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COPY No, E. I, DU PONT DE NEMOURS AND COMPANY, INC. ORGANIC CHEMICALS DEPARTMENT PLANTS TECHNICAL SECTION LOUISVILLE WORKS MONTAGUE WORKS TECHNICAL MANUAL FOR POLYCHLOROBUTADIENE MANUFACTURE Prepared by: @. J. Schaaf 0.W. Joule APPROVED BY: Louisville Plant Technical Superintendent Montague Plant Technical Superintendent AUTHORIZED BY: Plants Technical Section Managenent cai POLY I= 1 iY CHLOROJTADI SENICAL MANUAL ‘SBorTION 1 PRINCIPLES OF PROCESS PRoDuor summany Weoprene is a synthetic elastomer of, GD (2-chloro-1, butadiene) or a copolymer of CD and other compounds guch ai 2, 3-ai chloro-1, 3-butadiene), ‘The name is a generic term obtained from the Greek "Neos", new, and the prene in teoprene, 2 methyl-1,3-tutadiene, the basic unit for natural rubber, Neoprene was developed ty Dupont and first marketed in 1932. Sales and production have contimally expanded because of superior properties in resistance to weather, heat, osone, oils and many chemicals. It is available on the market ina variety of solid types and latices. Neoprene uses, in general, parallel those of natural rubber and other elastomers, tut due to higher cost, most of it is used because of ite superior properties. The largest single use is for protective Jacketing for wire and cable. Other uses for the dry products are in hose, conveyor and power belting, industrial tires, shoe soles, gaskets, seals and many industrial molded products. | @ Avout 10 per cent of neoprene is sold ae a latex, which is used as an adhesive in the leather and textile fields, paper additive, to promice @ipped goods, to produce fire resistant foams and for many specialty operations. GENURAL PROCESS | ‘The manufacture of neoprene consists of three basic steps} separate | technical manuals discuss the first two steps to produce CD monomer, vhile this manval will be concerned only with step three, polymerization. (1) Acetylene dimerization to vinylacetylene (MYA): 2HCz CH» CH, = CHC = (2) Vinylacetylene hyarochlori nation to chlorobutadiene (CD): CH =CH-CwCH+ HCl —> (Hy = CCl ~ cH» CH, (3) Chlorobutadiene polymerization to neoprene? n GH, = CCl - CH= CHy——> (-CHy ~ Ol = CH - Gy -) n In the polymerization process CD (chloroprene) containing a rosin and modifier is proportioned with an alkaline water solution into a centrifugal pump, ® where an emulsion of CD in water is formed and stabilized by the soap. 8-15-56 Liesl