to adopt or like it so it will make their studies difficult.

The quality of education not only depends on the teachers as reflected in the performance of their duties,

but also in the effective coordination of the school environment. They are the one who lead the student’s

academic performance into something extra ordinary that the student amazed themselves by doing or

achieving it. The students don’t know everything so by the help of the environment revolving around them

they gave ideas and perspective so they have the knowledge and they are capable of answering the things

that are questionable. It is believed that a well capable school will give expected outcomes of education

that will facilitate effective teaching, learning process and academic performance. The student’s learning

could be enhanced depends on the location within the school compound, the structure of the classroom,

the availability of the facilities and accessories because the safe and orderly classroom environment,
school facilities were related to student’s performance at school, and that a comfortable and caring

environment among other treatments helped to contribute to the student’s performance.

The characteristics of the school have a variety of effects of teachers, students and the learning

process. These factors can adversely affect student’s behavior and lead to higher levels of frustrations

among teachers, and poor learning attitude among students. Beyond the effects that poor facilities have

on student’s ability to learn, the combination of poor facilities, which create an uncomfortable and

uninviting workplace for teachers, combined with frustrating behavior by the students including poor

concentration and hyperactivity creates a stressful set of working conditions for teachers. Because stress

and job dissatisfaction are common precursors to lowered teacher enthusiasm. So it is possible that the

characteristics of school facilities have an effect upon the performance of the students.

“The influence of the learning environment on student success. This is significant because teacher

turnover has been linked to increased costs and poor student achievement. Schools that provide better

environments, in other could potentially reach higher levels of success while spending less money.”


“Philips (1992) noted that lighting is one of the most important physical characteristics of classroom. He

further stated that visual environment can affect the capability of students to perceive visual stimuli and

also affect their mental attitude. Consequently, their academic performance is affected negatively.”

This study will be conducted to investigate all the impacts of the school environment to the

performance of the students.

Specifically, the study attempted to answer the following questions:

1. How does the school environment affect the activities of the students?

In terms of:

a. Academic

b. Extra-Curricular activities

2. What is the important factor of school environment to the students?

3. In what aspect does the school environment help the students?

4. How does the poor environment have a big impact to the students?

In this study researchers will be aiming to determine the relationship of the student’s

performance on how the school environment impact them



Students School Environment

Facilities Teaching Methods

Course Demographic Profile

This study was conducted to know all the Impacts of the School Environment to the Performance

of the Students.

This study aims to answer the given problems guided by the following objectives:

1. To heed the effects of school environment to the academic activities of the students.

2. To find out the importance of school environment to the students.

3. To proclaim the aspects of school environment that helps the students.

4. To recognize the impacts of poor school environment to the students.


The results of this study will provide some insights and information on how the following persons

are related to School Environment.

The study aims to provide benefits to the following:

TEACHER – This study can help teachers to think about a better ways or strategies in teaching


STUDENTS – The result of the study can give the students more knowledge to come up with

a better way in dealing with the environment.

STAFF – This study can give more information and it will help them to make a decision that

will improve more in the environment.

FUTURE RESEARCHERS – it will be their source to come up or to relate with this study


The study will focus on stating the importance of school environment and the impact of it to the

performance of the students. However, the study is limited around the school only that is why it does not

include the society.


ENVIRONMENT Operationally, the surroundings of an individual.

Conceptually, the circumstances, objects, or conditions by which one is surrounded.


STUDENT Operationally, a person who studies at school.

Conceptually, a person who studies something.


STUDY Operationally, something that a person studies or gives attention to.

Conceptually, in area of learning taught in a school.


SCHOOL Operationally, a place to learn.

Conceptually, an institution for the teaching of children.


PERFORMANCE Operationally, to entertain or to interpret.

Conceptually, the act of doing a job, an activity.


IMPACT Operationally, is the effects towards something.

Conceptually, to have a strong and often bad effect on.