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This ad is Dog-whistle politics. Dog-whistle

politics, also known as the use of code words,
is a term for a type of political campaigning or
speechmaking which employs coded
language that appears to mean one thing to
the general population but has a different or
more specific meaning for a targeted
subgroup of the audience. The term is used to
refer to messages with an intentional subtext.
The key to its use is to maintain the option of
"plausible deniability." For example the phrase "states' rights", although
literally referring to powers of individual state governments in the United
States, are "code words" for institutionalized segregation and racism.
These are the code words that indicate this ad is about Jews: “world
control” “elitist” “minority” “arrogant” “changing law for their convenience
(lobbyists)” “seducing us with words (control of media)” “rich” “keeping
wealth for themselves (greedy)” and Blue Meanie which the production
supervisor of Yellow Submarine admitted stood for Jews. Put this together
with Yoko Ono’s having convinced John Lennon to monetarily support Abie
Nathan, a so-called Israeli peace advocate who was jailed for meeting with
the Jew-killer Yassir Arafat along with Ono’s having awarded the anti-
Zionist self-hating Jews Mordechai Vanunu, Seymour Hersh and the
Center for Constitutional Rights (founded by Communist Jews) the $50,000
John Lennon Peace Prize it becomes obvious what Yoko’s message here
really is. Remember, this is dog whistle politics and you are not going to
find any direct reference to Jews in the text. This the text of Yoko Ono’s full
page ad:


Yoko Ono Lennon 18 February 2011

Dear Friends, Today, February 18th, 2011, I am 78.I know you

are asking many questions on Twitter and elsewhere about
what I am really like. It’s something I would love to know, too!
One day it will suddenly dawn on us …maybe. The world
situation is too urgent for us now to discuss trivial things, like
what I eat for breakfast. We are at a point in human history
when we have to wake up and realize that the only people who
can save the world are us. Every hour that goes by without us
doing anything about it affects us, and affects the world that we
love so much. In his State of the Union Speech, President
Obama said we should do “big things.” Well, we are already
doing the biggest thing anybody in the human history could
ever hope for. Together, we are creating a world of Peace,
Love and Freedom, all while the negative forces try their
hardest to stop us. With their power, they want to control the
whole world. But we will not let them. That’s big. The way we
are doing it is by being conscious of the “Power of
Togetherness.” The negative forces do not have that. They are
an elitist minority, dipping their heads in arrogant
madness. They always play the same game – using violence,
changing laws for their convenience, and seducing us with
words to get what they want. They say if we do things their
way, we will all be rich. Well, that’s not happening. It never
will. Once there is great wealth, they will want to keep it for
themselves. They also use fear tactics, saying the world will be
in a great mess if we don’t do it their way. Well, the world is
already in a mess. Why? Because we followed them. It’s Time
for Action. It’s Time for Change. We, the people of the world,
are not dumb. We understand what the “Blue Meanies” are
trying to do. We just don’t know how to stop it. And wonder if
we can at all. But we can! We are doing it. Take a look at this
map. Each dot represents millions and millions of people who
are all, right now, thinking of Peace: wishing it, voicing it, and
hoping that their dream of peace will become a reality. The map
expresses what my husband John Lennon and I envisioned. I
know he is smiling, thinking of how little time it took for all of us
to Come Together. IMAGINE PEACE is a powerful, universal
mantra that we should all meditate on. With it, we will achieve
the impossible. Hopefully, without bloodshed. Look at all the
courageous people who are now being hurt in marches and
thrown in prisons for no other reason except for carrying
“Peace, Love and Freedom” in their hearts and voicing it. I don’t
want you to get hurt. You shouldn’t have to. 7 billion of us,
people of the world, have the birthright to live with a healthy
mind and body at all times. You should not even get one
scratch on you, and you won’t, if you don’t allow it. So keep
IMAGINE PEACE in your head. Have a clear picture of where
we stand, what we are doing, and where we want to be. Know
that we are connected in our hearts and minds. War Is Over, if
you want it! I love you! i ii iii yoko Yoko Ono Lennon18
February 2011

We, the people of the world, are not dumb. We understand

what the “Blue Meanies” are trying to do. We just don’t know
how to stop it. And wonder if we can at all.

