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Ian Essling

Director of Survey Insight

As an employee of ten years at Comscore, Ian has
What makes a professional successful
used his skills and ingenuity to work himself into the at Comscore?
Director of Survey Insight position. In this
position, Ian is tasked with creating custom Being adaptable to the everchanging digital
research projects for clients providing insight on environment. Being able to jump between
media and marketing trends. different methods to complete different tasks is
essential to succeed in this industry. Also, it is
Why Comscore? necessary to understand the industry and be aware
as to what is going on in the world. If you are
discussing business with a client and state an
Upon graduation from Northern Illinois incorrect fact, we lose credibility with that client,
University, Ian began work at Comscore. He was and that is difficult to get back.
drawn to Comscore because it was a company who
his skillset would be best suited for and utilized
effectively. Ian has contributed the following three Recent work
factors as to what makes Comscore special:

1 The People: Comscore recruits smart and Ian most recent project title “From Viral to Tribal:
hardworking people. Working with these The Next Frontier of Publishing” explores and
people helps develop Ian as an industry presents insights on how Generation X, Millennials,
professional. and Generation Z consume news. The project’s
findings are free to view, and the goal of the project
2 The Digital Environment: The digital
environment is everchanging and always is to increase the credibility of Comscore’s research
presents a new challenge. survey findings for current and potential clients. Ian
described the project as presenting essential
3 The Startup Mentality: Even though
Comscore is past the startup phase of a information for clients to prove Comscore’s worth
business, the company still maintains the and get the client to continue using Comscore’s
startup menality. Hardwork is rewarded services.
and those who are qualified move up in the