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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

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Speaker of House of Delegates
State House, H-101
Annapolis, MD 21401 – 1991

Dear Honorable Mr. Busch:

I am constrained to make this an open letter to you for a number of reasons. One, the current
situation and consequent possible outcome dictate that I should, before the door closes on reason
and promotion of State interest, alert you to the danger that may be lurking in the corner. Two,
everything must be done to guard, protect and defend our fledgling democracy, nourish it and
prevent chaos. Third, we must move away from advertently or inadvertently dividing the State
along party lines Democrats and Republicans. Many parents, friends and development partners
are genuinely worried about what is happening in the Maryland State Board of Education. I write
to urge you to encourage an appointment of a special counsel to determine whether the Maryland
State Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Lillian Lowery, President Charlene Dukes, Jackie La
Fiandra and others in the Office of the Attorney General have violated the federal and state laws
along with the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) policies and the terms of their

In particular, Dr. Lillian Lowery has been accused of interfering in an internal investigation
concerning an employee. She has also involved herself in a criminal cover up of corruption
involving misuse of public funds, nepotism and professional misconduct involving senior staff
within the Maryland State Education System. I request that your investigation look into the
allegations of human rights violations, threatening and intimidating acts, misuse of public
resources, fraud, Inter Alia. I have reviewed the documentation submitted and I have detected
numerous prima facie anomalies in the process contrary to laws of this ancient old land. A
federal investigation needs to be launched because of their actions.

I think it is in their best interest to recuse themselves from the cases where there is conflict of
interest. An investigation such as the one demanded by Maryland legislators and others recently
to verify staff responsible for falsifying data within the Maryland Education system will be a
welcome outcome. The misleading of the public by Maryland State Board was intentional in
order to make Maryland appear to be number 1 by excluding special needs population. The
investigation I am requesting will go a long way in unearthing institutionalized corruption within
the Maryland State Board of Education system. If Dr. Lillian Lowery, Dr. Charlene Dukes,
Jackie La Fiandra
Maryland legislature
December 24, 2013
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and others involved in cover up do not resign, then the Maryland Legislature must do their due
diligence and carry out the board policy by launching proper investigations using a neutral party
rather than the office of Attorney General which is compromised after Assistant Attorney
General Jackie La Fiandra refused to submit the entire record to the court and engaged in cover
up. The Maryland Legislature should have a good cause for terminating their contracts,
especially the Maryland State Superintendent who seems to be leading the corrupt activities such
as giving false reports under oath to the court.

We are asking the Maryland State legislators to launch full independent examination concerning
the conduct of Maryland State Board of Education President Dr. Charlene Dukes as well. The
activities of Dr. Lillian Lowery and her close associates within the Maryland office of the
Attorney General leave a lot of questions for any keen observer. However, these insights should
not lead anyone to “sympathize with the devil”. It is important to get to the bottom of these
issues. Dr. Dukes received millions of dollars from embattled superintendent William Hite
shortly before he resigned under pressure to start a charter school in what appears to be a bribe
for the grant school to be housed within Prince George’s County community college where she is
the college President. Dr. Dukes is now the new President of Maryland Board of Education and
the Chairperson of the Transition Committee in PGCPS together with Dr. Lillian Lowery as co-
chair overseeing Prince George’s County public Schools, thus creating a conflict of interest.
They cannot be neutral in making their recommendations after the implicating issues I reported
to them. Both Dr. Lillian Lowery and Dr. Dukes are only involved in the transition in order
to cover up wrong doing with their conspirators.

Superintendent Lillian Lowery breached her employment contract by covering up for her
associates. She signed false affidavits to the courts on two different occasions, September 24th,
2013 and October 18th, 2013, in order to prejudice me as an Employee of Prince George’s
County Board of Education, and misled authorities in the Maryland court system willfully after I
filed an EEOC complaint. The allegations that I was incompetent and had engaged in misconduct
are false. The reasons why she and the Board of Education et al made such allegations were
because I complained to various authorities and lawmakers concerning her unethical behavior.
She too knew her actions to be false and misleading while corroborating with junior staff under
her care, yet she chose not to correct the mistakes. (See attached falsified documents). These
actions demonstrate poor leadership skills in difficult and corrupt circumstances by a leader
entrusted with lives of many children and adults under her supervision. She should therefore not
go unpunished for her actions. Corrupt and ineffective political leadership contributes to the
seemingly endless cycle of destitution and misery.