Although this line appears towards the end of Yoko’s text

it is worth examining first as it provides the least ambiguous
code word. The people of the world are not dumb. They
understand the underhanded activities of the Blue Meanies but
have no idea how to stop them. They are demoralized. Who
were the Blue Meanies in the Beatles movie Yellow
Submarine? In the DVD commentary track of Yellow
Submarine, production supervisor John Coates stated that
"blue" was a play on "Jew." He claimed it was not as a reflection of any
anti-Semitism on the part of the filmmakers, but rather as a commentary on
the stereotypical casting of Jews as villains. There is also a scene where a
Blue Meanie questions some disguised Beatles, asking, "Are you Bluish?
You don't look Bluish..." Sounds like “You don’t look Jewish.” With this in
mind let’s see if there is other words in this ad that might refer to Jews.

With their power, they want to control the whole world. But
we will not let them.

Who are they? They are the Jews. Who has been accused of trying
to “control the whole world?” Put “Jewish world control” in quotes and run a
search in Google and you get 31,000 hits. For centuries, anti-Semitic
propaganda has demonized the Jew as a conspiratorial, manipulative
outsider with powers and designs of world domination. The Protocols of
the Elders of Zion was a forgery that supposedly laid out the blueprint for a
Jewish world government. Yoko’s “Peace” ad is no different.

They are an elitist minority, dipping their heads in arrogant


Elite is defined as a group or class of persons or a member of such a

group or class, enjoying superior intellectual or economic status. Elitist is a
term that is often applied to Jews. The Soviets’ code word for Jews was
“rootless cosmopolitans.” Minority is defined as a racial, religious, or
national group thought to be different from the larger group of which it is
part. This is also applicable to Jews. But the key word here is arrogant an
even more frequently used code word for Jews. The Prime Minister of
Indonesia stated, "Israel is a small country. There are not many Jews in the
world. But they are so arrogant that they defy the whole world." People
who express hatred, resentment or fear regarding the Jews almost always
focus on charges of Jewish arrogance, elitism and lust for power - all
elements in Yoko’s full page “Peace” ad. Although not a run of the mill
code word for Jew the use of the word “dipping” here is significant. On the
Jewish holiday of Passover it is asked, “Why is it that on all other nights we
do not dip [our food] even once, but on this night we dip them twice?”
They always play the same game – using violence, changing
laws for their convenience, and seducing us with words to
get what they want.

The Jews use in the sense of exploit the violence of the

Nazis during the Holocaust to rationalize the existence of the
State of Israel. Changing laws for their convenience is a
reference to Jewish Congressional lobbyists like Jack
Abramoff. “Seducing us with words to get what they want”
is another way of saying that the Jews control the media. This
is classic anti-Semitism. Type “Jews control the media” in quotation marks
into Google search and you come up with 76,000 results.

They say if we do things their way, we will all be rich. Well,

that’s not happening. It never will. Once there is great wealth,
they will want to keep it for themselves.

The Iranian Hitler Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stated:

"Although they are a miniscule minority, Jews have
been dominating an important portion of the financial
and monetary centers in a deceitful, complex and
furtive manner." Part of the Jewish stereotype in
America is that Jews are rich. “keep it for themselves”
Another trait attributed to Jews in general is that they
are greedy and want to keep all the wealth of the world
for themselves.

They also use fear tactics, saying the world will be in a great
mess if we don’t do it their way. Well, the world is already in a
mess. Why? Because we followed them.

Israel has nuclear weapons and according to

Ono uses them to intimidate the world. Ono gave
journalist Seymour Hersh the $50,000 John
Lennon Peace Prize award. Hersh is the author
of The Samson Option, a book that claims that
the famed U.S. airlift to Israel during the Yom
Kippur War was only undertaken because Israel
blackmailed President Nixon, threatening to use
its atomic arsenal if supplies were not sent immediately. Ergo “fear tactics”
and “the world will be in great mess.” In a recent speech at the Georgetown
University Hersh blamed the war in Iraq on a coup effectuated by a small
group of neo-con Jews and claimed that many high ranking members of the
American military were secret members of the Knights of Malta, a group
that plays an important role in the mythology of the wanna-be Hitler,
Lyndon LaRouche.

