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Analysis of Impedance and Functional Group of Silicon Oxide

(SiO2) from Rice Straw

Nazopatul P H1, E K Palupi1, Irmansyah1, Irzaman 1,2
Department of Physics, Bogor Agricultural Institute, Indonesia
Researchers at Surfactan and Bioenergy Research Center (SBRC) of the Institute for
Research and Community Service (LPPM IPB), Bogor Agricultural Institute, Indonesia
nazopatul_biofis@; irzaman @
Abstract. Research on silicon oxide (SiO2) from biomass has been obtained. In this study using the
biomass of rice straw, which is one of the rice agricultural wastes. Rice straw was treated with acid
using hydrochloric acid (HCl) before burning. Rice straw charcoal burned in the furnace at
temperature of 400 oC to 900 oC with a heating rate of 1.7 oC/ minute for 2 hours. The increase in
heating temperature was varied at 800 oC, 850 oC, and 900 oC. Silicon oxide samples were
characterized and analyzed based on electrical properties and their functional groups using LCR-
meter and FTIR.

Keywords: SiO2, impedance, functional group