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Demographic Survey

Please take a few minutes to answer the demographic information prior to beginning the

reflective narrative process.

1) Gender? Female

2) Highest degree obtained? From where? Master of Art in English Teaching /

Universidad del Norte – September 2016.

3) How long have you been a language teacher? 17 years

4) Which institutions have you worked for? Time at each?

Universidad del Norte 2015 –current

FACES Inc. 2005-2008 / 2012 – 2014 U.S.A

Universidad del Atlántico 2000-2005 / 2008-2012

Centro Colombo Americano 2009

5) What would you say are your greatest strengths as a language teacher?

I consider my greatest strengths as a teacher are motivation, cooperation, accessibility,

flexibility and perseverance.

6) What would you say are your areas to improve?

Evaluation design

7) Describe your personal theory of practice or approach to language teaching.

I support Vygotsky’s theory of cognitive development.

Teaching my native language to children, teenagers and adults have taught me that students

are more receptive to learn a foreign language when they have some cultural information

about the people who speak the target language. They are more comfortable of using the

target language when they consider the learning is relevant to be used in their real context.
8) Describe how you are as a language teacher inside the classroom.

I reinforce respect, patience and tolerance in the classroom. I have my students feel

confident in a good learning environment in which they are not afraid of making mistakes

and they can interact among them.

First I play some Spanish music to welcome my students (3 minutes), I present the new

topic, after explaining or reading about the topic I have students solve some activities.

Corrections are made at the end. I explain/clarify the new things they need to know about

the topic we are learning. Students enhance the new knowledge by reading, practicing

conversations or writing some sentences about the topic.

I always prepare review activities to be solved by students the first class of the week.

9) Describe your role as a language teacher outside the classroom (e.g. institutionally,

politically, and personally).

I am teaching Spanish in Trinidad and Tobago. I keep in touch with my students via Email

and whatsapp. They asked me to be part of a whatsapp group and this is a change to send

them Spanish phrases, jokes or reminders about classwork or homework.

I also email them the short power presentations I prepare to have them practice what they

learn from the book in a different way.

I show them videos about different aspects of Colombia such as culture, cuisine, festivals,


I email them the days I am available to have tutoring sessions, and this has been a good

strategy to keep them motivated to learn the language.