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Hand -shaking

1. Varianta originala:
British people rarely shake hands except when being introduced to
someone for the first time. They hardly ever shake hands with their
friends - except when seeing them after a long interval or saying
goodbye before a long journey. It is becoming more common for
people to kiss their friends on the cheek when they meet or say

varianta mea :

British people seldom shake hands unless they know someone. They do
not even have to shake hands with friends unless they've seen them for
a long time. it's more and more common to kiss their friends on the
cheek when they meet or say goodbye.

3. varianta originala:
Britons drink a quarter of all the tea grown in the world each year. They
are the world,s greatest tea drinkers. Many of them drink it on at least
eight different occasion during the day. They drink it between meals
and at meals . They drink early-morning tea in bed - some early-
morning tea drimkers have automatic tea-making machines connected
to their alarm clooks.

varianta mea:

Britons are the largest consumers in the world. They drink a quarter of
all the tea grown in the world.Many of them drink it at least eight times
a day. They have automatic tea machines connected to their alarms.
Drinking tea every morning, lunch and dinner, etc ..
Pub (short for public house)
4. varianta originala:
The main drink served in pubs is beer, light or dark . Light beer is
usually called bitter,. Most pubs, of course, sell all kinds of alcohol,
from whisky to wine. Many of them also offer light meals. Most pubs
have two drinking rooms, called bars - the public and the saloon bar,
wich is more comfortable and slightly moore expensive . Bar also
means the counter at wich the drinks are served. Beer and cider, a drink
more from apples - is always sold in pint or half-pint glasses. A pint is
equivalent to 0.57 litre. Pubs have not gone metric yet. No alchoholic
drinks may be seved to young people under eighteen, and no children
under fourteen are allowed inside the bar.
in 1987 a change took place in the law , since 1915 pubs , restaurant ,
hotels amd clubs had been allowed to serve alcoholic drinks from 11
a.m to 3 p.m and from 5 p.m to 10.p.m only. now the usual opening
hours are : Monday to saturdday 11 a.m to 11. p.m . On sandays pubs
may remain open for not more than 5 1/2 hours. Sunday drinking hours
were not extended in 1987 because a great many people in Britain feel
the sunday is a special day on wich all-day drinking shoul not be

varianta mea :

The main beverage served in pubs is beer, light and dark. Light beer is
also called bitter. Most pabs sell more types of alcohol like wiskhy and
wine and also include meals. Most pubs have two drinking halls: the
public and the lounge bar that is more comfortable, the Bar is the
beverage counter. Beverages more than apples (beer and cider). it is
forbidden to offer drinks to those under 18 and inside the bar children
of 14 years are not allowed to enter.
in 1987 there was a change of law. Restaurants, pubs, hotels and clubs
have received a certain opening and closing regime, a regime where
alcoholic beverages can be sold. Currently, the program is Monday to
Saturday from 10am to 11pm.
5.varianta originala.
A game in which feathered arrows, called darts are thrown at a board
with numbered division on it. Most pubs have a dartboard for
customers. Many pubs have a darts team, wich plays matches againts
teams from other pubs . Darts matches are now so popular that they are
shown on TV.

. Varianta mea :
a game in which feather arrows, also called darts, are thrown into a
board with a division numbered on it. It is a game that is often found in
pubs where teams from different pubs have matches. These games are
so popular that they play at tV.

Double-decker buses
6. varianta originala :
Most Buses in British towns and cities are double deckers. This means
they have an upstairs ( on top ) and downstairs ( inside ). During the
busiest times of the day a limited number of people are allowed to stand
inside, but no one may stand on top.
Smoking is allowed on top but not inside . The use of the word inside
for the lower deck (or floor) dates from the early days when the top
deck was open so that only passengers on the lower deck were inside.

varianta mea :
Most buses in British cities are double deckers.
This means they have a floor on top and a bottom that is inside the bus.
Smoking is allowed in the uphill but not in the lower. In the busiest
days in the inner part are allowed to squeeze a limited number of
people, while at the top is forbidden.