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Abuyog, Leyte



Liezl E. Joven Mr. Allen Glen Matanda
Anna Christine G. Barcelon INSTRUCTOR
Rachel B. Chavez
Ma. Luz E. Tomboc
Rogelio A. Paja Jr.
Lester T. Requioma

The main branch of Burger House Food Cart Franchise will be located at Brgy. Lacdas
Abuyog, Leyte.

The Franchise Agreement grants the right to operate the Burger House Food Cart at specific
location only. The Franchise Agreement does not grant or imply any type of area or territory,
exclusive, protected or otherwise, or protected customer base. Burger House Food Cart may be
located at a site which includes other businesses, such as retail, food service, convenience stores,
educational facilities, limited access toll roads, other franchised businesses or other similar


Our product is designed to be high in quality with fast service at the same time. We take
pride in serving high quality food using only fresh ingredients. When it comes to the hamburgers
they are 100% real beef then specifically made by us.

The company “Burger House” offered Buy 1 take 1 at affordable prices but in good quality
and taste. For those who want to be part in our business Burger Food cart franchise package to the
qualified franchisee we offer Semi- High End Cart, Complete set of Equipment, Utensils and
Wares, Crew Uniform (t-shirt, Apron, Hairnet),Operations Manual, Franchise Seminar, Crew
hands on training, Costing and Pricing.

Franchisees must follow the system of the Burger House Food Cart franchise business as
we agreed upon before the start of the operation from the pricing of the products up to how they
are going to distribute and sell the products.

We assist our franchisees to review all available options and approve a location that is
mutually agreed upon and meets our criteria. We have a service to deliver by our selected
distributor of the company the raw goods/materials to our franchisees every week and also we
response quickly to our franchisees if they are out of stock, even if it’s not the time and date of
delivery we will deliver it to them immediately as we receive their calls/text messages.


The Franchisee should pay Php300,000 as initial investment in order to avail our burger
and street foods stall. Initial franchise fee, training, leasehold improvements, real state equipment,
professional fees, advertising/marketing and working capital are include in the franchise fee which
is Php300,000 per stall. In order to use our brand, operating system and to receive ongoing support.

In a franchise business once you avail the said “stall” royalties or the ongoing fees may
occur which is required to remain that membership. The amount paid by the franchisee will
typically enough to cover the franchisors expenses that are related in getting that franchise up and
running as a working successful business. These expenses include training, advertising, and any
costs related to securing or approving the location for that franchisees business among other things.



1. The use of any trademark that identifies, or is associated with, the Burger House Food Cart
Franchise, may not be used without the prior express written authorization of the Burger
House’s Director of Trademarks and Licensing.
2. Private companies are allowed to use Burger House Trademarks on products only after
entering into a specific license agreement with the Burger House through the office of
trademarks and licensing that allows for trademark use.
3. The Trademarks of the Burger House will not be used in the promotion of weapon, alcohol,
tobacco, or “recreational” drug products.
4. All other names, symbols, initials, or graphic designs that refer to or are identified with the
Burger House are protected by state law.
5. Any person, business, or organization desiring to use the Burger House’s Trademarks in
any manner and for any purpose must be licensed to do so.


1. Infringer pays the actual amount of damages and profits.

2. The law provides a range from Php6,750,000 for each work infringed.
3. Infringer pays for all attorney’s fees and court costs.
4. The court can issue an injunction to stop the infringing acts.
5. The court can impound the illegal works.
6. The infringer can go to jail.


The goal of marketing “Burger House Food Cart Franchise” is to stand out and be noticed.
Good marketing keeps drawing our customers’ attention to our products and services. Our clearly
defined, well-packaged, competitively-priced products and services are the foundation of our
marketing. Many of our marketing activities will focus on communicating to customers the
features and benefits of our products compared to our competitors. The company would advertise
our products, services or brand in newspaper, radio, outdoor signage and online. Personal selling
or telemarketing is an effective personal selling relies on good interpersonal and communication
skills and publicity from word-of-mouth and also by direct marketing. The right promotional mix
will help to satisfy our customers’ needs, increase sales, improve our results and increase our
ability to reach multiple customers within our target market.


- The business will be using termination policy

-The grounds for terminating a franchise agreement

The basis of the relationship between the Franchisor and the Franchisee in all Franchisees
is the Franchise Agreement. The law which most often comes into play, therefore, is the law of

The Franchise Agreement

Franchise Agreements are always for fixed terms in 5 years. Franchise Agreements are seldom
terminate by notice during the term by either party.
 A franchisee cannot therefore, without cause, just resign or walk away without being liable
in damages to the franchisor for breach of contract. The relationship is that of two
independent contractors. It is not a partnership or a joint venture nor it is an employment
1. Provisions in Franchise Agreement: Termination for Breach:
Franchise Agreements invariably give to the franchisor very extensive express powers to
terminate the Agreement.


The Franchise Agreement will also terminate at the end of five years if the Franchisee does
not wish to renew it.


Burger House exit strategy is a strategic plan to sell his/her ownership in a company. An
exit strategy of Burger House franchise gives the business owner/franchisee a way to reduce or
liquidate his/her stake in a business and if the business is successful, make a substantial profit.