Software Testing QTP Job Responsibilities

Job Responsibilities may vary from one company to another, but I am covering this topic by considering several companies approach.

QTP Knowledge for Fresher or below 1 Year Experienced
 Basic Understanding of Functional Test Automation Good knowledge on QTP IDE (Object Identification, Object Repository, Step Generator, Data Table, Checkpoints, Output values, Actions, Recovery scenarios etc…) Good exposure in VB Script Fundamentals & Features like; Variables, Operators, Flow Control Statements, Procedures (Built-in as well as User defined), File System Operations, Excel file Operations, Database Operations Etc... Good knowledge in Test Object Model, Recording Tests and Descriptive Programming. Idea on Test Automation Framework implementation Ability to create and execute Tests

  

I) 1+ Years Experience in Test Automation using QTP
      Understanding Test Requirements and analyzing the Application Generating Tests (Test Scripts) using QTP Debugging Tests and Fixing errors Executing/Running Tests Defect Reporting & Tracking Test Reporting

II) 2+ years of Experience in Test Automation using QTP 
    Creating Automation Resources such as Object Repositories, Function Libraries etc... Handling duplicate objects and dynamic objects using index property and Regular expressions. Collecting Test Data for Data Driven Testing Creating Tests/Test Scripts using keyword driven methodology or descriptive programming Debugging and Running Tests

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Software Testing
    Analyzing Test Results Defect Reporting and Tracking using Quality Center or any Defect Management Tool Test Reporting Modifying Tests and performing Re & Regression Testing

III) 3+ years of Experience in Test Automation using QTP
         Understanding and Analyzing the Application Under Test in terms of Object Identification Creating Test scenarios and Collecting Test Data Identifying end to end scenarios and modularity Implementing Automation framework and developing automation infrastructure Creating reusable components Creating and enhancing Tests/Test Scripts using Keyword driven methodology or Descriptive programming Using Regular expressions and Environment variables Defining and exporting Test Results. Creating Data driven Tests and Running through framework

IV) 4+ years of Experience in Test Automation using QTP
           Selecting or Identifying areas/test cases for Automation Designing & Implementing Test Automation Strategy Creating Automation Test Plan and getting approvals Configuring QTP Tool settings, Object Identification and globalizing the settings Creating, Storing, Organizing, and managing Test Automation Resources Creating, Enhancing, debugging and Running Tests Organizing, monitoring defect management process Handling changes and performing Regression Testing Finding solutions for Object Identification issues and error handling issues Co-coordinating team members and Development team in order to solve issues. Interacting with client side people to solve issues and update status

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