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An Automated and Lan-Based Enrollment System enables the student to

enroll in an easier way. Using such System the registrar and administrator will be
able to eliminate the tedious paperwork which was involved in enrollment.
Enrollment System will be able to provide a transparent medium for the students to
see the class that the students enrolled
Existing System
The present system conducts the enrollment manually, which takes a lot of
effort in maintaining, evaluating, and processing. The present system consume a lot
of time and energy for the school staff. Checking the students enrolled subject if it
is still open or not.
Proposed System
This automated Enrollment System helps the staff to lessen the work load.
The system will help the staff to check the pre-requisite of the subject if it has been
taken by the student or not to be able to enroll the subject. The system will also
reduce the line of students that wants to enroll.
Features of the System
 Enroll students
 Give the students subject schedule
 Give the Instructor the schedule of the class
 Gives the class list to the instructor