In 1972 Abie Nathan, who advocated

the expulsion of settlers from Judea and
Samaria and the destruction of the
Israeli State bought a 188-foot, 570-ton
freighter, which was financed, in part,
by the sale of posters signed by John
Lennon and Yoko Ono. In 1973 he
anchored it off the coast of Tel Aviv and
turned it into a pirate radio station, The Voice of Peace, with a mix of pop
songs and peace messages. Had he really been for peace that would've
been great. But he wasn't. He was advocating disgraceful surrender to
Arab terrorists, expulsion of Jews from the Land of Israel, and other such
atrocities. All of that was pimped up by a nice assortment of popular music.
Nathan was sent to prison on two occasions for meeting with Yasser
Arafat, a terrorist who orchestrated the murder of numerous Jews.

Yoko Ono gave Israeli nuclear

whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu the
same peace prize. She stated: "It's
possible that somebody might attempt to
murder Mordechai, that's the main
concern." She wanted to keep him safe
from the Mossad. Vanunu, a former
technician at an Israeli nuclear reactor,
served 18 years in prison for divulging information about Israel's nuclear
secrets. Yedioth Ahronoth daily reported that Vanunu had advised
Palestinian fellow inmates on making bombs while serving his term for
treason. He also cheered every time a suicide bomber killed Israeli
The Center for Constitution Rights, founded by the
self-hating Jew William Kunstler was also a recipient
of the John Lennon Peace Award which should really
be called The Destroy Israel Award. The extreme left
Center for Constitutional Rights (“CCR”) attempts to
use our federal courts to punish Israelis who have
helped keep Israel free against terrorists determined
to destroy it. Israel is defined as the enemy because
it is one of the closest allies of the United States and
is in the foreground of the war against the kind of
terrorists whom CCR loves to represent. CCR is the
same organization that represents al Qaeda suspects in cases against the
United States government. Not content with advocating on behalf of
America’s terrorist enemies, however, CCR decided to get the U.S. courts
involved in rebuking Israeli policies and military operations in its continuing
fight for survival. One of CCR’s key allies in its judicial war against Israel is
the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, an anti-Israel propaganda mill. As
NGO Monitor reported, “CCR consistently disregards the context of terror,
denies Israel’s right to self-defense, and accuses it of deliberately targeting

IMAGINE PEACE is a powerful, universal mantra that we

should all meditate on. With it, we will achieve the impossible.
Hopefully, without bloodshed.

Imagine Peace is a piece written and published by Yoko that is quite

ambiguous. With it she hopes to defeat Israel, hopefully without bloodshed
but if that is what is takes Yoko is ready to approve of violence.

I knew John and Yoko quite well in the early 1970’s. It was
many an hour I spent with them on Bank Street. When
John left Yoko she would call me for consolation and
advice. What caused Yoko Ono to adopt this left/right Jew
hatred? Could it have been her ex-husband Sam Havadtoy,
the son of Jewish Holocaust refugees who were forced to
move to England from Hungary? I first heard of Sam
Havadtoy from a sleazy druggie and floor-tiller named
Bruce Kirsh whose motto was “I never met a drug I didn’t like.” Long before
Yoko hooked up with Sam Havadtoy Bruce told me that he had worked for
him on a job that entailed renovating and decorating a town house owned
by the King of Morocco. Sam would form a dummy company wherein
everyone would have phony social security numbers then fold the company
at tax time then start anew with another bogus company. When Albert
Goldman told me Yoko was going out with this bi-sexual interior decorator I
could not freaking believe it. Yoko got into this Jew-hating bag after Sam
divorced her and Yoko had to make a huge divorce settlement payment to
him. Another possibility is that fascism runs in her blood.


