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Bueno, Jolina

One of the advertisement that struck me the most is the one made by Axe titled “Call to
Arms”. This particular ad by Axe strays away from their usual ads where a man sprays himself
with Axe and then be chased by women, this ad calls unto our emotional side which is love and
how it is stronger than anything else in the world. That in a world at war, it doesn’t matter if you’re
the big boss calling the shots or a front liner in the battle ground when love calls unto you then one
can do extreme measures to show their significant other their affection and that it doenst matter
how messy and crazy the world is and how much we are different from one another and how those
difference makes things complicated there is something in this world which is love. Then the one
that I don’t like is the “Beat Energy Gap” advertisement by Milo. For me they stoop this low to
make a song and dance number with the benefits of nutrients and advantages with trivia as lyrics.
It’s like a desperate move to get people’s attention which it did, a lot of people made their own
versions of the ad. Dancing and singing in an advertisement for me is a weak move. I believe that
if the ad is strong enough and meaningful enough it doesn’t need any catchy song and a crazy
dance number, a strong at can be subtle yet will hit you hard once you’re done in which this
particular ad didn’t manage to do.