Above all, Superintendent Lillian Lowery has demonstrated a culture of discrimination,

tampering with documents and racism while on the job. Clear evidence of her conduct will be
provided upon request. This is not how a leader is supposed to behave. If both global and
Maryland legislature
December 24, 2013
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domestic confidence in the integrity of the U.S., financial and legal system is to be regained,
there must be confidence that criminal acts will be vigorously pursued and perpetrators punished.

Dr. Lowery, Dr. Charlene Dukes, Ms. Jackie La Fiandra and others involved in cover up must
resign immediately or recuse themselves from all proceedings involving Petitioner Mua for the
well-being of Prince George’s County and the State of Maryland.

There has been a series of scandals lately this year involving the Maryland State Board of
Education in Baltimore, where money is dominant and misconduct has become rampant. The
Maryland Board of Education’s preliminary observation is that both the general state of our
Education system, and the way business is transacted within it, cries out urgently for systemic
reform. Maryland Department of Education and the Office of Attorney General needs
comprehensive reform to restore the public trust after recent news coverage in Baltimore Sun and
Washington Post Newspapers which have exposed abuse of power involving both offices. Let us
make this a reality as we move towards 2014.

There is “deplorable conduct, some of it perfectly legal yet profoundly wrong; some of it
potentially illegal or clearly unlawful as exhibited in this letter,” and some needs to be referred to
law enforcement if findings are made.

A pay-to-play political culture driven by large checks,” in which wealthy interests exchange
contributions for legislation etc. and others in the Executive need to be looked at; Maryland State
Board of Education has consistently failed to enforce Maryland COMAR, State and Federal
laws. The Education laws here in Maryland are so lax that conducting internal reviews amount to
“legalized bribery.”

There is no doubt in my mind that we have got a runaway Maryland State Board of Education
with no oversight, not subject to election, and doing reforms not subject to legislative review.
All without citizen input nor consent and wielding a billion dollar budget to boot.

We respectfully encourage Governor Martin O'Malley to replace Dr. Lilian Lowery with
someone who has the qualities of honesty, transparency, and integrity. This superintendent
[Lillian Lowery] does not have those qualities. Not only does she not possess the qualities of
honesty, transparency, and integrity, Dr. Lillian Lowery has repeatedly “gamed” the system.
Maryland does not need any more of that.

Your immediate attention and assistance with this investigation is requested as we move into the
new year. In the interest of preserving the integrity of our educational; judicial systems,
upholding the state and federal law, I would like to respectfully request that you initiate an
investigation into possible fraud and other violations currently taking place within the Maryland
Board of Education system. We want people who play by the rules and do the right thing. Dr.
Maryland legislature
December 24, 2013
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Lillian Lowery, Dr. Charlene Dukes, Jackie La Fiandra would not know how to even begin in
such a scenario. Let us hope that the Maryland State Board of Education members and the
Maryland Legislature realize that offering Dr. Lillian Lowery, Dr. Charlene Dukes and Jackie La
Fiandra a new contract would be an enormous mistake on their part.

This matter is of deep importance to me and other employees within the Maryland State
Education school system who are victims of prejudice, misconduct and “malpractice”. As you
may know, HB 1107 was passed into law here in Maryland revising the composition of the
Prince George’s County Board of Education; providing for the appointment of certain members
of the county board by the County Executive of Prince George’s County and the Prince George’s
County Council; providing for a certain ex officio voting member of the county board; providing
for the qualifications, terms of office, and the filling of a vacancy of certain members of the
county board; repealing certain provisions for the filling of a vacancy of certain members of the
county board; Other employees and myself testified in the Maryland Senate in support of the bill
with much zeal and interest. However, dark forces seem to have taken over the entire process for
selfish gain. We must pursue justice and root out the criminals in our Educational system.

Furthermore, if the Department of Justice (DOJ) is not currently looking into this particular case,
we respectfully ask you to ensure that the U.S. Department of Justice immediately open a case on
this matter and investigate it with the full authority and power that the agency holds. We ask and
request that the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice promptly investigate whether
the Maryland State Department of Education and the Maryland Office of the Attorney General
has engaged in a pattern or practice of violations of civil rights by discriminating against certain
staff members, misusing public resources, committing fraud and use of unnecessary cohesion in
retaliation against the residents of Maryland in violation of federal law.

The DOJ has the authority and tools to investigate these troubling incidents; to evaluate the
Maryland State Board of Education policies, practices, training and supervision; and to provide
technical assistance, advice and guidance to the State of Maryland. Through thorough
investigation, the DOJ can significantly improve equality, fairness, and address public corruption
throughout Maryland.

Should you have any questions regarding my request, please contact me. Happy Holidays.



Josephat Mua

Cc: Maryland Lawmakers, Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, Maryland State Senate President, Speaker Maryland General Assembly

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