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1. Case(s) in which joining time is not admissible.

a. On transfer in public interest.
b. To join a new post in a new station on return from Vacation or Leave of
any kind except casual leave.
c. To surplus staff transferred from one post to another.
d. Government servants who are discharged due to reduction of
e. For transfer at own request.
Ans: e
2. Write Yes or No:
a. The joining time shall commence from the date of relinquishment of
charge of the old post.
b. The joining time shall be calculated from the old headquarters.
c. Not more than one day’s joining time shall be allowed to a Government
servant to join a new post within the same station.
d. When holiday(s) follow(s) joining time, the normal joining time may be
deemed to have been limited to previous day of such holiday(s).
e. For 1000 km or less, the minimum Joining Time will be 10 days.
Ans: ‘d’ is false
3. Fill in the blanks:
a. The joining time shall be calculated with reference to the distance
between the old headquarters and the new headquarters by
__________route and ____________ mode of travelling.
Ans. (direct, ordinary)
b. Joining time for transfer at own request is treated as _________ and it
does not count for increment, leave or pension. Ans. Dies-non
4. Write Yes or No:
a. Leave cannot be claimed as of right.
b. Commutation of one kind of leave into another shall be done at the
request of the Government servant.
c. No Government servant shall be granted leave of any kind for a
continuous period exceeding five years.
d. Leave can be granted to an official under suspension also.
Ans: ‘d’ is false
5. Following are the kinds of regular leave due and admissible:
a. Earned leave
b. Half pay leave
c. Commuted leave
d. Casual Leave
e. Leave not due
f. Extraordinary leave
Ans: ‘d’ is false
6. Fill in the blanks:
a. When a period of absence or suspension of a GS has been treated as dies
non in a half-year, the EL will be debited @_____________ and HPL @
Ans: 0, 1/18th
b. credit shall be reduced at the rate of __________ of extra ordinary leave
taken or any period of dies non during the previous half-year subject to a
maximum of 15 days.
Ans: 1/10th
c. Commuted Leave is granted to both _________________ and
____________________ Government servants.
Ans: temporary, permanent
d. Commuted leave may be granted at the request of GS even when EL is
due to him.
e. Commuted leave in continuation of Maternity Leave may be granted
upto 60 days without medical certificate. Yes/No Ans: (Yes)
f. Commuted leave upto 60 days without medical certificate may be
granted to an adoptive mother also. Yes/No Ans: (Yes)
g. ____________________ and _________________ are the examples of
special kinds of leave. Ans: Maternity Leave, Paternity Leave,
Special Disability Leave, Hospital Leave, Seamen’s Sick Leave,
Departmental Leave, Study Leave