171010 3000pts Prologue The dust settled on the horizon, but the keen-eyed battlesuit pilot, Antoc

, had registered the distant drop pods. His XV 88 suit tracking nodes all indicated that the enemy were near, and harmonic analysis indicated a large number of vehicles in the vicinity. Antoc laughed at this last alarm signal, as the runes glowed green.. a Kroot and a native of Pech as he was, he simply had to put his ear to the ground to know that Imperial armour was on the move! Nevertheless, he was immediately on the comm.-link to commander El’Quixo – who consulted some volumes on the subject of human technology (so ancient!) before recommending an ‘Borkan armoured fins’ battle cadre deployment to combat the Gue’la advance. So it was that Antoc was joined by his compatriot, Moroc, and a 3rd broadside pilot (having requisitioned a pair of shield drones from the armoury on the way to the drop-point). They stomped through the tree-line and awaited the advance of the ancient Imperial tanks. Antoc was sure he could see something behind the woods…

Spearhead deployment, Capture and Con troll mission. Tau rolled highest and deployed first/ started 1st.

Tau Deployment Pathfinders and Ethereal deployed up in ruins Tanks and Suits formed up in line along with Vespid Kroot infiltrated on the Tau right flank

Reserved: 2 devilfish with fire warrior compliment Flamer suits deep strike

DA Deployment Dark Angels veterans deploy behind building with Whirlwind. Vindicator, Rhino with Tac squad and Land Raider with Terminators and Chaplain on front line. Scouts: 1 unit infiltrated on to high building, 1 unit with Telion infiltrated near Tau lines.

Reserved: Vindicator Rhino with Marines Jump troops deep strike Terminators deep strike

Before battle is joined -

Early Phase (Turns 1-2) • Tau advance on right flank/centre – Vespid, Finder fish with grenadiers, Kroot • • • • • Left flank – suits and Ion Heads advance, piranhas turbo boost Broadsides/ pathfinders LOS blocked by forest feature – can’t pop Land Raider!! Grenadiers assault Land Raider but fail to damage it Telions unit wiped out by focused fire DA reserves stay away

Middle Phase (Turns 3-4) • Librarian teleports veterans across field to threaten pathfinders (below) • • Terminators deep strike into building and decimate pathfinders (below) Terminators assault out of land raider and wipe out grenadiers

Unfortunate fire warriors annihilated

Middle Phase (Turns 3-4 ctd)

• • •

Piranhas wreck a rhino, then go land raider hunting DA jump troops heroically intervene, assaulting and wiping El Quixo and crisis team Vespid help wipe out DA vets before getting annihilated themselves

Middle Phase (Turns 3-4 ctd)

• •

Terminators and jump troops clean up all crisis teams, who foolishly strayed into assault range! Kroot continue long march to objective

End Game (Turns 5-7)

• • • • •

Last reserve Devilfish on and claims Tau objective, gun drones deploy to block objective Flamer suits deep strike in the hope that Final rhino transport will be popped It isn’t (bad day for broadsides), they wreck rhino with missile pods instead Kroot run into Jump troops and are annihilated Last DA reserve rhino on, claims marine objective

End Game (Turns 5-7)

• •

Tau vehicles rush objective and contest marine objective Tactical, Jump troops, Terminators destroy 3 Tau vehicles contesting objective in turn 7

Result – Draw!


The dust settled once more. On the far side of the battlefield Antoc spotted the Tau armour closing in on the enemy. He chuckled to himself – foolish gue’la and their love of ancient machines! Suddenly he heard a scream over the comm.-link.. it was Aegeon, Piranha Ace, the Borkans best flyer. His wings had been clipped and he was going down… BOOM! Almost simultaneously, a proximity alert was sounded by the two devilfish pilots, as Gue’la heavy units had unexpectedly survived the bombardment! It was all falling to pieces, their victory was lost!

Tau fail to contest, the ‘devilfish graveyard’

The glorious dead

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