Yoko had a rather naïve way of looking at World War II and in the early
1970’s was quoted as saying: “If I was a Jewish girl in Hitler’s day, I would
approach him and become his girlfriend. After 10 days in bed,
he would come to my way of thinking. This world needs
communication. And making love is a great way of
communicating.” Yoko Ono is the daughter of a Japanese war
criminal who worked with the Nazis during World War II. It
seems to me that Yoko has not escaped her fascist heredity.
Yoko was born into power and wealth on February 18, 1933 to
her parents, Eisuke Ono and Isoko Yasuda Ono at her great-grandmother's
palatial estate overlooking Tokyo, with the emperor's compound located
nearby. A staff of thirty servants attended to the family's every need. Yoko's
paternal great-grandfather, Atsushi Saisho, was the descendant of a 9th
Century emperor and a member of a powerful family which played a role in
overthrowing the shogunate system in Japan. Yoko's mother came from a
very wealthy family. Isoko Yasuda Ono's grandfather was Zenjiro Yasuda,
the founder of the Yasuda Bank and head of one of Japan's richest
business cartels. Zenjiro Yasuda had amassed a fortune of more than one-
billion dollars before his death by assassination in 1921. It was this cartel
that profited from the Rape of Nanking as it was his industries that used the
slave labor from Nanking. Following World War II, the Yasuda Bank was
dissolved by the Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers, Douglas
McArthur due to its complicity in Japanese war crimes. Downtown Tokyo
contains an entire block seized from Ono’s family after the war as
reparations and given to the Philippines. Ono went to the exclusive
Gakushuin school, for the Japanese aristocracy. One of her classmates
was the Crown Prince Akihito, now the Emperor of Japan. She was in
Japan when the bombs fell on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and told this author
that she had to eat grass to survive. Her father Eisuke Ono was working in
America prior to Pearl Harbor and left the country possibly fearing that his
role as a Japanese spy might be unearthed or that he might have been
placed in an internment camp along with his family. During the war he had
been working in occupied Hanoi, Vietnam and was imprisoned as a
Japanese war criminal after Japan surrendered. The fascist’s wife and
children were in Tokyo when it was razed by American firebombs in 1945,
killing more than 100,000 people many of whom had taken part in the war
effort. Afterwards Ono and her younger brother were evacuated to the


I first met John Lennon and Yoko Ono after the group I headed, the Rock
Liberation Front, started a mini-riot in the offices of their manager, Allen
Klein. "Klein come clean / Where's the buck fourteen?" "You'll wonder
where the money went / When Klein runs a charity event" shouted 20 sign-
carrying members of the Rock Liberation Front as they marched in front of
"Klein the Swines" plush offices at 1700
Broadway. Some RLFers were carrying
bushel baskets of rotten apples, tomatoes
and lettuce in order to implement their
organization's FREE FOOD FOR
which was based on the assumption that if
Klein and Co. had to rip-off the starving
people of Bangla Desh for bread, they must be a bunch of hungry mothers.
This RLF action was inspired by Rolling Stone ex-editor Peter McCabe,
who, about a week before the demo, had pointed the finger at Klein in an
article in New York Magazine. The piece concerned the rather obvious fact
that the cost of the Bangla Desh Concert Benefit Album was highly inflated
and implied that ABKCO (Klein's Co.) was pocketing $1.14 per album sold -
and considering the LP would probably sell 3 million copies, that wasn't
chicken feed. McCabe broke the costs down on the "non-profit" disc this
way: (roughly) $3 to produce and distribute it etc....$1.14 profit to Klein;
$2.54 to Columbia for Dylan's appearance and $5.00 to be split between
the writers and publishers. 3 million discs sold - 6 million bucks of non-
profit. A few days after McCabe's story hit the streets Klein called a press
conference in his office on Monday, Feb. 28, 1971. He made sure the
underground press was notified cause the McCabe article had accused him
of excluding the Underground Press from other conferences. Allen's big
mistake was sending a telegrammed invitation to the NY ACE, since they
tipped the RLF to what was happening. Five RLFers showed up on
Monday, including Ann Duncan, Minister of Art, Frank Rose, Minister of
Information, two photographers and myself.

After casing the place and finding that everything worth stealing had been
removed we began to listen to Klein do his thing; that is, lie like a
motherfucker. "I didn't make a cent; in fact we actually lost money on the
disc. We did it for the starving people of Bangla, Desh. I'm gonna sue New
York magazine for $1 to 6 million." He came up with some real winners -
$7.50 apiece for the box and booklet - although he produced a million units
of each and this price did not include color separation. Repayment of the
cost of the concert which he had originally claimed would come from the
profits he made on the movie - $1.00. The about $2.00 an LP to Phil
Spector for studio (it was recorded live) and mixing costs-multiply that by 3
million and you've got 3/4 of a million smackeroos going to Phil who
already is worth-twice that.

