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Background Research

Directions: answer the following questions in complete sentences using the links on

1. What are Newtons 3 laws of motion?

1. An object in motion will stay in motion unless interfered with by an external
2. Force equals mass times acceleration
3. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

2. What is the scientific process?

The scientific process is a method of conducting an experiment. You start with a

prediction of the outcome of a certain action and then see to see if your
prediction was correct.

3. What are variables? What is a dependent and independent variable?

Variables are representatives of data that change. The independent variable is

the thing you change in an experiment to see if there are different outcomes. The
dependent variable is the measure of the independent variable.

4. If you were to drop an egg from a high elevation, what do you PREDICT would
The egg would break upon impact with the ground.

5. What is gravity? What is the speed of gravity; how fast would an unprotected egg
Gravity is a force of attraction maintained by large objects that draws things to its
center. The speed of gravity is approximately equal to the speed of light. An egg
would fall at a speed of 9.81 m/s^2
6. Will the egg ever reach the speed of gravity(aka free fall)? Why or why not?

The egg will reach free fall eventually.

7. What is air resistance? And what are the 2 most common factors that have an
affect of air resistance?

Air resistence is a force that works against an object in motion. Two common
factors are surface area of the object and the density of the air.

8. Why do more massive objects fall faster than less massive objects?

They don’t, they both fall at the speed of free fall.

9. What is momentum? How is it changed?

Momentum is the product of mass and velocity, therefore its changed by changing mass
or velocity of the measured object

10. What is an impluse?

An impulse is force that is applied to an object for a set amount of time.

11. There are 3 collisons in a crash, what are they and explain what happens.
1. Vehicle collision: Collision between the two vehicles
2. Human collision: The force taken by the driver and passengers
3. Internal collisions: The organs etc. inside the occupants of the vehicles taking the
last of the force.
12. Name at least 5 safety features of a car.

-parking camera
-side mirrors
-rearview mirror