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April 29, 2019

To Whom It May Concern:

I highly recommend Kristina Whitfield as a candidate for a teaching position at your school. I have
had the pleasure of coaching Kristi in curriculum and instruction for the past four school years.
Throughout this time, I have had ample opportunity to observe her teaching and to analyze data
and co-plan with her during our one-on-one coaching sessions. She has been a reflective and
innovative educator since the beginning of her career here, but over the past four years, she has
also grown into a highly effective and cherished member of our teaching staff.

Rebecca DeWine
Academically, Kristi has helped curate a rigorous and engaging 5th Grade Science curriculum that is
Curriculum Specialist,
Science & Social Studies both standards-aligned and prepares her scholars for the competitive world. As a network, we have asked that our teachers plan lessons that are rigorous, engaging, technologically involved,
writing-intensive and standards-aligned. Additionally, as a Fifth Grade Science teacher in Ohio,
The Prep Schools Kristi has had to prepare her scholars for a state test each May. She has learned to incorporate all
1417 East 36th St of these criteria with ease while working diligently to ensure that she is pushing her scholars to
Cleveland, OH 44114
P 216.456.2080 higher levels of achievement.
F 216.249.0616
Kristi has great relationships with both the scholars and staff in our school community. Her
passion for our mission and love for our scholars is evident in all that she does. She is always ready and willing to assist her grade team, school community as a whole, and our network-wide
science team.

If you have any questions with regard to my recommendation and Kristi’s background and
qualifications, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Mission: The Prep Schools seek to provide a high quality, academically rigorous education for the college bound scholar. We empower our scholars to think
critically, assume social responsibility, and serve as advocates for themselves and the community. We achieve these goals with in a highly focused, structured and
safe environment. We, as a community of educators, families and scholars work relentlessly to ensure that every child is prepared to succeed in a competitive world.