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Develop and implement diversity policy

(Draft Diversity Policy)

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Assignment 2
In response to the Bounce Fitness Simulated Business (provided), you will develop a report
addressing each of the items within the task

1. Draft a new diversity policy for Bounce Fitness using information

from your previous research and consultation to improve the
diversity policy”.

A Diversity Policy should fit in with a number of other Policies such as:

- Workplace Conduct (Equal Employment Opportunity) Policy

- Appointment to Role Policy – how the organisation would ensure fair appointments
for positions.
- Statement of Professional Practice – or a Code of Conduct
- Occupational Health and Safety Policy and Procedures
- Flexible working Arrangements Policy
- Leave Policies and others.

Key Result Area Objective

Leaders at all levels in the company actively encourage and

promote workplace diversity principles.

Employees and those seeking employment with the company

are treated fairly and equitably in accessing employment
opportunities and in selection and promotion processes.
Recruitment, Selection
and Retention The company increases the representation of Indigenous
employees, employees with a disability, and younger workers
in its workforce.

Managers and staff have the skills and knowledge to prevent

and deal with any harassment or bullying behaviours.
Working Environment
Workplace diversity principles are integrated into the
performance management process.

The Workplace Diversity Policy is accessible and its

Communication and
principles are understood and supported by managers and

The company provides a flexible employment framework

Work/Life Balance which enables employees to effectively balance their work,
family, caring, other responsibilities and interests.

According to the information from above table, each group of employees needs a different
style of management and they all need to find ways to work well together.

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Managers need to help their diverse workers integrate into their workforce and assimilate
into and feel part of their organisation’s culture so that they can contribute fully. Managers
also need to help their diverse workers develop the skills, knowledge and attributes
organisations need their employees to have.
In most work groups today, it can be easily found men and women from four generations,
many of whose first language is not English, who have a range of abilities and come from an
array of cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds.
It can summarize into attitudes towards work by this following:
- Expectations from work
- Factors that motivate and engage them
- Reasons for working
- Reward and feedback expectations
- Values and beliefs
- Ways of working
Therefore, the new diversity policy should be based on the above information which can be
described in the following table:

The diversity policy for Bounce Fitness

- A workplace which is free from discrimination, harassment, bullying, victimisation

and vilification

- Treating employees fairly and with respect

- A workplace culture that is inclusive and embraces individual differences

- A supportive workplace culture which allows employees and members to balance

their work and personal life.

- Equal employment opportunities based on ability, performance and potential

- Awareness in all staff of their rights and responsibilities with regards to fairness,
equity and respect for all aspects of diversity

- Flexible work practices and policies to support employees and their changing

- Attraction, retention and development of a diverse range of talented people

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- Equitable frameworks and policies, processes and practices that limit potential
unconscious bias

- Develop and maintain a highly skilled, diverse and effective workforce, where all
employees and members are valued, encouraged and provided with opportunities
to develop their potential.

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2. Once your diversity policy has been written, develop an action plan to enable the diversity policy to be
put into action

Action plan for Leadership

Key result area Objectives Actions Responsibility Timeframe Success measures

Leadership Leaders at all levels in To ensure there is top level People Report: Staff attitude surveys and
the company actively support for the inclusion of Services Annually other feedback
encourage and promote people with disability in the Branch mechanisms indicate that
the workplace diversity company: leaders are modelling and
principles. Ongoing promoting the principles of
(a) Appoint a Workplace workplace diversity.
Diversity Executive Sponsor.

(b) Include workplace

diversity principles in
leadership programs and
managers training

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Action plan for Recruitment, Selection and Retention

