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Assessment Portfolio: EDCI 3483

By Mary Jane Walker

Meet Aja Penny!

• Aja is a 7-year-old female

• She is 1 of 20 students in Mrs. Jolla’s first grade classroom at the Math, Science, and the Arts

Academy East in St. Iberville parish.

• Aja lives with her mother and father who have been described by Aja’s teacher as very involved and

supportive of her education

Artifact Set
Date of
May 12, 2019
Artifact Set One
Standards: Next Steps:
NGSS Practice 1 Asking questions and defining problems Aja’s next steps should be aimed at taking what she’s
gained and using it to help build foundations for asking
NGSS Practice 3 Planning and Carrying out Investigations
questions and trying to define problems. This can be done
NGSS Practice 4 Analyzing and Interpreting Data within the classroom as a whole group, where the students
can begin to work together using what the have observed to
NGSS Practice 8 Obtaining, Evaluating, and Communicating
define the problems they are looking to solve.

The first artifact is assessing Aja’s abilities to plan

and carry out investigations by first discussing the
investigation as a class before going outside to complete
the investigation as individuals. The second artifact aims
to assess whether Aja can take what she's learned in her
observations and communicate it through a drawing and
a sentence.
ESS1.A: The Universe and
its Stars:

• Patterns of the motion
of the sun, moon, and stars in
the sky can be
observed, described, and
Artifact Set Two: predicted. (1-ESS1-1)

Date of Completion: April 3, 2019

Artifact Set Two
Implications: Next Steps:

• These artifacts are an assessment of Aja’s • In building these skills, Aja and the class can
ability to understand that the horizon line is discuss more about patterns we may

the point where the earth and sky look like recognize in the sky, especially during the

they touch. The second is identifying where sunrise and the sunset. Ways to build on this
level of thinking can include new
Aja is in recognizing patterns in the sky and
observations, research reading and discussions
if she can discover if there is any way for us
within the class.
to track the movement of the sun in the sky.