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The St. James Journal May/June Newsletter Mission Statement 2019 ka gee “Make Christ’s Love 11:00. a.m. Known in the World OFFICE HOURS by Serving the ayaa Community, Sharing 9:00 a.m. - 12 noon je ' icon ae and Teaching God’s Phone: 304-232-6511 Word, and Fax: 304-232-7552 Supporting the Church at Large.” Website: Rev. Deborah L. Gable, Pastor STAFF Beverly Carpenter, Secretary Mike Oliver, Music Director Russ Wagner, Custodian FROM THE PASTOR IN Happy Eastertide to all of you! We celebrate fifty days of joy through the Easter Season which Is the period from Easter Sunday to Pentecost Sunday. Greetings Sisters and Brothers in Christ, Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed! Alleluia! ‘As Christians, we commend our spirit to God and are being transformed dally by his grace. It Is a “journey” that we set out and travel through this life committing ourselves to Christ daily. We live in that hope dally reflective of the crucified and risen Lord every day. Our relationship with Christ is not just a handshake but it is an eternal embrace with the greatest unconditional love. That embrace is felt in the times when we are most challenged, feelings of being lost or forgotten, and when we celebrate the most pinnacle points in our life. The Christian life is about a way of living not In the ways of the world but in the ways of God. ‘Therefore, let us live in the joy and hope-filled expectation of the living Lord. Let Us bind ourselves together and work to spread kindness and peace among all people. Stand for those who stand alone or are too weak to stand by themselves! Let hate dissipate from our minds and hearts and be replaced with love. Don't look for our differences but in the ways in which we are the same, God, the creator of the universe, has breathed life into all that Is living. Therefore, let that breath that created us be the life being lived among us! Yours in the Lord’s service, Pastor Auf. Pastor Deb CONCERNS Anna Archer, Pauline Barnes, Pat Carl, Rick Crsier, Fd Farmer, Lois Forsch, Karen Garvin, Kade Glavari, John Gompers, Terr Hewit, Justin Mit, Edwin Holloway, Nancy Holloway, Bil Hughes, Lis Jenkins, Nova Keenan, Joanne Miaike, Mary Lou Mack, Sema MeKenzie Charles Montez, Naney Moore Jerome Pervall Lisa Polen, jim Ptice, Dents Reger, Hines Rotriga Diane futig and Dorothy Travis MILITARY...Stephen Jewell, Darren Hoffman, Tim Kosky, Danny Welker, and all those who