Key result area Objectives Actions Responsibility Timeframe Success measures

Recruitment, Employees and those RECRUITMENT Payroll, Report: Indigenous staff recruited
Selection and seeking employment (a) Include use of Indigenous Recruitment Annually under the specific
Retention with the company are media for advertising. and Workplace programs.
treated fairly and Relations
equitably in accessing (b) Support / publicise the Ongoing Increase in number of
employment National Indigenous Indigenous employees,
opportunities and in Cadetship; Graduate employees with a disability
selection processes. Recruitment; and Contract and younger workers in the
Management Development company
The company increases Programs.
Practical information
the representation of
Indigenous employees, (c) Jobs to be advertised are available for selection
employees with a reviewed for their inherent advisory committee
disability and younger requirements by members.
workers in its concentrating on what needs
workforce. to be achieved rather than
The company improves how the work should be
retention through better
identification of (d) Increase access to jobs
members of diversity for people with disability
groups; increased
support for them; SELECTION Payroll,
changing the company Ensure selection processes Recruitment
that involve Indigenous and Workplace
culture; and improving
applicants and members of Relations
opportunities to develop ethnic or other diversity
work skills. groups are fair and those Organisational
involved in interviewing are Development
sensitive to cultural issues.

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RETENTION All staffs of the
(a) Encourage all employees company
and particularly members of
diversity groups to update
their APSED details.

(b) Encourage line managers

to work closely with new
recruits to identify issues
early, e.g. ease of access,
and implement solutions.

(c) Ensure reasonable

adjustment policy is
promoted and implemented.
(d) Wherever possible allow
employees some flexibility in
tasks and times to
accommodate their disability
or caring responsibilities, as
well as using their other

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Action plan for Working Environment: Workplace diversity principles are integrated into the performance management process.

Key result area Objectives Actions Responsibility Timeframe Success measures

Working Workplace diversity (a) Ensure the company Organisational Report: Performance management
Environment principles are integrated performance management Development Annually scheme documentation/
into the performance scheme documentation and and Planning guidance incorporates
management process. guidance material incorporate behaviours that support
behaviours which support Ongoing diversity.
diversity principles.
Staff attitude surveys and
(b) Identify specific career Payroll, other feedback
development needs and Recruitment mechanisms indicate that
support development and Workplace employees consider that
opportunities for Indigenous Relations / the performance
employees and other Organisational management processes
diversity groups in their Development incorporate workplace
performance management and Planning
diversity principles

(c) Support and encourage All staffs of the

individual Indigenous company
employees to pursue career
development through
mainstream programs.

(d) Encourage managers to

be aware of issues for staff All staffs of the
with disabilities when company
relocation is being

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Action plan for Working Environment: Managers and staff have the skills and knowledge to prevent and deal with harassment and bullying

Key result area Objectives Actions Responsibility Timeframe Success measures

Working Managers and staff (a) Provide tools for Working Report: Staff attitude surveys and
Environment have the skills and managers in training Environment Annually other feedback
knowledge to prevent workshops to recognise and and Consulting mechanisms indicate that
and deal with manage inappropriate employees have
harassment and behaviour. confidence in support
bullying behaviours. processes.
(b) Increase profile of and All staffs of the
support for Workplace company Decrease in number of
Harassment Contact Officers harassment incidents
(WHCO). reported.
Time taken to resolve
(c) Promote the availability of All staffs of the
resources such as the harassment issues.
WHCO group and the
Employment Assistance
Program for employees.

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Action plan for Communication and Education

Key result area Objectives Actions Responsibility Timeframe Success measures

Communication Workplace Diversity (a) Undertake consultation Working Ongoing Policy finalised and
and Education Policy is accessible and with all staff to review and Environment promoted.
its principles are update the policy and and Consulting
understood and promote to managers and Policy summary leaflet
supported by managers staff. distributed and included in
and staff. (b) Distribute policy summary induction packs.
leaflet to all staff and include Intranet site updated and
in induction packs. promoted.
Disability module included
(c) Maintain the currency of
the Equity and Diversity in training for selection
Intranet site and promote to advisory committees.
all staff.

(d) Include a disability

module in training for
selection advisory

(e) Support and publicise

support networks for
Indigenous employees and
employees with a disability.