In the middle of all this bullshit Spector wobbled in and began a super
indignant riff about how the press was trying to do a number on his
righteous employer. When a straight reporter dared to question Klein, he
was met with obscenities from Phil who soon challenged him to a fist fight,
but just as the guy was about to slug Spector, an ABKCO heavy moved in
and grabbed him. Then Ann began to cross examine Klein - "How are we
supposed to take your word on these figures - are we going to believe
capitalists?" Phil went over to her and began to harass her. Ann moved
somewhere and Phil followed her, then began to literally step all over her.
"YOU SWINE," Ann screamed and Spector couldn't believe his ears, "Did
you hear what she called me?" he demanded of everyone. Meanwhile I
began to grill Klein about what I believed to be the album's inordinately high
production costs - "You sure you ain't gettin a kickback from the printers,
Al? Maybe on the next deal with them they don't charge, eh?" "Stay in the
garbage can!" yelled Phil. "Go back to the 50's Spector," I retorted. "Why
don't I you sell some more hotdogs in front of Dylan's house, Weberman?"
he whined. That fool. Accusing me of selling hotdogs with Al Moronowitz in
the sameroom. [It was the Post's pop columnist who passed out the franks!
- Ed.] Finally Klein told me to shut up 'cause I know nothing about the

Then a Capitol Records exec, who was there to deny some info given
"by mistake" by a Capitol VP to McCabe, pinned the press release
regarding the upcoming RLF action against ABKCO. This dude recognized
me from the time we picketed Capitol over their refusal to press the Bangla-
disc at cost. I had told him we were holding a tribunal for his company
downstairs and they'd better send their best attorney or else we'd have to
assign them a legal aid lawyer who would plead them guilty. He didn't dig
my humor. He showed the release to AK who said, "I think it's time to show
Mr. Weberman out." Suddenly 2 of his heavies came out of the woodwork
and grabbed me. I broke loose and shoved one toward the window. If not
for a ledge, in front of it, he would have gone thru it - then 20 flights down.

Meanwhile, Phil had grabbed Ann and was holding her up against a
wall by the throat yelling "Call your man off, those are feds he's fighting.
Call him off or else I'll karate chop you in the throat." And this is the man
that YOKO ONO, author of Sisters Oh Sisters, hires to produce her
records? Finding Ann intractable, Spector came over to me and announced
he was gonna do the job the heavies had failed at. I grabbed him by the
collar, then slapped his face - "The next time I hit you, capitalist scumbag,
it'll be a punch in the nose AND YOU’LL NEVER BE ABLE TO SNORT
COKE AGAIN!" Then I felt this tremendous hand clasp around my wrist and
a big dude pulled us apart. Four more "heavies" appeared and they
escorted me out peacefully ... up until Phil came from behind screaming
how he was gonna do me in. I tried to break loose again to "waste the
mother fucker" when the Capitol exec flipped. "We gave you the
opportunity to go quietly but you wouldn't take it," he screamed. Then he
turned red, unsuccessfully attempted to knee me in the groin and took a
karate chop on the neck. "We saw you hit him," yelled Klein's heavies as if
they were gonna take me to court and were getting their testimonies
together early. Eventually they shtupped me in the elevator and I waited
downstairs for Phil. After ten minutes of shadow-boxing the weasel
appeared - he tried to come at me but his bodyguard held him back. After
some half-hearted attempts to elude his employee/captor I went over to him
and called him a chicken. He answered, "You're nothing cause you can't
afford the luxury of hiring people to protect you." I told him Amerika also
hires mercenaries in Vietnam. Then he told me that I shouldn't go after
stars. "Are you kidding man, that's my specialty."

We came back a few days later, picketed, then went up to ABKCO,

losing the cops who were supposed to keep us out. We threw a lot of rotten
lettuce and tomatoes all over the front office, but some RLF dummy forgot
to bring the salad dressing - he'll be purged next week.