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Action plan for Work/Life balance

Key result area Objectives Actions Responsibility Timeframe Success measures

Work/Life balance The company provides (a) Promote awareness of People Report: An information pack is
a flexible employment flexible employment Services Annually available to all employees
framework which provisions including leave, Branch / All via the Intranet
enables employees to part-time work, home based staffs of the
effectively balance their work, the Employee company Ongoing Staff attitude surveys and
work, family, caring, Assistance Program, and the other feedback
other responsibilities Work/Life Links service. mechanisms indicate that
and interests. employees are aware of
(b) Ensure all workers with a People and able to access flexible
disability have the necessary Services employment provisions.
equipment and ergonomic Branch
Workers have necessary
items to actively participate in
the workplace. equipment.

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3. Describe how you will provide copies of the diversity policy to
key stakeholders and get feedback on the policy. Use this
information to revise the policy.

Consistent application and enforcement of workplace policies is the responsibility of human

resources, department supervisors and managers. The consequences of applying workplace
policies inconsistently can jeopardize business success. Companies that pick and choose
which policies to enforce when are setting themselves up for failure, not to mention exposing
themselves to potential liability for employee complaints about unfair treatment. Employers
who selectively apply workplace policies eventually risk losing employees to substantial
turnover based on low employee morale and overall dissatisfaction.
There are six steps that the company can enforce policies consistently at work with all key
Step 1
Publish workplace policies within the employee handbook and revise the handbook as
necessary, at least once each year. Distribute copies of revised handbooks to employees
and require a signed acknowledgment form from employees indicating receipt and
understanding of the policies contained in the handbook.
Step 2
Post policies related to fair employment practices and workplace safety throughout the
workplace in common areas such as employee break rooms, locker rooms and at employee
entrances and exits. Insert policy reminders in employee communications such as open
enrollment packets and paychecks when the company needs to inform employees of
immediate changes to policies.
Step 3
Provide training to supervisors and managers on workplace policies and designate
mandatory training on policies regarding equal employment opportunity to avoid potential
supervisor liability for allegations of unfair employment practices. Check with the U.S. Equal
Employment Opportunity Commission concerning recommended policies and guidance on
supervisor liability.
Step 4
Construct disciplinary review and corrective action forms that contain a comprehensive list of
policies and consequences for violations. Ensure that supervisors and managers understand
when to issue disciplinary reviews or corrective action. Instruct company leadership to seek
the assistance of human resources staff whenever they are unsure about how or when to
administer employee discipline. Establish guidelines for human resources staff in assisting
supervisors and managers.
Step 5
Train supervisors and managers how to apply workplace policies in a fair and consistent
manner, without regard to non-job-related characteristics such as race, color, national origin,
sex and religion. Make sure they understand the subjective interpretation of workplace
policies and how to avoid improper application of policies.

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Step 6
Explain workplace policies to every group of new hires during orientation. Encourage
employee questions to clarify any questions about the policies or the application of policies.
Describe the process employees should follow when they witness the inconsistent
application of workplace policies. Discourage employees from reporting mere presumption of
inconsistent application of workplace policies and instead require them to have concrete
evidence that supports any complaint about the incorrect interpretation of the employer’s

4. Will this change any other policies? What needs to be changed?

– provide details of changes required. Revise all policies
accordingly and submit with your assessment

The company must link the diversity policy, and other related plan and program on cultural
diversity and inclusivity must be formally integrated into the existing work practices, and
other organisational plans and programs. It will streamline the entire processes and work
practices are heading towards achieving the goals and objectives of the organisation. This
also maintains the consistency in performance of the diversity and inclusivity.
The other related policies are Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), affirmative action,
recruitment and selection, talent management, development programs, flexible work
practices, parental leave, succession planning, code of conduct, sexual harassment and
bullying policy. The diversity policy should also focus upon the diversity and inclusion plan
and program of the company.
Diversity policy should comply with the current and legislation to educate the employees on
their legal obligations and behavior standards need to be maintained. The following federal
and state legislation covers workplace diversity and equal opportunity in Australia:

The legislation of workplace diversity and equal opportunity in Australia

The Draft Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Act 2012

The Australian Human Rights Commission Act

The Age Discrimination Act

The Sex Discrimination Act

The Racial Discrimination Act

The Racial Hatred Act

The Disability Discrimination Act

The Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012

Fair Work Act and National Employment Standards (NES)

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State-based anti-discrimination and OH&S laws

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